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How To Perform Matsyasana? Steps and Benefits of Fish Pose

Overall, these years, yoga has emerged as a fascinating way for replenishing both mental and physical health. Science is once confined to ancient yogis that are reaching many people all over the world. What’s the reason? It’s because it has the power to bring perfect harmony in-between the body, soul, and mind.

Another reason for this is accessibility. From yoga for beginners to experts, the asanas are very versatile, and anyone can do things. The poses of yoga are also a take away the stress and pain which our body feels after such a hectic day. You might also try out the Surya namaskar yoga for starting the fresh and happy morning.

This article will talk about the fantastic pose, which tends to be the perfect solution for any such back pain issue. The fish pose or Matsyasana is the best yoga poses for back pain. As its name suggests, the matsyasana poses is done chiefly through reclining backward with feet with another lotus pose.

The Matsyasana can be performed in hatha yoga and modern yoga. The Matsyasana is pronounced chiefly as the mut-see-ahs-ana. Yoga School in Rishikesh can help you to perform Matsyasana.

This is told that if a person performs matsyasana yoga in the water and the body will float, such as the fish. That’s why this pose is named after the fish. Now, it’s time to understand how matsyasanas will help to alleviate back pain.

How Matsyasana helps to relieve Back pain?

If the job gets involved on the chair for hours, the chances are high; this will suffer from back pain for someday. To avoid the situation or relieve pain, you might try out the Matsyasana or a fish pose regularly.

In general, the back might bend only to an extent as a diaphragm will not get a design for this. However, if you perform a fish pose yoga, you can bend the back by stretching out the chest. Ut also strict the entire diaphragm and also helps to relieve the tension from back muscles. Not only this, the fish poses come with lots of benefits. It will give you the entire spine, improve a lot of blood circulation, and reduce a lot of stress and pain.

Benefits of Matsyasana

The Matsyasana will help to relieve the back pain. Apart from this, fish yoga can offer a lot of benefits for a healthy body. We have correctly jotted a few of the most significant and expected benefits you are aware of in this article. Then, you can perform and read out the benefits of Matsyasana.

Improvise Spinal Health:

As mentioned earlier, the fish pose is the backbend type that can stretch out the muscles of a back. When the person does that, their spine gets stabilized and strengthened. This can improve the body posture.

Tones Glutes:

The glutes made up of the Maximus Gluteus, medius gluteus and minimum gluteus. Every one of them will play an important role by keeping the lower body in shape and healthy. Elevates the hip version of the Matsyasana offers an extra stretch for gluteal muscles. It is not only made more substantial, which tones the glutes.

If you are interested to learn more in-depth about yoga then we strongly recommend you to start with the certification courses like 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh from the best yoga schools.

Good for thyroid:

When a person does the Matsyasana, the person can stretch the neck into the deep curve. In the front part of the neck, you will have a thyroid gland, and it is responsible for the production of the thyroid hormones, which control the body that uses the energy. So neck movement in the Matsyasana will stimulate thyroid glands which allow for producing several thyroid hormones.

Beats your stress:

Sitting all day at your desk with a bad posture will lead to stress in the neck and back muscles. The Matsyasana will help relax your back, align your spine, and open up the lungs. All it will help to energize your body and mind and also reduce your stress in the muscles.

Improves mood:

Here are the other benefits of the Matsyasana and its ability for lightening up the mood. When the back goes into an arch, the heart will get lifted abduces of ribs can get stretched. It will facilitate oxygen intake and also releases pent-up emotions from your heart. It eventually also improves the mood.

Keeps the diseases away:

This isn’t known by many people, but the Matsyasana is also known as a “Destroyer of Diseases.” The regular practice of yoga will help in good digestion. This also eases menstrual discomfort, helps a person feel cheerful and healthy, and detoxifies your body all day.

Weight loss:

If a person tries a leg-raised variation of the Matsyasana, you can also shed some extra weight by burning out calories. When the legs are raised, the obscure snd abdominal body muscles will get engaged. It also assists in shedding the unnecessary fat from your hips, thighs, waist, and stomach.

Fish Yoga Pose

Steps to do Matsyasana

Now, as it is aware of every benefit, let’s get information about performing the Saral Matsyasana. Here are the steps of Matsyasana, which a person can follow for doing this fantastic pose. Best Yoga School in Rishikesh can help you to achieve the perfect posture for your asana.

  1. Start by sitting straight on a yoga mat. Then, while you are breathing, you come to the lotus pose or Padmasana.
  2. You can take deep breaths and also relaxes the body.
  3. You can slowly move the body into a backward position. For doing this, you can also place both the elbows and forearms on the ground behind the back.
  4. By giving support to the elbow and forearms, you will have to lower the body in the backside. But, first, gently place your head on the ground.
  5. You must try out bending the back as possible. However, it would be best if you did not strain about muscles, or else you might get injured.
  6. The head must be on the ground or relaxing.
  7. Close the eyes and then relax the body. Take slow and long breaths.
  8. Hold the pose for a few couple of seconds.
  9. For returning to the start position, you can reverse your poses as it will release your posture.
  10. Once the person is in Padmasana, they must start relaxing for seconds.
  11. You will have to practice the matsyasana by changing the position of your legs in the lotus pose.


Recommended Practice:

If you are a beginner, you can practice the Matsyasana steps for one to two minutes. You can attain the final position by lying and folding legs as Padmasana, ardhpadmasana, or Sukhasana.


By performing the Matsyasana, it is a great way to have a healthy mind and body. However, it will be very harmful if the pose is not performed in the right way. You will have to make sure that you will follow every precaution and tip in the right way, and it will not end by giving trouble to a person. There are a few essential ones that you will need to follow. You can get the best knowledge from the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

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