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How to Pull Yourself Out of a Creative Block (in Writing)

Have you ever been so troubled, as a writer, that you couldn’t even write a single sentence the right way? If you are a writer, then you know what it feels like. The feeling of falling in a constant downward spiral and not being able to conjure any words worth writing. The most painful condition for a writer to face.

Just thinking about it can send even the most seasoned writer chills down their spine. Imagine not being able to do what you are passionate about. Frankly, it is quite a disturbing phase for a writer and sooner or later almost every writer in the world goes through this miserable phase. A creative block, can easily be known as the worst nemesis for any writer out there trying to make a decent living.

Reasons for Falling into this Trap

Different people have different theories about why a writer might go through such a phase. However, there are a couple of reasons that every expert agrees on. Here are some of the most commonly known reasons for facing a creative block.

Constant Distraction:

Feeling distracted, no matter what you are working on, can be something that can affect your ability to produce good output. This is exactly how it is for a writer as well. How can you expect a writer to tap into their creativity when they are too distracted to even think about what they are writing about? People, traffic noise or even your phone can be regarded as distractions when you’re trying to compose text.


Have you ever been depressed in your life? If yes, then you know how one feels when going through something like this. You simply lose interest even in your most favorite things to do. So, for many writers, depression has known to be one of the most leading reasons for pushing them into a creative block.


You might hear this word “stress” a lot throughout your day. However, you don’t really know how badly it can affect a writer’s ability to be creative and come up with amazing content. So, what exactly is stress? Well, think of it as something that is constantly weighing down on your mind and nerves, making you feel tired and completely worn out.

The best example for this can be simply holding a glass of water and trying to keep arm straight. In the beginning you won’t feel anything in your arm, the glass of water might not be something that you even think as something heavy. But, the same glass of water can seem like it weighs more than a ton after 10 to 15 minutes. The facts won’t change, it is the same glass of water, the weight was always the same. However, your ability to put up with that weight is now not there anymore because constantly holding the glass has worn out your arm muscles.

The same concept applies to someone under stress. Thus, mental stress has been known to be the doom for many writers and has been known to be one of the biggest reasons for a creative block.

How to Pull Yourself Out of a Creative Block

Simple Tricks to Pull Yourself Out of this Nightmare 

Unless you have the money to go for a ghostwriter for hire, you have no choice but to either learn to defeat this foe or simply leave writing altogether. If you are reading this, then you are definitely not one of the writers who is willing to give up. You are someone who wants to come out of this. And here are some tips that can help you with it.

Learn to Stay Happy:

You would be surprised of the amazing things; as a writer you can accomplish simply because you are happy. For this you will have to learn to let things go and in case of a creative block, you simply not let it distract you for a long period of time.

Exert Yourself Physically:

Exercise can help you hit that refresh button inside your mind. It is by far one of the most amazing ways you can battle stress. And by battling stress, you can easily get over your writer’s/creative block because stress is one of the biggest reasons for a writer to fall into this trap in the first place. So, exercise and defeat your stress and come back as a stronger and a much more creative writer.

Find Your Zone:

Being a writer, finding your zone is something that is very important for a writer to be creative. For this you need to eliminate anything and everything that distracts you to allow your mind’s creativity to start flowing.

Stop Trying to be Perfect: 

When facing a creative block, you must stop trying to focus on small details such as grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and just focus on writing anything that comes to your mind. Forget about making every sentence perfect. Eventually, this can help you get back in the game of writing as well.

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