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How To Make Website Google Friendly?

Google Friendly Website

You have created a high-quality website; now what? As you know, these days, every business, no matter small or big, wants to be on Google. But it’s not easy as it sounds. To ensure your presence on Google, you need to struggle. However, with a bit of investment in planning an SEO (search engine optimization strategy). You can make things much more manageable. SEO is the most important thing to make your website findable to others. Web Design Windsor is keenly determined to unlock a new traffic gateway from Google to your website. Here are some steps to help you maintain a Google Friendly Website. 

Why Google?

Because of its popularity, there are many other search engines like Google, but none are more popular than Google. Google is not only the most popular search engine out there but in this age of the Internet. Google leads every business from the front and adds more fuel to its success by bringing more high-quality traffic with its ranking factor. 

A Brief History Of Google

Before we gear ourselves to dive in-depth, we’re breaking down a brief history of Google. Knowing from the start will help you understand things more efficiently. Google was launched in September 1998, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google was started from scratches at a low scale. By the end of 1998 Google team (just eight employees) started hitting the new lengths by moving the operations to 165 University Avenue in Palo Alto. 

Since then, Google didn’t look back and became the most popular search engine. We have used Google thousands of times to find our queries related to almost everything. Because Google always shows the best and most relevant results. That’s the mere reason everyone who has a business, blog, or website wants to appear in the top 10 Google results. Google can send a ton of high-quality traffic to promote your business, blog, or website. 

Some Essential Tips For A Google Friendly Website

Observe The Latest Algorithms: 

SEO rules also change every day like technology works. Looking into what the latest rules are in and out can be a tiring thing to do. You’ll need a piece of research before you refurbish your website. Make sure you are in the game because what Google allowed yesterday may not work today, and vice versa. Remember, effective SEO works only if you know the tech landscape and how to control and navigate it accordingly. 

Make Sure To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: 

One of the most repeated mistakes as a blogger or business owner is limiting your content only to a desktop site. The world has now reached that more traffic comes from mobile devices than desktops. And the important thing is that you may face penalties from Google that can affect your ranking. So make up your mind to invest in a mobile site to keep yourself up to the rankings. Because a mobile-friendly site is likely to attract more traffic than an only desktop site to make your website stay at the top. 

Modify Your Content: 

Your content is the most significant factor to improve or worsen your ranking. A straightforward and good written content doesn’t give you a ticket to rank on top. However, you make sure that you’re playing by the book by using industry-specific terms and set amount of times accordingly on every post. On the other hand, using too many terms on every post can lead to a foul SERP penalty. 

Control The Speed: 

By control, SEO Windsor meant that 70 percent of visitors would close the tab or hit the ‘back’ button after 3 seconds if the site didn’t load there. You must take this step seriously before it starts troubling your audience. And you’ll lose a ton of audience in a glance. The Internet has reached the level where it’s not minimized to hang out, shop, or browse anymore. 

Businesses need to keep their consumers in for the long and successful run. That’s why to keep your website fast as you can by ensuring your image file sizes are as small as they can be. Use image compression tools like Tiny png to compress your images at minimal loss of quality. Or you may use new fast-loading image formats available on the Internet. 

Get Registered: 

One of the easiest methods you consider improving your website discoverable is to use Google My Business. It is pretty simple and way quick than other procedures to get your business registered in Google’s database. All you have to do is to include all relevant information in your registration, as follow:

  • Business name
  • Your address
  • Hours you operate
  • Contact information.

There are numerous ways to install My Business on your website, so users get the listings on your website.

Try To Get On Google’s Good Side: 

Here are a few things you can do to get on Google’s good side:

  1. Create High-Quality and Original Content
  2. Avoid using low-quality pages
  3. Don’t create duplicate content
  4. Be authority of your business or firm
  5. Use social media frequently as a tool to promote your content 
  6. Work on your bounce rate
  7. Improve user experience 
  8. Use accessible language and modify pages to avoid the penalties
  9. Correctly use the different keywords
  10. Work on Backlinks, ensure their quality

Learn Google Search Quality Guidelines: 

Google has an eBook named Search Quality Guidelines, available for free download. You can get it quickly by searching its name on Google.

Don’t Cheat On Google:

If you’re looking to make a website Google friendly, you know that some web development experts are keen on using cheating techniques. i.ecreation of spam pages. Google has a brilliant and advanced framework to defeat spam. Google uses different algorithms to review and eliminate every kind of spam. So don’t go that way to cheat Google, instead work on your content. Always produce original and high-quality content. Never use illegal SEO practices, or Google will remove your business from search engine results.

Note: Google notifies web developers when they take action against any blog or website. But don’t worry; if you have a problem resulting in Google collaborating with your website, you can fix the problem and file a reconsideration request with improvement. 

Steps to make your website Google friendly

Before wrapping up this incredible blog, we’d like you to read some quick steps to make your website Google friendly:

  • Always consider choosing a Descriptive, easy to remember Domain Name
  • Relay choosing a fast and reliable web hosting provider
  • Choose a good search engine-friendly CMS (WordPress is a great CMS to create powerful websites.)
  • Know your Audience
  • Try creating original, engaging, credible, valuable, and high-quality content. 
  • Keep optimizing your content for SEO
  • Organize your blog or website’s structure
  • Consider using informative, simple, and search engine friendly URLs
  • Produce great content daily
  • Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid penalties.
  • Don’t limit your content to Desktop Version. Invest and make your website mobile-friendly
  • Choose a responsive theme 
  • Ensure the accessibility of your website 
  • Keep your website safe from any spam 
  • Learn SEO basics to know more.

Final Word

Make sure you have learned this blog carefully; we have given our best tips to make you learn to make your website Google Friendly. Although, you’re always welcome to try additional steps for a better result, like, registering your site with Google Search Console and Google Business. Keep using Google’s free tools and resources to create more Google Friendly websites. 

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