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How to Prepare in Last 10 Days to Score High in GATE?

GATE is considered as one of the hardest competitive exams in the engineering field. You must need to clear with the basic concept of the syllabus to score a decent score in the exam. Each aspirant dream to get into prestigious institutes like IISC, IIT, NITs.

Sometimes even after a lot of preparation, students fail to score well. The reason for low scoring in the examination maybe they either try to mug up all content or strain themselves at the last minute. GATE preparation needs to be done in a systematic way to assure success.

Now GATE exam is just around the corner and every aspirant must be busy with preparation to access their dream of engineering, here are some tips and tricks to escalate your preparation and make you ready for the final day of the GATE exam.

Read the following bullet points

  1. Practice is the key: Practicing the previous year’s questions aid in acquiring the problem-solving speed. If you don’t have previous years question banks then join GATE Online Coaching portal to practice from the mock test. Practice subject-wise and focus on the subjects which you find hard to prepare.


  1. Go through last-minute notes to revise the important concepts. If you have your own handwritten notes, surely go through it before sitting in the exam.


  1. “Don’t lose your confidence”, if you believe yourself and think you can then surely you will get success. Keep yourself motivated during the preparation. The main thing that will demotivate you is the comparison. Avoid comparing yourself with anyone they may have their own methodologies you have to build your own.


  1. Concentrate on important and high scoring subjects and topics now as your left with a short time before the exam. The focus should be given to the important topics like Engineering Mathematics, Computer Organization, and Architecture, Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Digital Logic, Operating System, Databases, Computer Networks, Language Skills, and General Aptitude.


  1. According to your learning habits you may create a timetable with the distribution of subjects. Learning randomly may result in great confusion at the end. If you have not covered a topic, do not try to learn it at the end, rather concentrate and revise and make yourself more confident on all the topics you are well versed with.


  1. To gain more knowledge and awareness of the exam pattern, have a look at last year’s papers and practice. This will make you aware of the kind of questions asked in the examination that will help you to chalk out an exam preparation strategy.


  1. Get updated yourself with the official instructions released on the GATE official website. This will save you from last-minute confusion and will allow you to concentrate more on learning.


  1. Marking Scheme –

For 1-mark multiple-choice questions, 1/3 marks deduction for the wrong answer.

For 2-marks multiple-choice questions, 2/3 marks deduction for the wrong answer.

There is no deduction for the wrong answer in numerical type questions.

  1. Don’t misread the question, get what they are asking focus on the confusing words from the questions like Almost, at least, Not true, Not false. Avoid calculation errors don’t hurry to answer the question. Remember guesswork does not work in the exam like GATE, so avoid guessing the answers and don’t blame yourself for negative marking.


  1. To avoid straining of what you have grasp get to relax, have a proper diet, sleep well, and believe in yourself. Do activities that make you relax like listening to favorite music, meditation.


  1. Remember, Exam pattern in GATE does repeat in all years so leave no stone unturned for making yourself known about previous year papers. Practicing more and more is the key to crack GATE with a high score.


  1. Chill and enter the examination hall with A BIG SMILE. Keep nervousness out of the exam hall.

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