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How to Plan a Luxurious and Professional Business Trip


Business trips aren’t really about having fun, as you are trying to get things done. At the same time, there is no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself while doing so. In fact, the best business trips include both professional business, and the opportunity for cultural activities and local interaction. Besides, travel without enjoyment is simply a lost opportunity. Let’s talk about the ways in which you can plan a luxurious yet professional kind of business trip.

Plan For Some Recreational Time

You can’t really enjoy your business trip if you spend the entire time doing business. While we are not trying to dissuade you from being productive, you should also take some time to enjoy the setting. Your business partners can (and should) be included in these plans, making them part of the itinerary. On a more practical level, this helps to build better relationships with important people. Build an itinerary that includes opportunities for both your team and your client’s or partner’s teams to explore the area. Planning in this way shows that you want the entire experience, not just the business aspects, to be successful and enjoyable. 

Experience is Everything

While planning the trip, make sure you build in some regional experiences. For example, if you have a dinner planned with your clients, select a restaurant that is famous in the area, serves local cuisine, or is located in a popular area of the place you are visiting. Try to make experiences for your group that is related to the location. Always build in recreational time for you and your employees and clients to have their own time in the area to explore. Select different restaurants every night, even organize a special group activity if you have a client that is up for something fun. Always default to being professional and discussing business when it’s time to do so, but don’t be afraid of comradery and even becoming friends with your client or business partners. 

Consider “Glamping”

The word “glamping” is a mixture of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” That pretty much explains the idea behind glamping. You enjoy the beauty and splendor of the great outdoors without living in rough accommodations or living like a caveman. You definitely won’t be making fire with sticks on a trip like this!

Glamping in the Poconos is some of the best glamping that we have ever experienced. The climate is fair, the scenery is beautiful, and you don’t even have to drive that far from civilization. The imposing hills and ancient forests will surely make a great impression on your business partners. One little thing, though: Check the weather forecasts in advance so that your meeting doesn’t get ruined by rain! Along these same lines, be sure to call ahead and get a strong idea of the amenities available at the glamping spot. Check for roomy tables and an area that you and your partners can sit down at to discuss your business dealings. Try incorporating the natural area into the presentations you give, and use the area to your training benefits. Don’t select glamping just because it’s fun, be sure to plan activities that incorporate nature such as team building activities and games. 

Glamping Amenities

Glamping may not seem like the perfect business environment, but getting outdoors may just be exactly what your team and partners need to bond and think creatively. When planning this trip, be sure to pack plenty of extra supplies- though glamping companies often carry most amenities and supplies. Glamping is a great option for team building as well if you go on a trip with your company employees. Be sure to keep in mind everyone’s physical limitations as well. If you have an employee who uses a wheelchair, you may need to call ahead and make sure the glamping area is wheelchair accessible.

Limousine Pickup Is Always A Nice Touch

When traveling to meet others for business reasons, it is important to project the right image. You want to show people that you are professional and prosperous. To that end, you might consider having them picked up in a limousine or another luxury vehicle. Hiring luxury cars lets your partners know that your company believes they are valued and high-class. Besides that, it’s a little touch of luxury that anyone will enjoy. Don’t overdo it, as in, if you are meeting with only a two-person team, you may not need to rent an entire stretch limo. Instead, opt for the smaller but equally luxurious sedan or other luxury business car with a professional driver. 

Naturally, you will want to make sure that the limousine is equipped with features that will maximize the enjoyment of the riders. These might include plush leather seats, an entertainment center, some free beverages, Wi-Fi, or any number of other things. Just don’t pay extra for useless gimmicks like a hot tub (which cannot be used while the vehicle is in motion).

Find A Unique Place To Stay

Wherever you go, you are going to be spending some downtime in your hotel room. No one has the energy to run all day and night, so there will be a certain number of “lazy hours.” That’s where the quality of your accommodations can make a big difference. Thus, you should do your research in advance and find a luxurious place to stay. More to the point, we advise you to seek something unique.

For instance, there are all sorts of luxury “theme hotels,” and many of these can be quite enjoyable. Resorts of all kinds are great, as long as they aren’t located too far from your business destination. Here’s one example: If you happen to be staying in Japan, you can arrange to spend the night in an old Buddhist temple. These places have a very unique and comfortable atmosphere, and the experience is definitely a memorable one. Try finding accommodation located nearby where you are planning on having your business meetings. If the restaurants you are choosing are also nearby, that’s a bonus. You can call the hotel ahead of time as well and request room service and concierge services. The hotel may even be able to arrange transport and dinner reservations ahead of time on your behalf. Making connections with these places while you are planning the trip may help you save a lot of time and think of activities for the trip. 

Fine Catering

No matter what kind of a business occasion is at hand, good food is always going to be welcomed. Also, it provides a chance to sample the local cuisine without any distraction from your professional matters. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to go with a big-chain restaurant for this kind of catering. You want something unique, local, and authentic. Of course, there are some exotic dishes that are best avoided due to their unpopular nature. For instance, some native tribes in South America have been known to eat tarantulas, and some even say they are quite good. However, a big plate of french-fried spiders would not go over so well outside the Amazon.


These are just a few of the ways in which you can turn a boring business trip into a memorable experience for all involved. Everyone knows that old saying about “all work and no play,”: human beings need to have a little fun from time to time. We hope that we have given you a few good ideas that will enhance your next outing and create a luxurious (but productive) business trip.

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