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How We Can Send E-Checks With The Help Of QuickBooks Support

Whether you use a different electronic check processing service or use Intuit’s, QuickBooks Support enables you to register and process checks and send the appropriate receipts electronically to your customers. If your customers complete a signed authorization, allowing you to process one-time or recurring payments. You can also process paper checks electronically. So in this article, we read about how we can send E-Checks with the help of the QuickBooks Support.

What are the Benefits of E-Checks

Electronic checks cost less, which is why many institutions charge you less to deposit them in your account. In addition to the money you save on processing fees, you get the funds sooner, which helps improve your cash flow. Providing more payment options for your customers can increase sales. However, if you do not receive paper checks or then it checks to help prevent fraud. Because eChecks are electronic and they provide you better services and recognize bad checks almost instantly Based on Intuit’s facts on electronic checks, federal regulations require that you inform your customers when you switch from paper processing to electronic checks. You must also provide a take-away version of that notice.

E-Check Services

QuickBooks Support offers an eCheck processing service, but there are others online to choose from as well. Choose a reputable company whose rates and rate programs work well with your business. If you choose a web processor then you make sure it works on the OS of your company’s computers, as well as the web browser of your choice.

Signed Authorizations

Signed authorizations allow you to have customer pre-approval to process eChecks without your customer on the mobile and in front of you.  So you can create your forms and letters using the language of the QuickBooks Support. However, first, make sure you have a signed copy of the letter on file or data and follow the payment described in it. So that if a dispute arises with the customer, you are protected.

How To Record E-Check With The Help Of QuickBooks Support

From the home page first, click on the Sales Receipt. If you are selling an item without an invoice, then you can click on the Receive payments. After that fill all the fields as you easily would you then check the eCheck under the Payment method. However, Now you can click on the Save and Close button. If you are using the Intuit ECheck service, please log in to the Intuit Payment Processing website. In the Process eCheck Transaction window, enter the customer’s phone number, path, and account numbers and select the account type. Then you can check the box indicating that you have a sign in and authorization and click the submit button. When the funds go into your bank account, be sure to make a deposit for this eCheck.


Now that you are set up in QuickBooks Online Accountant and are familiar with the resources available, we hope you are ready to deliver an amazing QuickBooks Online experience for your students. If you need additional help getting started please visit our QuickBooks support page and you can call us at +1-877-343-9333.


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