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Computers and Technology

How to use a video interview to improve your chances of hiring the best candidates


Hiring the best candidates is a challenge for every employer. The good news is that a video interview can help you hire top talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional interviews. What you need to know about using a video interview in your employment process is provided here.

Make the video interview experience excellent

  • Candidates will want to see themselves in your video interview, so it’s important that you have good lighting in the room where they are interviewing. You can use a lamp or light box to help them see themselves clearly on camera, or you could even place an iPad or smartphone on top of a tripod so that it’s easier for them to see themselves on screen while talking with other candidates.
  • Use a webcam with a microphone and earphones/headphones if possible (and affordable). These tools will allow candidates who aren’t comfortable speaking into their hands-free devices during an interview not only to feel more comfortable but also to ensure better sound quality overall!
  • Create a quiet location where both parties can speak freely without being interrupted by others nearby this includes distractions such as cellphones ringing off-screen which may cause interruptions during some parts of each conversation due – especially if there’s another person nearby trying unsuccessfully not to look away from their own phone screen while still listening attentively!”

Candidates can record when it’s most convenient for them.

You can also use video interviews to help your candidates record when it’s most convenient for them. If a candidate has a busy schedule, they may want to take advantage of the time they have available without having to worry about editing and uploading their video later on.

In addition, if you’re looking for someone who can work remotely or in another location, this is another great way to ensure that the candidate is willing and able to do so and not just because you’re getting picky about where we live (which I’m sure we all are).

Tip: Candidates should review their videos before submitting them! This will allow them an opportunity not only to look over what they’ve produced but also to make sure everything looks good enough that it might actually be worth showing off!

Ask candidates the right questions and watch how they answer.

When you’re asking interview questions, it’s important to ask the right ones. That means:

  • Ensure that they are neither overly general nor detailed and are appropriate to the position. If a candidate isn’t interested in working on your project and doesn’t know much about it, then he or she probably won’t be able to answer your questions accurately.
  • Try not to ask too many questions that are difficult for candidates or don’t have any impact on their future success at your company (like asking them what their favorite color is). If someone can’t give an example of how his or her skills could help solve problems related specifically to this position, then there’s no point in continuing with the interview process you’ll waste time that could better be spent hiring someone else!

Evaluate candidates quickly and fairly with a rubric-based scoring system.

Once you’ve identified the best candidates, it’s time to evaluate them. You’ll want to create a rubric that helps you score candidates quickly and fairly. A rubric is a standardized method of grading students, faculty members, and employees based on their performance in certain areas. The most common rubrics include letter grades (A-F) or numbers like GPA or SAT scores, however, there are other options available if your school doesn’t use these traditional methods.

You may want to run your own version of this type of evaluation process on paper as well as online so that all involved can see how they measure up against each other including yourself! This will provide some valuable insight into where improvements might be needed going forward because everyone understands exactly what they need improvement in order for themselves personally at work before moving forward with hiring decisions later down the line when someone else takes over those duties.”

Examine an infinite number of candidates simultaneously

You can use a rubric to score each candidate and then rank them on the most important criteria. This will help you find the best candidate for the job, while also giving you a way to make sure they have the right skills and experience for your team.

The final step: Use video interviews! Video interviews are becoming more popular as hiring managers realize that they provide more information than traditional face-to-face interviews or online assessments combined.

Score candidates based on both skill and culture.

It’s important to score candidates based on both skill and culture. This will help you determine which candidates are most likely to fit your team, both at that specific moment in time and over the long term.

A rubric can provide a framework for evaluating candidates by breaking down their strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits into categories such as “knowledgeable” or “open-minded.” You can also include questions related to your company values for example: “How would you describe yourself?” or “What skills do you have that make it easy for others around you?”

Learn more about AI in video interviews.

Video interviews are a great way to assess your company’s culture, as well as the candidate’s level of fit. However, there are a few steps you must do in advance if you want to ensure that AI can assist you with all of this.

First and foremost: test your current hiring process on artificial intelligence (AI). If it doesn’t work for them and it might not then don’t rely on those tests for future hires. They may have been created in good faith but they don’t factor in all the variables that could affect how an employee will perform online or off-site during an interview session.

Secondly: ask yourself if you’re using enough data. Do some research into what kinds of questions would best predict future performance at work based on past experience with similar employees, this will help inform whether or not artificial intelligence systems would be able to meet those needs effectively enough without any manual intervention from human beings behind closed doors during each roundtable meeting scheduled throughout their working day every weekday without fail!

Video interviews can help improve hiring accuracy and efficiency if done correctly.

Video interviews can be used to improve hiring accuracy and efficiency. If done correctly, these types of interviews are a great way to get to know a candidate better, assess their skill set, and determine if they fit the culture at your company.

Video interviewing is becoming more popular because it allows candidates to display what they’re really like in real life not just on paper or in an online application. This gives you an opportunity for insight into how well someone will work with others once hired as part of your team.

Use an online assessment tool to improve candidate experience and improve your chances of hiring the best candidates.

Online assessment is faster, more convenient, and less expensive than traditional assessments. They also offer better accuracy and reliability than traditional methods. This is particularly helpful when you need to make quick decisions about who should move forward in the hiring process.


An excellent technique to assess prospects and improve hiring accuracy is through a video interview. However, if you want to use them effectively, it’s important that you understand how they work and why they can be so helpful in your recruiting process.

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