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How to Make Custom Ice Hockey Uniforms?

If you’ve ever wanted to create a team logo, you may have wondered how to make custom ice hockey uniforms. The following information will help you get started. Here’s a brief overview of the process and a few design tips. You can also check out the Minnesota Wild’s Stadium Series uniforms. Then, you can take the ideas and build your design.

Customizing Blank Ice Hockey Jerseys

There are many ways to customize the appearance of your ice hockey uniforms. You can use embroidery or screen printing to make your logos on blank jerseys. You can design your hockey jersey by following a few easy steps. First, make a list of the team members’ names. This way, you can choose the uniform colours and personalization that best suits your team’s needs.

Then, choose the jersey material you want to use to customize custom ice hockey uniforms. Choose between vinyl and sim stitch twill fabrics for name and numbers. You’ll have many options to choose from – including two-tone names and numbers – but you must check the specifications before purchasing. Make sure to order a minimum of ten jerseys to get a discount, if applicable.

Once you have decided on the best design and chosen the best option, the next part is where you buy blank jerseys from a wholesaler with a design on them. Then you can go to an embroidery shop and ask them to do embroidery on the jersey as per your artwork. It would be best if you preferred embroidery for the main badges on the left front side of the chest.

If you want the logo on the front chest or back side, you should go for either screen printing or heat transfer vinyl stickers. The best part of these two printing is that they give a very premium look to the logo. You can easily transfer heat transfer stickers by applying heat or using a heat press for this purpose.

Choose a custom ice hockey uniforms manufacturer

If you don’t want all this hassle, you should choose a manufacturing company like Duskoh, which can make custom hockey uniforms for you. It is an easy process, and if you are working with Duskoh, the jerseys will cost you less than if you buy blank jerseys and then customize them.

The best part is that Duskoh has its design team. You can choose your favourite design and send them designs and logos, and their design team will design different mock-ups per your artwork. Once you have decided on the artwork design, you can give them go ahead, and they will make fully customized hockey uniforms for your team.

They use high-quality machines for sublimation, and sublimation has a great quality because dyes won’t bleed, and you cannot scratch them off. Your hockey uniforms will be the same for years, and you don’t have to worry about if anything will come off. With sublimation, you can use any number of colours in your jerseys, and they will entertain all types of colour schemes.

Duskoh makes ice hockey uniforms from moisture-managing fabrics. They use 100%polyester fabrics, and they also use different blends which have polyester and spandex in them. The best part about using these blends is that they provide freedom of movement and do not cause any restriction during the movement. They recommend these garments for players who play in warm, humid climates. In addition to moisture management properties, they are more comfortable to wear in warmer weather. Duskoh also makes other products like fashion clothing, sportswear, activewear, workwear, and gloves.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything, and you get a fully customized uniform delivered to your doorstep. You can check out the website at and email them your inquiries at

Advantages of Sublimation on ice hockey uniforms

Dye-Sublimation Is The Gold Standard For Ice Hockey Uniforms

People have been using the process of dye-sublimation in sports apparel for over three decades, but it does not apply to natural fibres and non-coated materials. This process is only effective on polyester because dye companies design dyes to bond with this material. The process allows for unlimited customization and design possibilities. It also provides the highest quality feel compared to screen printing and allows finer details to be included in the crest logo than with a twill design.

Uniform suppliers make the best hockey uniforms jerseys using dye-sublimated polyester. A high-quality sublimated jersey is an excellent investment. Its high-quality polyester and dye-sublimated fabric are durable enough for various sports activities. Dye-sublimation also offers a wide range of customization options, so a team can select the type of uniform that best suits their needs. It is the best customization technique for a hockey uniform.

It Allows For Vibrant, Full-Color Prints

One of the major benefits of sublimated custom ice hockey jerseys is that the printing process is much more effective than screen-printing, resulting in a more customized jersey. Sublimation is a technique that transforms the ink into a gas and then bonds with the fabric. This process produces uniforms with more vivid colours than traditional screen-printed jerseys. The process is also highly cost-effective, saving teams money compared to other options.

While screen-printing may be the most affordable option for ice hockey uniforms, it does have its drawbacks. Screen printing requires stencils and is often not as durable or high-quality as sublimation printing. The most significant advantage of sublimation is the speed of design, the low learning curve, and the ability to print a large number of jerseys.

Another benefit of sublimated ice hockey jerseys is that they are lighter than conventional jerseys. The fabric remains smooth and comfortable, which increases comfort. Sublimation technology can also print complex graphics such as gradients, pinstripes, and camouflage patterns. Compared to conventional jerseys, sublimated ice hockey uniforms are more comfortable. The fabric does not wear, crack, or feel like it is printed.

It Has A Guarantee Of Quality

When choosing the right jerseys for your team, you should ensure that they are made of high-quality material and feature the right colours. A sublimated jersey will last longer, thanks to reinforced stitches and a double-stitched design. It is also more durable than a plain-coloured one, as the design will remain sharp throughout the season. If you are ordering custom-made hockey jerseys, check that you can find the right size, as this will ensure the right fit for the entire team.

A sublimated jersey is more comfortable than a conventional jersey, thanks to its smoother surface. The printing is infused into the fabric, so the uniform will not crack or wear easily. Additionally, sublimation is more affordable than other printing technologies, as the cost of these garments increases with the size and number of artwork. Also, a sublimated jersey is more comfortable than a conventional jersey, as it doesn’t have the “prints” feeling, which can be a bother in some cases.

The sublimation process creates vibrant, full-colour all-over prints. In sublimation, dyes are infused in the fabric due to no chance of it peeling off or fading, unlike a screen-printed or embroidered jersey. Sublimated jerseys also save money because they are more durable than screen-printed or embroidered jerseys. So, it is definitely worth the extra cost.

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