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How to Maintain An Airsoft Sniper Rifle In the Best Way

How to Maintain An Airsoft Sniper Rifle In the Best Way

In view of that, regardless of whether you’ve fabricated your own rifle without any preparation, or you’ve quite recently gotten a stock base rifle to work with, you have to realize how to keep it kept up. Propper upkeep won’t just guarantee that the rifle works dependably for more, it’ll additionally improve your exactness and trust in the field.

Contingent upon whether you have a gas rifle or a spring rifle, you’ll have to know marginally various things, so we’ve separated this into two sections, Spring Rifles, and Gas Rifles.

Before we get into the points of interest of every sort of marksman rifle, there are a few things that range both (and considerably different sorts of airsoft firearm), so we’ll cover them here.

We didn’t compose this guide exclusively to plug our items, it’s simply that we happen to have an item for nearly all that you have to keep up your airsoft weapon.

This guide is principally founded on the VSR-10 stage, anyway, its standards, for the most part, apply no matter how you look at it.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle On The Market

How to Maintain An Airsoft Sniper Rifle In the Best Way

Keep it dry

First of all, ensure that your airsoft rifles remain dry. Dampness can be the essential destroyer of airsoft firearms, so keep them put away in a dry spot. In case you’re out in the field and it happens to rain, before returning everything taken care of and heading home, ensure you give it an exhaustive wipe down for dampness. Dampness makes rust, decays wood, harms wraps up.

Clean the Barrel

The barrel is critical to your airsoft expert rifleman rifle’s presentation, you would be stunned how messy the barrel can get, much after a couple of games. Get yourself a cleaning pole (one will have accompanied your rifle, else you can buy them on the web) and some cleaning supplies. Utilize some texture patches, cleaning wipes or straightforward tissue paper, and expel the entirety of the gunk from the barrel.

We have an entire video on the procedure, here.

Magazine Maintenance

Your magazines feed your rifle! Keep them in supreme condition, else you won’t have a BB in the chamber when you most need it. For both spring and gas rifles, you have to guarantee that the BBs travel easily inside the magazine. The devotee shouldn’t get captured on anything and the spring should give solid upward weight. Destroy, clean with degreaser, and smooth out any assembling flaws to keep them streaming easily.

On the off chance that you have a gas expert rifleman rifle, there are a couple of additional support tips that you have to follow in the gas area.

Bounce Up

The bounce up is apparently the “heart” of the airsoft firearm. It chooses where the BB goes, so care for it. Be cautious when cleaning the barrel, in case you’re excessively brutal or your drive the cleaning pole excessively far, you could destroy the jump kicking stub.

Guarantee that no grease ever finishes the bounce up kicking. The jump up needs grinding, oils stop contact.

In the event that you ever notice a “flyer” (an arbitrary shot which goes a totally unforeseen way) or that your general FPS and exactness has dropped, it may be the case that your jump up kicking is torn, and needs supplanting.

Spring Rifles

Spring rifles are an ostensibly more straightforward sort of airsoft weapon than other airsoft firearm types. They don’t depend on power or packed gas. Be that as it may, it’s the mechanical parts that accomplish the work, which means they’re under some genuine burden. Guaranteeing that they’re very much kept up will shield your rifle from sticking up or breaking in an encounter.

Spring airsoft expert marksman rifles work by pulling back a cylinder against a spring. At the point when it’s delivered, the cylinder fires forward and packs the gas before it and powers it (and the BB) out of the barrel. This procedure squeezes the internals.


Inside the chamber is the cylinder. There are 2 primary parts of the cylinder to focus on here. Principally, you have the cylinder head, which utilizes an o-ring to deliver a seal. Without this o-ring, or if it somehow managed to be dry/harmed, you would get a conflicting FPS.

Guarantee that the o-ring is greased up with a silicon-based oil, for the best FPS consistency. You may see this o-ring coming up short if your fps very uncontrollably.

The cylinder is kept down in the terminating cylinder by a soothsayer that locks against the finish of the cylinder. This, on most stock rifles, is at a 45-degree point, so not the most steady of stages. Check the state of the substance of this locking surface and guarantee it’s in acceptable condition. Thus you should check the diviner (shrouded in the trigger area later).


The chamber encompasses the cylinder and faces misuse inside from the cylinder, and remotely from the components and erosion. This is one of those pieces that should be kept flawless to make the rifle work easily.

The chamber head screws into its finish. This chamber head has an o-ring which (simply like the remainder of the o-rings) is pivotal for guaranteeing gas is directed accurately and productively. Ensure it’s greased up appropriately with a silicon-based oil and in great condition consistently. You may see this o-ring fizzling if your fps vacillates fiercely.

Give within the chamber a decent look. Ensure there’s no flotsam and jetsam or soil within dividers that may block the cylinder’s development.

The outside of the chamber is held in by bushings. These bushings are plastic and take the full grinding of the chamber as it’s pushed around when working the activity. Check the outside of the chamber and guarantee there are no gouges or garbage which will harm or block these bushings. At that point, check the state of the bushings (housed inside the beneficiary). These ought to be quite smooth, and all around greased up with thick silicon-based oil.

Trigger Group

The trigger gathering is something that is not frequently focused on. It’s the arrangement of diviners, switches, and springs that discharge the weapon when the trigger is pulled (or connect with the wellbeing).

The trigger gathering, because of its situation in the firearm, can turn out to be extremely dirty and start to make trigger pulls harder or keep the wellbeing from working completely. The trigger gathering will profit by a customary destroy, clean, grease, and re-get together. Since this development is metal on metal rubbing, we suggest a molybdenum based oil.

As referenced before, here you should check the state of the soothsayer which keeps down the cylinder. This diviner is a typical disappointment point in certain weapons, so save an eye for early indications of mileage.

Gas Rifles

Gas rifles, when all is said in done are put under less worry than spring airsoft weapons, be that as it may, they do at present require cautious upkeep. The compacted gas put away inside the magazines or in the stock is continually searching for an approach to get away. Cautious and standard support implies it’s just ever forgetting about the barrel.


Gas magazines need a smidgen of additional support contrasted with spring expert sharpshooter rifle magazines. Most of the magazines for expert rifleman rifles hold the gas, so they have to remain fixed all clash.

To keep the magazine kept up, keep it with certain gas pressure in it. The greases inside the gas will help keep the o-rings new. On the other hand, store it with some support gas.

Assuming be that as it may, on the off chance that it would seem that the magazine is starting to spill. It should be destroyed and adjusted. Here’s a guide on that explicitly.


The trigger unit inside a gas airsoft expert sharpshooter rifle will expect support to guarantee that it works easily. It’s a tight unit, where metal parts rub against other metal parts, so you have to guarantee the trigger box is perfect and very much greased up with a molybdenum based oil.


The electrical jolt gas expert sharpshooter rifle is a troublesome one to keep up. It’s a metal-on-metal part, so it requires consistent cleaning and oil to keep it moving openly. Be that as it may, it additionally stacks a BB into the bounce up the chamber, so you don’t need oil anyplace close to the jump up. It’s likewise typically used to course gas through and behind the BB, so it has an o-ring or two in there too. For the jolt, we energetically suggest a cautious, and orderly way to deal with cleaning and greasing up. Clean the jolt and the beneficiary rails completely, delicately oil the rails with a moly oil, and keep the o-rings new with silicone oil. Try not to put any grease close to the feed lip.

In case you’re not so much certain which item to use on which part of your airsoft weapon, you can peruse our full airsoft grease manage, here.

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