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Kids and Teens

How to Take Care of Difficult to Feed Children

The baby liked carrot puree very much today, but he didn’t even touch it the next day. Take care of difficult to feed children he often didn’t cooperate when feeding, pushed the spoon away, closed his mouth, spit out the food; Always begging children to eat?

If so, don’t worry too much. About half of the children are considered “picky eaters”, “not eating well”, “difficult to raise” and “difficult to feed” by their parents, so similar situations often occur in other families.

Is that child a picky eater? Is there any problem with the child? What can parents do?

difficult to feed children

In fact, these cases and does not necessarily mean the baby fussy. There may be many reasons: he is full; he may be growing teeth; food allergies; bad mood; some infections and discomfort; he is not ready to eat solid food, or even for no reason.

In this case difficult to feed children, try the following methods, or consult a pediatrician

Avoid forcing your child to turn his head and push away the spoon when he receives a feeding. This is to tell you clearly that he is full, even if he seems to be eating very little. If you ignore these signs and force him to eat, it may associate eating with emotions such as nervousness and unhappiness, which will make eating more picky and uncooperative in the future.

Try different foods for your children

Babies also have preferences, liquids, solid foods, soft foods, finger biscuits… all have their own advantages. Give your children a variety of choices. As long as they are healthy foods, give them the chance to try, and they will gradually get used to it and love it.

Note meal rhythm infant feeding speed of the rhythm is different, eat some fast, some slow. When parents feed, they can adjust, slow down, or speed up feeding, and try to see if there is any improvement.

Avoid distractions while eating food in the center of gravity, the meal, avoid all other distractions, turn off the TV, take away toys, books, help children focus on one thing: to eat.

Reasonable control of mealtime eating should not be too hasty, but do not exceed 20-30 minutes.

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Did the child touch the new food? 

For never eaten new foods, parents may not eat, the child is the same. You can let him touch and perceive it first to reduce the sense of strangeness.

Follow the child’s own “feeding” schedule most babies begin to accept between 4-6 months of solid food, some earlier, Kumkum Bhagya some of these delays, the compliance time your baby’s own rhythm, so the success rate of children receiving food higher.

Let the children participate together about nine months of age when the children are interested in eating. It may mess up the table and the food, it doesn’t matter, this is the only way for children to grow up.

About 1 year old is a natural reduction in consumption of nearly 1 year old, the baby’s growth tends to slow demand for the same caloric intake also reduced accordingly, so eating will be reduced some.

Keep trying

 Some babies need 8-10 times, or even as many as 15 times to try new food, so don’t be discouraged, as long as you don’t have allergies, you can keep trying.

Do not despair

Do not be angry parents emotional reaction will cause the child to feel. Don’t be angry, don’t be depressed, give a relaxed atmosphere, and give children more opportunities to accept and adapt to food, Kundali Bhagya

Understand the role of child-meal your child decide what to eat and how much to eat.

When the child gains weight and grows well, he eats healthy food, baba and hemp, give you this explanation, you don’t need to worry too much.

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