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Computers and Technology

How to solve Canon Error B203

Canon Inc is the best-known company for manufacturing imaging and optical devices. Canon manufactures a wide range of printers. Due to various designs and compatibility, Canon printers are compatible with home users as well as for business enterprises. Canon printers are known for their robust services. But there are few errors which you may face while using the Canon printer. Canon error B203 is a common Canon error that can appear due to various reasons. Most of the Canon errors appear due to any kind of runtime errors. Whenever you get any error while using your Canon printer; you should try resetting your printer. 

Common reasons behind Canon error B203:

  1. Your print-head get damaged or jammed
  2. You have recently updated your firmware which is conflicting with your Canon printer
  3. Your ink cartridge is running out of ink 
  4. The ink cartridge is not installed properly inside your printer
  5. Loose connection wires
  6. The issue in your WPS connection
  7. Your printer driver gets outdated

Along with the mentioned reasons, there are various other reasons for getting Canon error B203.

Troubleshooting Canon error B203

Provide a power reset

  1. While taking a print out, if you get Canon error B203 or Canon error code 5B00, you should immediately go for power reset.
  2. Turn off your printer
  3. Now pull off the printer power cord from the wall outlet
  4. Wait for a minute
  5. Now attach the power cord to the printer 
  6. Press the power button of the printer
  7. Turn on your computer and Canon printer

Now give a print command from your device and check whether your error gets fixed or not. 

Check the ink cartridge

Open the back door of your printer and remove the ink cartridge. Now check the ink level on the cartridges. If the ink is low or the cartridge is empty then you should replace the cartridge. Get a new Canon cartridge for your printer. If you buy any third party cartridge then it will affect your print quality. Low-quality cartridges can also damage your print-head. So, you must use high-quality cartridges on your printer. If you use your Canon printer for taking thousands of printouts per day then purchasing the cartridges every time can be very costly. When you buy a new cartridge; you dump the empty cartridge in the open which can be hazardous for the environment as it has carbon content. Another good method is refilling the ink. You can refill the ink in your cartridges. It will cost less than buying the cartridge. But you refill the cartridge very carefully as the ink has carbon content which is harmful to your lungs. After refilling the ink, make sure the lid is closed tightly otherwise the ink may spill inside the printer and cause damage. 

Check the connections

Your printer connections can also cause errors. Check all the cables from your printer. Check the USB and ensure that you are using a working USB cable on your printer. Try connecting another device with the USB cable; if no device is connecting then you are using a faulty USB cable. Use a new USB cable on your Canon printer. If you are using the wireless Canon printer then check the internet connection on your router. You should place your Canon printer near your router. Don’t forget to check the WPS pin of your router. If you are unable to take a printout with the wireless connection then try connecting the printer and PC via USB cable. If your canon printer printing blank pages then you should ask for technical help.

Check for paper jam 

You can get Canon error B203 when your printer is facing a paper jam. Paper jam in your Canon printer can occur when a chunk of paper or some junk gets stuck inside the printer. You have to remove the paper chunk for troubleshooting your error. Open the cartridge door and check for the junk. Remove the junk from your printer. Check your printer roller as sometimes roller draws multiple pages which causes an error. 

Run Windows Troubleshooter

If you are unable to identify the error then try using the Windows Troubleshooter. Windows provides an inbuilt tool that scans and fixes your issues. When you get the error code on your screen; click on Help. Hit the Run Troubleshooter button and this tool will start scanning. This tool will resolve the error automatically. But if your Windows troubleshooter is unable to fix the error then you should ask for technical help.

Update your printer driver

The printer driver is a bridge between the Canon printer and the commanding device (computer). When you give a print command from your PC; this printer driver tells the command to the printer. But if the printer driver gets corrupted or outdated then it will show issues. You must update or restore the corruptions on your printer driver for fixing the error.

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