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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Partition in Windows 10

Storage partitions can be enabled in Windows at the time of installation, via Disk management, or with third-party applications.

Losing files on Windows, whether unintentionally or by accident, may be costly and tragic. Also, when Windows users discover that folders or documents have vanished, they consider the missing files to be important.

However, it could be worse in a variety of ways, particularly if the data was once helpful and accessing it is now practically difficult.

Here, we’ll explain how to recover deleted or lost barriers on Windows 10 and how several data recovery software could be beneficial in doing so.

Table of Contents

Partitions Explained

Why Partitions Are Lost or Deleted in Windows 10

    • Viruses & Malware
    • Failing Hardware
    • Power Failure
    • Accidental Happening to Disk Management

Possibilities of Windows Partition Recovery

Ways for Deleted or Lost Windows 10 Partition Recovery

  • Partition Recovery Using CMD
  • Utilize Disk Management Utility
  • Incorporate Partition Recovery Software

Tips to Avoiding Future Partition Loss or Deletion

  • Perform Careful Partition Management
  • Avoid Using Partition Management Software With Bad Reputation
  • Install Effective Anti-Virus Software in Place
  • Backup Your Storage Devices on a Datatype Basis
  • Make Partition Recovery Simple and Convenient

Partitions Explained

Partitions can be defined as the data storage container where data is stored using a USB drive and hard drive. Data cannot be saved on a single partition; therefore, information must be saved on several partition tables.

Because varying operating systems can only reach partitions with specific file systems, this knowledge is critical.

Why Partitions Are Lost or Deleted in Windows 10

Several reasons for partition deletion or loss can be easily found on the internet with a single search. These surely include:

Viruses & Malware

Many malicious applications created specifically to attack PC devices can damage all of the data on the system. Also, these partitions lost via viruses and malware have become common these days. Hackers have become more programmable and intelligent in developing the viruses attacking the improving files and folders.

Failing Hardware

Many desktop or laptop gadgets will survive a long time, however, storage devices such as hard drives might cause problems, making data recovery difficult or impossible. Furthermore, natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes put customers in danger of losing their Windows 10 partitions.

Power Failure

The sudden surge in power flow to the computer or laptop could also cause partition loss. Furthermore, this could lead to heavy data loss or corruption.

Accidental Happening to Disk Management

The tiniest modifications to device specifications or the device’s Disk management system can result in data loss.

Possibilities of Windows Partition Recovery

The first thought that comes to mind after losing partitions is how to recover them. The thing that is partitioned can be recovered if data overwriting isn’t done yet on the disk.

Whenever a partition is lost or erased, Windows OS is capable of blocking access to a specific file storage region. In fact, the system makes that storage location only available for overwriting purposes.

However, retrieving partitions is still possible as long as the disk is accessible and no modifications are made. As a result, after the partition deletion is detected in Windows 10 and the system is not used, you will be able to undelete the partitions.

On the other hand, you can utilize the Disk management program to discover if recovery of partitions is possible.

You can do this by launching the storage tasks that aren’t meant to work using File Explorer. This way, you’ll be able to see all of the storage devices and partitions that are attached to your system.

Here, any space recognized as “Unallocated or showcased “RAW” depicts that recovery of partitions is possible.

Things to Remember Before Beginning Partition

  • Avoid reading/writing unwanted tasks on the HDD
  • Avoid HDD reformatting
  • Don’t recreate partitions
  • Avoid copying new data to the partitions as well

Ways for Deleted or Lost Windows 10 Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery Using CMD

CMD (Command Line) is the most intimidating step of all but a powerful tool offered in Windows that benefits the admins in several ways.

If the reasons for partition loss was volume label loss, partition name, or more, go through the steps below.

  • Open Command Prompt as an admin on the device
  • Write diskpart and click on Enter for launching utility
  • Further type list disk and move to listing storage device attached to your device by pressing Enter
  • Select disc x is the command to type next
  • To display all folders on the specified storage media, run list volume and hit Enter.
  • Enter select volume x

The lost partition will be listed amongst your existing disks.

Utilize Disk Management Utility

If the command-line method for recovering a lost partition in Windows 10 doesn’t work, try this method. It allows you to recover a partition using a disk management application.

  • Go to Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools> Create and Format Hard disk Partitions for launching the disk management software
  • Find the missing partition on the storage media
  • Change Drive Letter and Paths by right-clicking on the deleted partition
  • Select any accessible drive letter by clicking on Add
  • Press OK

Incorporate Partition Recovery Software

While these two methods are beneficial in quickly retrieving the lost or misplaced partitions, complicated hassles won’t be possible to recover with these methods.

In such a situation, you can pick from several tools available for data recovery Singapore to recover as much as possible data and lost partitions.

Some well-known and effective tools or software available include:

  • Disk Drill
  • EaseUS
  • TestDisk
  • Recuva and so on

Tips to Avoiding Future Partition Loss or Deletion

While all of these excellent solutions can recover partitions, it is always advisable to follow the safety guidelines as soon as possible to avoid a problem.

Perform Careful Partition Management

It’s not easy to read or write on a disk, and digital equipment is prone to problems if not used properly. So, perform such tasks on the disk carefully and double-check the operations to avoid any accidental partitions deletion or loss.

Avoid Using Partition Management Software With Bad Reputation

Several tools and software for partition management are available but choosing the one comes with lots of research. Examine each tool’s ratings and evaluations, and avoid those with bad feedback or reviews, as they may have a negative impact rather than a positive one.

Install Effective Anti-Virus Software in Place

Some strains of malware are designed to cause damage to a great extent or even destroy entire partitions. Hence, having reliable and effective anti-virus software enables defending such threats.

Backup Your Storage Devices on a Datatype Basis

To restore a whole file system, byte-to-byte copies can be utilized, making them effective when everything else doesn’t work.

Make Partition Recovery Simple and Convenient

While many of these approaches can recover data and partitions in many situations, it’s always important to know what caused the partitions to be deleted or lost in the first place. This way, future problems can be avoided, and all data can be saved without causing any damage to the storage medium.

Besides this, full image backup comes as the choice that saves time from reloading the programs, updating the latest software versions, and file recreation. Furthermore, saving this backup on an external drive implies that the system will be transferred to another drive, and recovery partition access will still be available if the original drive dies.

Hope you have gathered adequate information for recovering partition loss due to any hassle. Also, you can seek Microsoft support if any of these methods don’t provide the right assistance. Do let us know your experience or tried and tested method in the comments section below.

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