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How to Search a Reliable SEO Company for your Business

Confused about hiring the right SEO expert for your own company.?.

Yes, I do know that choosing the right SEO expert is not easy. Any irrational selection will only make your life difficult. Unfortunately, the Search engine optimization industry is surrounded by people that follow dishonest strategies. You will find individuals with less experience in the SEO industry who really don’t know what is right and what is incorrect. They do not know anything about trending search engine algorithm updates. They still follow the tracks which have been obsolete for more than 12 years now Its no surprise that these idiots still follow strategies that can do more harm to the business website than good. The spammy approach to SEO is not what Google expects in 2020. But these people still practice bulk link building which is considered spam by Google.

Google Panda and your SEO Firm

Google introduced its key algorithmic up-date with the name of Google Penguin which was introduced in April 2012. There was a lot of site in those days which were actually focusing on bulk link-building and were suffering from this upgrade. Google used to penalize websites with poor quality backlinks before also. The manual penalty was initially done by Google before Penguin. Back-link spam used to work like a charm for SEO’s earlier and hence they still followed it in the belief that it may work. It really is almost certain that if unethical methods are followed, then the web site will be 100% penalized. Google penalty can be resolved however an important point is that your SEO freelancer should know about this.

The biggest problem is your SEO company who will delete all of the emails in the search console for any penalty. You will struggle to understand the reason behind your ranking drops or website traffic drop due to this. I know that most people will say that they will change the digital marketing Company and sort this, but it will still be hard. Since you don’t have a full report from your SEO freelancer about the weblinks and work did.

Best 3 things to expect from a genuine SEO Expert

1)Focus on Content.

Focus on Strategy and not tactics. Search engine optimization is a long term investment decision.

If you are actually looking for short term quick results then probably you should go for Google Adwords. PPC will help you generate leads in no-time by placing your advertisement on page one of Google. Google Pay per click includes a significant display network also. White hat search engine optimization or Honest SEO is the proper approach to do search engine optimization. It uses a tactic that concentrates on end-users. On-page search engine optimization should be the major focus in 2020 where content is the king and website design is the queen. Our advice is actually to check if your current search engine optimization organization is actually carrying out a job on these on-site and technical SEO elements.

2)Smart Link Building

Links are generally the foundation for ranking on high competition keywords. public relations is the actual new search engine optimization in 2020. We recommend that you actually consult your SEO provider the way they are building backlinks for the web site. Backlinks reports in a spreadsheet file format should be checked every calendar month. It’s not the volume of links that often matters but the level of quality of link that has been developed. Finding a good website link is just like mining precious metal. It is hard to find websites who are ok to offer a link-back.

3) Trust only SEO Reports

When you work with a competent SEO Company then these people will always share regular reports for all on-site and off-site work completed on the website. All alterations should be documented in the reports about on-page SEO work should be noted in a report by your SEO Company|It would be great to have records in Google docs about on-site adjustments. I prefer Google docs due to real-time monitoring convenience. Records are generally essential to track the performance of any SEO strategy. Make sure that back-links reports are with you in a spreadsheet or Google sheets. The reports will be useful in the future to look into the live and dead backlinks.

My Last Suggestion

Most of the reputable SEO agency is very transparent in reporting. I feel very sorry about people who make a decision to work with an SEO firm based on just the pricing. You should think about an SEO firm as your marketing partner and hence you need to make a very sensible decision.

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