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How to Wear Polo Shirt: 4 Looks Tips

The men’s polo shirt is a well-known item among men, right? And since it became popular – going from tennis courts to the streets, in the 1930s – it has been part of the men’s wardrobe.

It is a timeless piece, suitable for different commitments and that can be incorporated into the look according to your style.

In addition to the possible combinations with the polo shirt, it is important to pay attention to some details that can make all the difference:

When trying on clothes, see if you have a gap of one to two fingers, so that the polo collar shirt is not stuck or too wide; the top rule also applies to the sleeve:

  • Prevent it from being super glued to your arm;
  • The buttons can be a thermometer of the effect you intend to give to the look: all closed present the idea of ​​more seriousness, and one or two open, leave the appearance more stripped;
  • Take into account the raw material: fabrics with a mixture of cotton and elastane, in addition to having greater durability, are more comfortable than the others;
  • Polos with minimalist logos and neutral colors are easier to match with several other outfits.

After these general tips, let’s see the looks inspirations?

1 Polo shirt with jeans

One classic!

White men’s polo shirt with light or dark jeans? Whatever! Both options look great. In fact, you will hardly be wrong if you wear jeans – regardless of tone – with a neutral colored polo shirt.

2 Polo shirt with chino pants

The combination of chino pants and polo shirt composes that look “I’m neat, but I’m style!”.

This type of garment changes the casual look we have with jeans, for example. Here you can invest in neutral colors in the pants too, going from khaki to black and taking care when contrasting colors.

3 Polo shirt with tailoring pants

Not all men feel comfortable wearing tailoring pants with the polo shirt, but it is worth trying, because the result is a look with a lot of style.

The pants with a good cut and the polo aligned to the body, is very elegant-chic-cool. Oh, and you can dare even more and put on a sneaker… it will be great!

4 Polo shirt with men’s shorts

This look has everything to do with summer and the parties that come with it! Male short estampado can be jeans, chino or twill.

Just be aware of the harmonization of colors and the length of the shorts: the ideal is that it does not exceed the beginning of the knee.

Accessories with polo shirt

You can use different types of accessories with these looks: belt, bracelet and necklace (always remembering to wear the necklace inside the polo, avoiding conflict with the buttons and the collar).

1 Bracelets and watch

The watch is the preferred accessory of men and is often worn alone. Our tip is to combine watch with bracelets. Leather, nylon or wooden beads, but it must match the watch model you are going to wear. This combo suits any style.

The combination of various bracelets has become so popular with the male audience that it is called wrist bracelet. This term is used to define the use of combinations of bracelets of various models and materials at the same time. This fashion was born in 2013 and continues today.

2 Backpack

Men’s canvas or synthetic backpacks are also on the rise. They bring that rustic urban look that shows off the ball. If you don’t get out of your boots and love a plaid flannel shirt, this one may be the perfect option for you.

Whether traveling, working or carrying your notebook, backpacks have become an essential accessory for the modern man. The models of backpacks are divided into three categories: Elegant, casual and rustic. Choose the model that matches your personality.

Do you want a piece that brings casualness to your look? You can invest in a men’s fabric backpack. There are more basic and bolder options. In addition to those of those models with mixtures of materials. The ideal is to buy one that best suits your style and personality.

3 Glasses

In addition to protecting your eyes, sunglasses can make you even more stylish. In Brazil there are plenty of sunny days (especially in the summer) so you can abuse the models. Choose the one that best suits your face and style. You can choose the Wayfarer style, round frame, d-frame (square), aviator or shield (single lens).

Since Wayfarer was created by Ray-Ban in 1952, it has become the most popular model in the world, being used by presidents, artists and millions of people everywhere. Due to its versatility, it never goes out of style. So much so that it stopped being a Ray-Ban model to become an industry genre, characterized by the slightly curved frame and clean design. Matches any look and occasion.

When we think of round glasses, the first image that comes to mind is John Lennon. But make no mistake. This vintage model has had a revival in recent years, with several different frame and lens options. If you like to dare, you can bet on it.

Here in Brazil people call it “square” or “rectangular”, because of its very straight lines and angles. In English people speak in D-Frame, because the lens frame resembles a letter “D” lying down. Models are usually large and more striking.

Aviator sunglasses need no introduction. It was created by Ray-Ban in 1937 to protect the eyes of pilots while flying. Hence its name. But the success was such that it ended up leaving the aviation niche to become popular all over the world. Its feature is the large lens, to protect the sun from any angle, usually with a thin metal frame.

4 Colorful (and fun) socks

Do you only have white, black and gray socks in your drawer? If your answer was positive, now is the time to abuse colorful and fun socks. Men’s fashion has greatly valued the feet, mainly due to the success of sneakers. Printed socks can be used in a variety of shapes and styles.

5 Necklaces and rings

Necklaces and rings are great accessories that work in many styles. It can be casual, chic or daring that they give personality. Many think that these props are exclusive to women, but they are wrong. You can use more than one necklace and combine pendants. Choose more pieces in silver or steel, they are more versatile.

The secret to not making mistakes in the accessory is to always use some reference or inspiration. Do a search or find someone you like the style on social media to follow. Keep an eye on our instagram @barbeariaseuelias, we will share more style tips like this.

7 Cap and hat

If you do a more street style, then the cap can be a good addition to your look, especially the models that have a straight brim. Monochromatic are high and plain with simple filigree are high.

Now, if you have a more necessaire hipster style, you can bet on a hat. My recommendation is not to wear a short brimmed hat – it makes you look like a boy band member from the 1990s – and give preference to medium or high brimmed hats.

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