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How to make use of maximum space in L shaped modular kitchen design?

How to make use of maximum space in L shaped modular kitchen design?

Do you want to make most of the available space in your kitchen without compromising on an open floor layout? If yes, then you must consider going with the L-shaped modular kitchen design.

These days, more and more people are liking the concept of the loft-style apartment homes and drifting away from the conventional detached dining room, open plan L-shaped kitchen layouts are gaining new heights of popularity simply because of the fact that they allow you to have an added space.

However, it won’t make sense without proper detailing to the design. That’s why we have come with some of the important tips that you can consider before you decide to go for modular kitchen design L shape.

What is L shaped modular kitchen design all about?

The practical arrangement mainly encompasses countertops on two adjacent walls that basically join in one angle, thereby forming an ‘L’ shape. It’s a popular arrangement that gives the homeowner more open floor space as compared to other kitchen layouts. You don’t need to compromise when it comes to enough countertop space.

On the other hand, in a larger room space it’s more likely to have only one countertop that typically moves along a wall and the other to stick out into the living area, thus giving a visual effect of two separate areas -the kitchen and entertainment area.

An entertainment area

An entertainment area can be easily integrated in both small and medium-sized rooms, the L-shaped kitchen entails the use of no less than one wall – typically two – giving enough space for small social gatherings in home.

This layout basically permits multiple cooks and area to socialize when organizing a dinner party or family meal. Though, without the integration of island feature, you won’t be able to look at your guests while preparing food.

To completely makeover the available space into adine-in kitchen-diner, you must consider including a table and chairs – best positioned at one side of the area to prevent the blockage of floor space and inhibit movement flow. This will also increase the workstation area.

Seamless integration of a kitchen island concept

If the available space in your home permits, do try to integrate a kitchen island feature. This will create a center point for the room where you can have your meals together with your family rather than setting-up a traditional dining table in the other area of the home.

To give more artistic or restaurant type look and feel, you can consider adding pull-up bar stools in your Island counter which are not only convenient to use but also space-efficient.

For smaller kitchen space, an island can be a good idea to get additional storage while doubling worktop space.

Hope the above-mentioned ideas about making the best possible use of the space available in the modular kitchen design L shape is helpful for you. Get in touch with an expert to plan to design your perfect L-shaped kitchen.

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