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How To Use Tassels in Your Home Décor

Let’s just see what tassels are and what they are made of and their use in our daily life.

Tassels are the same as PomPon, where they are pieces tied to a ball on one end and hanging down from it on the other. Tassels often hang peacock feathers and some other decorative materials.

The word Tassel is of Persian origin and more specifically is a Turkish word for ‘hanging decoration’. We Dream of Stones deals with tassel beads jewelry online as well.

Where Did Tassels Come Into Frame?


Tassels first came into play through Early Buddhism, where it was used as a form of worship for the Buddha. Later on, it played an important role in Chinese ritualistic dance and was also used as decoration for military uniforms. It eventually made its way to Japan, where the art of Tassel making is highly respected. Tassels are now seen as an element in some martial arts; they can be used to strike several pressure points on the body. 

The word Tassel refers to a decorative hair ornament, usually made out of silk rope. It can take on many forms, but often the most common are two roughly circular pieces that hang down from a garland.

Tassels as a Weapon

Tassels are also for weapon making. In Kung Fu and some martial arts, it acts as a striking weapon, and some will leave the tassel at home before sparring. It is that the practitioner don’t practice with them for too long as it can become easy to sloppy or lose focus for some reason or another, like getting too comfortable with them in your hands.

Tassels For Home Décor

Tassels bead jewelry online, we provide you with those beautiful little loose threads on the end of a draping fabric or trim. And if you’ve been looking for an inexpensive and easy way to add some flair to your home decor, look no further than tassels! Whether it be pillows, curtains, upholstery – the options are endless. They come in a variety of colors and you can customize them with your favorite color and pattern.

Some Fringe and Tassel Home Decor Items Ranging From Classic to Modern

Tassels are great for adding pizzazz to other accents in your home. Hanging tassels from fabric pillows immediately draw attention to them. Paired with other fringe-adorned accent pillows, it makes a splashy look that’s still easy on the eyes. Fringe is also handy for decorating bedside tables. 

Fringe Decorative Pillow

The idea of a decorative pillow is simple enough. It’s a handy way to put an accent on your couch or bed that’s not bulky or heavy. But the great part about fringe as a decorating option is its versatility. While you might think of fringe as just a way to put an interesting twist on your sofa, you can use it to take your decorating ideas in a whole new direction. There are countless fringe throw pillows that you can buy from Dream of Stones, and they’re perfect for warming up a cold bedroom or drawing attention to a decorative table lamp.

Embroidered Border Curtain

Tired of the same old faux-wood paneling, a bit of white paint, and some beige fabric? If you’re looking for a way to set off your home without spending too much money, consider investing in an embroidered border curtain. They come in a variety of styles and designs that will add character to any room. 

A fancy design for your home that adds a sense of elegance and class. Embroidered borders and ruffles add a touch of color and detail to your window treatments. The material from tassels, which is a durable fabric that feels soft to the touch. 

This curtain is designed with two beautiful patterns (Floral or Geometric) in white on a black background. The pattern will never fade or wash away because the dye is into the fabric, it’s not on the top like other curtains.

Oahu Fringe Pendant

You don’t need to be a child to love tassels — we are still reveling in the joy of swirling, twirling, hanging tassels.

And because of this, we are all about the fringe! Tassels make an appearance all over Oahu—in clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, and interior design shops alike. Tassels add a touch of glamour, mystery, and intrigue to clothing and when used in jewelry, add a unique look to any outfit. Tassel earrings, tassel necklaces, even tassel bracelets are a fun way to dress up your look.

The Oahu Fringe Pendant is a classic piece of fringe. The string has been cut from the bottom up so the fringe hangs from the bottom instead of being wound around a bead or charm. The fringes are as long as the string allows but can be adjusted to your heart’s desire. The string passes through a hole so you can adjust the length.

Fringe Blanket

Blankets are always in fashion, but what makes this one special? The fringe. This particular blanket has wide, loose tassels that lay neatly on your bed. They have a soft feel to them and leave your sheets feeling fresh and free of tangles.

It serves two purposes: your personal bedding and a decorative piece to use as a table runner at special events.

The tassels beads jewelry online are available with us and we have some cotton or polyester yarn hangings, sewn together to hang loosely. 

Conveniently, this item can be of recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly as well as unique. There are no restrictions on the number of folds you can make in the blanket unless you choose to use more than one color for your tassels.

Canyon Fringe Hammock

Many hammocks are usually of simple, flat ropes with no frills. However, some hammocks can be of different types of material that are more in the spirit of camping or to protect your car’s seats in case you fall asleep on them.

Most hammock types require some ropes or cords to hold them together. It has the unusual feature of having ten tassels consistently through its core so it holds itself open with just two strings. Each end of the hammock has a loop that can tie to a tree, nail, etc. The tassels tie up to the loop end or as a place to hold a stick that holds up each side of the hammock.

Decorative Basket Pillowfort Natural

A decorative pillowfort along with tassels is the perfect project for those who want to put their crafting skills to use. The most popular decorating trend in recent years has been the decorative basket pillowfort. Comprising a wooden basket and an oversized, lace-trimmed cotton pillow, this design is perfect for any bedroom. The contemporary style makes it a great addition to any style of bedroom décor, from casual to modern or rustic chic. Plus, with its soft texture and cozy appeal, the basket pillowfort is quite comfortable and easy to use as an option to keep books and toys in it. Purchase tassels bead jewelry online for adding a different texture to your home decor.

Brass Ring Hanging Planter With Fringe

In the shape of a ring, this planter is unlike any you have ever seen before. No wonder this planter is a trendy home decor item. 

The Brass Ring Hanging Planter With Fringe is a great decoration for your home. You can place it on your window or your porch. Plant flowers, herbs, or scrubs into the planter to create a beautiful lush garden that will brighten up any dull space in your home. In addition to the beauty of this planter, it is also a practical option. 

It provides you with a wonderful look and also helps you store different sorts of ingredients that you would like to grow in your garden.

These all were a few home decor tassels products that are available online. Dream of stones also deals with tassel bead jewelry online. You can contact us at 6155890591 and talk with our experts for more details.


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