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How to Save Money on Food Shopping

If you feel the price of your groceries has just gone up lately, there are various ways to save on your grocery shopping. Whether you are purchasing weekly food shopping or monthly, it adds to a major expense of the house. Moreover, as you already know, we cannot compromise on essential expenditures like – paying household bills or medical bills (if any). Therefore, sometimes we do budgeting, cross-cutting, or compromise with the quality of the material. However, rather than adjusting with your grocery list, look for discounts, offers, deals, weekly ads, and save on foods flyers.

These days, every grocery store introduces their flyers and weekly ads, which offers various deals and discounts to their consumers. ‘Shopping Canada’ is also one of them. They introduce a Foods flyer in Canada every week and provide offers, like 30-50% discounts, buy one get one free, complementary products, etc. They even allow you to compare the price-match the products and refund the difference. While you can get some Cashbacks from Cash App Plus Plus Apk on your smartphones. If you are looking for more ways to save money on food shopping, keep reading further.

Ways to Save on Food shopping:

As mentioned earlier, you can save on foods in Canada in various ways while buying groceries or food materials. Below, we have shared a few major ways to try the next time you plan to do grocery shopping.

1. Assess your consumption way ahead:

Before creating your grocery list, examine your consumption, create a weekly menu, and plan to use leftovers effectively. Also, try to have a light snack before shopping, as we tend
to buy unnecessary products if we are hungry. Moreover, try to stick to the list that you have created earlier and prevent yourself from falling for attractive displays.
While planning your weekly shopping list, check stores’ flyers and ads for discounts, offers and utilize money-saving coupons (if any). Not only flyers, but you can get your welcome coupon as soon as you sign-up to store email alerts.

2. Purchase groceries in bulk:

Try to purchase your pantry essentials in bulk, and it will ultimately benefit you in the longer run. After assessing your monthly consumption, purchase those items in bulk which you think will not spoil over the period. It will save you a lot more as well as you will not run out of essential grocery items. Many stores provide separate offers and discounts on bulk purchasing and even give you reward points as well. To purchase and save on food flyers, look for bulk purchase deals. 

3. Stay alert about when to shop:

Many studies suggest that it is cheaper when you shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Because stores restock shelves midweek and put discounts on existing grocery products, on the other hand, never purchase on weekends as bigger crowds result in fewer deals and discounts. Even if you are visiting a store online or offline, a specific time plays a major role in bargaining. As early birds get the chance to purchase from the clearance shelves. However, if you find it difficult to wake up this early, try to purchase right before closing.

4. Use stores application:

Try to purchase online or through the dedicated store app for extra discounts, coupons, cashback, whatnot. While purchasing through a website or app, you can even get to see value-added deals that are always live. Moreover, while purchasing online, if you are using online payment gateways or debit/credit cards, you might get some additional discounts and save on food flyers


We believe the healthy way of living should not be expensive. Therefore, we hope our article has helped you manage your grocery list and save a lot more than usual. Before spending your hard-earned money on expensive goods, we recommend you to consider the guide given above. Happy Shopping!


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