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How to Properly Clean Your Engagement Ring?

The metal of the ring and the diamond added to an engagement ring play a major role in making it look more beautiful. No doubt other factors such as style of the ring, cut of the diamond, and size of the diamond also matter a lot, but your engagement ring looks marvelous when it is well cleaned and maintained. A well-cleaned and recently purchased engagement ring always look better than the one you are wearing for a long time.

No doubt diamonds are forever, but they also do not remain shiny and brilliant throughout their life until they are cared for properly. To keep the diamond of the engagement rings bright you need to clean them regularly. Regular cleaning of such rings not just helps to maintain their beauty but also improves their life. To keep your engagement ring shiny and in perfect condition, you need to make sure that you are cleaning it properly. But cleaning an engagement ring is a delicate process that needs high attention and care. some common things that can help you properly clean your engagement ring are mentioned below.

Check Your Ring Condition

In case you do not want to spend any money on jewelry cleaning services, then the best way to clean your engagement ring is a DIY. But before cleaning your engagement ring at home, it is important to know about its condition. Checking the engagement ring settings, cuts, dents, etc. (if any) helps you know how delicately you have to do the cleaning.

Avoid Chemicals

No doubt there are various jewelry cleaners available in the market. But many of them include strong chemicals that help you clean your ring but also damage the ring metal and the quality of the diamond. So the right way to clean your engagement ring at home is to use water and gentle soap, which is a common rule advised by many expert Australian jewellers, especally when giving advice regarding their engagement rings in Sydney. A mixture of warm water and soap liquid help to remove all the dirt, dust, and other gunk from the ring. Just make sure you will dip your ring in the mixture for a good time. the more you will keep your engagement ring in the mixture, the better results you can expect.

Brush Gently

Many times due to regular wear, the gunk builds up in the engagement rings that need some brushing for cleaning. after soaking your engagement ring in soap water you can brush your ring gently to remove the rest gunk and dirt. This will also help you improve the ring shine and brightness of your diamond. Just make sure not to put high pressure and use a hard brush while brushing. Otherwise, you will end up making scratches on your ring and its diamonds.

Hire Professionals

One of the best ways to properly clean your engagement ring is by hiring a professional jeweler. Certain engagement rings such as princess cut diamond rings, and customized engagement rings have unique settings and thus are tough to clean at home. Professional jewelers not just provide jewelry but also offer a variety of jewelry services. They use the best products to clean your engagement ring properly. their high experience in this helps them provide you with the best cleaning results. Ring with cuts, dents, or cracks must always be handover to such experts for cleaning. Otherwise, the chances of more damage to the ring become high.

Final Thoughts

No matter how expensive or affordable your engagement ring is, it is important to make sure that you are cleaning it in the right way and are using the right tools for the job. In case you do not have a good time for cleaning but want your engagement ring to keep shining then just hire a professional jeweler that you can trust for the job.

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