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How to Make the Most of a Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

Now that the world is over one year into the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual health appointment have become the norm for many people. Even when the pandemic is under control, it will not be surprising if many health care providers continue this form of consultation because of its ease and convenience. Not to mention, the whole world should be moving towards safer public health guidelines in general, so many doctors may prefer these telehealth appointments for patients with less-serious conditions to protect those who have no choice but to go see a doctor in person for their illness. Here are five ways that you can make the most out of your virtual doctor’s appointment.

Write Down Concerns

Prior to the appointment, it is important to write down all of your concerns and questions. This will ensure that you do not forget to ask or relay something important. This will also serve as a guide for the entirety of the visit. Include both physical symptoms and any concerns you may have about your mental health as well. 

In addition to your own questions and concerns, be sure to have a written list of all of the medications that you may be taking. This includes any vitamins and supplements. Your doctor will likely go over all of this with you and you will save time if you have a reference list handy.

Document Symptoms

A virtual health appointment presents a certain set of unique challenges not found in a traditional in-person medical setting. Any symptoms that you can document with pictures ahead of the visit will make the process go more smoothly. For example, if a skin mole is concerning to you, work to get a clear picture before the appointment starts so that you can show it to the doctor.

You should also have your latest medical records nearby so that you can consult them if needed. Your doctor may also ask you to take your own vitals prior to the appointment. This may include your temperature, your weight, your heart rate, and your blood pressure. Be sure to also include any general health and wellness concerns you have about yourself, such as any depressing feelings or anxiety-related issues you may be experiencing. Symptoms like these can be very helpful to your doctor when it comes to prescribing you an appropriate diagnosis and prescription. 

Set Up Technology

How well you can manipulate the technology during your visit will have a significant effect on what you get out of the time. Be sure to experiment with your available technology to find the best fit and compatibility for what your health care provider uses. If you are using a phone, closing all of the apps will give you a faster connection. Be sure that you are in a safe and private location for your consultation. The last thing you want is for someone to overhear your medical concerns while speaking to your doctor. A stable wireless connection is also a necessity for an efficient and helpful virtual health appointment. 

You should also have a backup plan ready to go should an element of your technology fail. For example, have your phone ready to call the doctor’s office if you experience computer issues. If you do not feel comfortable using this type of technology, you can try doing a practice run before the appointment so that you feel more confident troubleshooting in the moment.

Patients and Caregivers Both Need to be Present

If you are a caregiver to the patient, both of you should be present for the virtual health appointment. Even if the patient is not able to verbally communicate, the doctor may need to get a visual of them to be able to provide treatment.

The doctors and nurses walking you through the online doctor visits in Georgia will help you to assist the patient with any of their medical needs. However, all parties need to be present in order for the full scope of the appointment to be successful. If you’re unsure about the virtual healthcare procedures, you can always call your doctor’s office ahead of time. Calling ahead will help you get a better understanding of how to prepare for the appointment. 

Ask for a Summary

At the end of the visit, or after you have logged off, it is a good idea to ask for a summary of the appointment. The nurse will be a good source of information for this. In the summary, you want to know if any medicine was prescribed, when the next visit is scheduled, and anything else that you need as advised by the physician.

Being prepared as possible for your virtual health care appointment will ensure that you are happy with how your questions are answered. Make the most out of this online time by following these five tips.

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