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How to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Term-2 Board Examination?

After completing the CBSE term – 1 examination, all CBSE Board class 12 students will move on to the term – 2 examination. The exam’s date sheet is out, and the students are starting to sharpen their preparation.

Students should go through the marking scheme for class 12 science or art subjects to ease their preparation. 

To get good marks, you need to familiarize yourself with the exam syllabus for term 2, which is different from previous years. Term 2 exams make up only 50% (or the rest) of the curriculum. 

Syllabus for CBSE Class 12 Term Two Exams

The CBSE term two exam or final exam will be held in April – May 2022. The exam is conducted offline in a subjective manner. Class 12 CBSE term 2 exams include

Syllabus for Class 12 Physics term 2 

Unit Chapter Name Marks
Unit – 5

Electromagnetic waves

Unit – 6


Ch – 8: Electromagnetic waves

Ch – 9: Ray Optics and Optical Instrument

Ch – 10: Wave Optics

Unit – 7

Dual nature of radiation and matter

Unit – 8

Atoms & Nuclei

Ch – 11: Dual nature of radiation and matter

Ch – 12: Matter

Ch – 13: Atoms & Nuclei

Unit – 9

Electronic Devices

Ch – 14: Semiconductor-Electronic: Material devices and Simple Circuits 7
Total marks 35

You can check here detailed syllabus for CBSE class 12 physics syllabus

Syllabus for Class Chemistry term 2

S.No.  Chapter Name Marks
1 Electrochemistry 

Chemical Kinetics

Surface Chemistry

2 d and f-block elements 

Co-ordination compounds

3 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids         Amines




For detailed Chemistry syllabus you can check CBSE Class 12 Chemistry syllabus 

Mathematics term – 2 Syllabus 

Unit Unit Name Marks
Unit-3 Calculus 18
Unit-4 Vector and 3d Geometry 14
Unit – 6 Probability 8
Internal Assessment 10
Total 50

For maths detailed you can check CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus

Unit Unit Name Marks
Unit 8 Biology in Human welfare 14
Unit 9  Biotechnology and its application 11
Unit 10 Ecology and Environment 10
Practical term – 2  15
Total 50

For detailed Biology syllabus, you can check CBSE Class 12 Biology syllabus.

8 Best Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Term Two Exams

Now that you know the syllabus for the upcoming exam, you should start studying with an approach to get good marks in the class 12 examination. While preparing your preparation strategy, you should keep these eight things in mind to get outstanding results in the term two examinations.

1. Create a detailed study plan

Before starting preparation, students must first plan their study, what, when, and how to study. The study schedule should not be too overbearing; it should provide adequate preparation time and inspire you to achieve your goals. Before creating a study plan, make sure you know your productive times and focus on the most challenging chapters or topics when your brain is most active. You will understand the concepts better and remember them better. Also, set realistic and achievable goals. Avoid making month-wise study plans. Stick to your weekly goals with a daily to-do list.

2. Clear your concepts

Do not try to memorize the entire syllabus. It can be stressful, and you can forget things in the exam. Conversely, having adequate clarity on a topic can make the exam better. Try to learn by understanding the concept and depth of the topic. Avoid memorizing the topic or concepts.

3. Prioritize high-weightage chapters and Important topics

Now that you have only two months left in your hands, start revising high-weightage chapters and important topics. Being good in these chapters and topics will help you to get good marks in the class 12 term two examinations. Ask your teacher for help and clarify all questions in advance if you have any questions. If you have any difficulties, use Ncert solutions for class 12

To help yourself divide all the chapters are into Hard, Normal, and Easy. This will help you in dividing your time. At this stage of your CBSE class 12 term two board exam preparation, you should give more and more time to high-weightage topics important topics.

4. Time Management is necessary

Good time management skills can help you achieve more in less time, freeing up time for exciting activities. To develop good time management skills, stick to the curriculum, achieve your goals, and avoid procrastination. Also, solve more and more practice tests. This will help you decide how much time you should devote to a specific question or section, so you have enough time to finish the question paper.

5. Give equal attention to all the subjects

Now, the exam dates have come, and the time is limited. You have to ensure all subjects get the required preparation time. Distributing your time evenly will make your preparation easier. This kind of strategy boosts your confidence for all the exams equally.

6. Solve CBSE’s previous year’s question papers

Given that the CBSE is conducting Class 12 examination in two terms. Term 1 was conducted in November now. The term two date sheet has been out. However, the questions will be asked from the NCERT book. Thus you should solve CBSE Class 12 Previous year question papers and sample papers chapter-wise.

7. Make short notes for last-minute preparation

While studying, try to make short and summarized notes for each chapter. These notes should be clean and concise. Make your notes in a visual format with the help of flow charts, diagrams, essential math and physics formulas, and all the important concepts.

8. Solve sample papers based on Sample papers

DO not ignore solving CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Boards for maths, physics, chemistry, and biology. These sample papers will help you understand the exam pattern for CBSE Class 12 term two exams.


Summing Up

We can promise you with Physics Wallah Ncert solutions based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, you will get good marks in CBSE Class 12 term 2 Board examination. Preparing well for the CBSE 12 exam will help students prepare for upcoming competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, etc. However, you can go to Physics Wallah’s official website about JEE Mains Prep and NEET Prep.


How many hours should a student study in class 12?

Each student has a different pace of learning, learning style, and ability to grasp concepts. However, the ideal amount of time you should invest in your studies is 7-8 hours a day. Studying for 7-8 hours every day is enough.

Is one month enough for the 12th board preparation?

According to the syllabus for the 12th board exam, this one month is not enough, but this latest revised exam pattern requires you to prepare fifty percent of this entire syllabus at once. So, to get good results, make sure you don’t deviate even for an hour.

What is a study timetable?

A study schedule is a structured schedule where you can plan study time, activities, and necessities of life (meals, sleep, exercise, socializing with friends) on Urbanest. Studying is an essential part of academic success.

Which are the best books for CBSE Class 12 preparation 2022?

Students first study the curriculum and related exercises in the NCERT book. Almost all questions will be asked in the NCERT book.

Can I give the class the 12th term 2 exams if I fail in term 1?

As per the official notification, not a single student will be declared to fail or pass in the term 1 exam. So all the students who appeared in the term 1 examination can appear in the term 2 exams.

Is class 12th is easier than class 11th?

No, both are on the same level. Conceptually, if you are in 11th grade, you should face problems in 12th grade. The 12th-grade program will seem easier than the 11th grade. And the entrance exam also accounts for about 60% of the 11th grade.

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