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How to Teach Children to Write a Thesis Statement with Examples

A thesis statement is like a lawyer’s arguments in a court: they are ways to see the validity of an opinion based on evidence. By using MPhil Thesis Help online, students can get an idea of writing a good thesis statement. 

Complete thesis or research paper should be write up in a clear and easy understandable sentences. However, it might be concerning at this moment but will mean nothing later except making you learn how to be precise and on-point. The MPhil thesis is the gateway to the student’s future opportunities. Therefore, the more accurate and quicker they are for beginners writing the thesis statement, the better your implementation will be for the complete thesis.

How to write a good thesis statement 

A good thesis statement takes time to get right. It is advised that while developing the idea, children should be taught to be clear about what they are seeking to offer the reader through their thesis statement. They need to learn to emphasize the clarity of their expression and validity of their arguments. 

    • Do not waste effort in stress. 
    • Be clear about the ideas, arguments, and evidence. 
    • The fear is of shooting down the idea or for the first time the individual needs to build and forecast his/her professional learning through this thesis. 
    • The writer needs to be creative and cannot use the existent facts. Writing the thesis statement would lead to developing the ownership towards any content that is entirely your brainchild. 

Below listed tips will help in better structuring and writing the thesis statement for the young learners:

Think-out-of-the Box: 

Children need to be told to think in original ways. Going conventional and bringing similar content to the advisors will not get them a standing ovation. Always repeat or re-read what they are writing and how they may want to introduce an entirely new concept, but of course, the idea is not only innovative but also practical.

The writer shall jot down the main points of the thesis and ponder on them, having few questions in mind, such, as is it doable? Is it relevant? Is it catchy? Does it serve the purpose? If the thesis statement can answer all these questions, the next step is to begin structuring the thesis statement.

 1. Complete the Research First 

You have to know the students needs and their important which is an essence of topics background. It’s not that you may jumping on writing up the thesis statement as soon as you receive the case for the MPhil thesis. Instead, it is advised to gather all the research and go through the study in detail.

Once the writer has all the necessary information and relevant search to be used for writing the dissertation, the writer shall begin planning to write the thesis statement. Of course, the thesis statement is only successful if the writer has clarity about the main idea of the thesis. The selection of the vocabulary could be a thesaurus job, but getting the main idea and going through the inception phase is the excellent ordeal for which an MPhil student prepares himself.

2. Thesis Statement is Argumentative: 

Young learners should be taught to present their points in an argumentative manner. The confrontational or debatable thesis statement will develop the readers’ interest that the thesis is leading to something very interesting and critical.

 Criticality is the key to develop an informative writing piece. The thesis statement is the punch line and will help you in structuring your argument for a better and logical paper structure. 

Examples of thesis statements for young learners 

Teaching how to write a thesis statement could be a simple thing to do. However, it is critical to establish as every reader comes up with different perceptions and the urge to present their inner Michael Angelo painting the spirit of thesis and translating the thoughts into a current domain. A thesis statement could be exciting and could be a statement only; it all depends upon the writer’s approach. 


Example-1: Argumentative Thesis:

Your thesis statement shall be strong enough to stand as the base for the complete dissertation for argumentative thesis. The main aim of this thesis statement is to convince the reader about logical reasoning and evidence-based reasoning.

Let’s suppose the below listed is a weak thesis statement:

The Saudi Arab government shall invest in sustainable projects.”

The above statement does hold the knowledge but does not specify the domain and can be taken as a general statement. However, the information listed below is improved and specifies the task:

“The Saudi government shall invest in implementing sustainable activities in the manufacturing sector to propose a green vision of the Saudi community.”

Example -2: Expository Thesis:

For the expository thesis, one needs to explain the main idea and not have to generate any new logic. For the expository thesis statement, the writer shall explain all the critical aspects that the writer may like to mention in the thesis statement. 

Weak Thesis Statement:

Braille is an essential invention of 19th century.”

Better Thesis Statement:

Braille transformed the lives of people who could not see and could further assist better educational prospects.

Example-3: Analytical Thesis:

Type of thesis statement which is use for analyzing the aspect. The thesis statement shall reflect the analytical ability of the writer to remember their side of opinion. 

Weak Analytical Thesis Statement:

Brexit shows the weak side of bilateral relations.

Improved Analytical Statement:

Brexit has shown the need for change in the international reforms to contribute towards the economic and national growth of the UK and Europe.

Thesis statement is trim as per nature, The reader reading the thesis statement will immediately identify the context of the theory and develop its perception accordingly. The customized thesis statements are the key to the successful rating of a thesis. 

Thesis Statements Essence:

Thesis statements which is essential parts of any research papers, young learners should need to be taught that how to write them correctly improving which is very critical. skills and research matters by teaching them to think out of the enhancing and box their background research skillful about a topic, they can be given the tools they need to become successful critical thinkers and thesis statement writers. 


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