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How Yoga Does Enhances Your Life?

The word yoga has been derived from the term “Yuji”, which means yoke or union. Yoga is one of the ancient practices that bring your mind and body together. It integrates breathing exercises, poses and meditation that have been designed for encouraging relaxation and decreasing stress.

Yoga is often limited to poses or some asana, and its benefits are only observed at the physical level. But in reality, we fail to realize the vast advantages that yoga offers in developing bonds among body, mind, and breath. When you are in coherence, your life journey is calm, happy as well as fulfilling. Practicing yoga regularly offers you benefits both mentally as well as physically. But yes, it is true that all those benefits are not supported by science.

So, if you are very much interested in losing some weight, developing a flexible as well as a solid body, or want to be in peace to enhance the quality of your life, then yoga can assist you in achieving all. A 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the course that teaches you different yoga postures and asana that enhance your life quality.

Have a look at different ways in which yoga can help in enhancing your life:

  • Your stress level is reduced:

Don’t you like to have less stress? Yoga helps in reducing the physical impact of stress on your body by promoting relaxation and deep breathing practices, yoga assists to lower the stress hormone level that is cortisol. Some of the related benefits include decreasing blood pressure and heart rate, enhancing digestion, and immunity-boosting. It also assists in easing the symptoms of some other conditions like depression, insomnia, anxiety, and asthma.


  • You will have a better feeling with your body:

Yoga eases your pain. Whoever practices yoga knows it better, and research has shown that people practicing yoga have seen a great reduction in pain because of conditions like cancer, auto-immune disease, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension. Yoga also assists in enhancing body alignment that results in a better posture and helps relieve neck, muscle, and back issues. When there is a better feeling in our bodies, we can live life to the fullest. When we feel good, it is like the entire world is celebrating with us.


  • You will breathe better:

Yoga taught us how to take slow and deep breaths that enhance lung function, increase the relaxation response of our body and enhance the amount of oxygen available for our body. In moments when you require a deep breath, you are more likely to do slow down and breathe.


  • Increased flexibility:

Yoga assists us in improving our flexibility and enhancing mobility. Regular practicing of yoga poses and asana enhances the range of movement and decreases nagging aches and pains. Many people utilize lack of flexibility as one of the excuses for not doing yoga. It does not matter if you cannot touch toes in your first class of yoga. That’s the exact reason why you need yoga. Slowly with constant practice, you start using the right muscles, and with time, ligaments, muscles, and tendons lengthen, enhancing elasticity and helping make yoga pose possible. Body flexibility leads to more openness in mind, for which we become less rigid, opinionated, and more inclined towards going with the flow.


  • You will be more robust:

Yoga poses and asana incorporate each muscle of your body, thereby assisting to enhance the strength from head to toe. Not only does yoga strengthen your body, you will see that your mental health also improves. There are many yoga poses that counteract insomnia, and with regular yoga practice, you will start feeling more alive. The vitality that exists within us becomes more and more potent every time we get on your mat.


  • Easy to shed some weight:

Even some of the yoga pose that are less vigorous helps in your weight controlling efforts. It assists in burning some of your extra calories and decreasing the level of cortisol. If you are not looking for losing weight, some of the yoga poses stimulate the thyroid gland and also your parathyroid gland enhancing your metabolism. Yoga also helps in encouraging healthy eating habits and offers a good sense of self-esteem and well-being. An advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh impacts the deeper knowledge in the course.


  • Your cardiovascular health improves:

Even some of the gentle yoga practices offer you cardiovascular advantages by reducing the resting heart rate, enhancing endurance, and enhancing your oxygen up-taking capacity at the time of exercise. Some of the more vigorous vinyasa yoga helps your heart to keep on functioning better and also enhances stamina. Yoga assists in improving your blood circulation so that your body will effectively oxygenate the supply of blood, thereby making every cell in your body healthier.


  • You can focus more:

Yoga assists you to concentrate more at your present moment and become more aware of your body as well as your breath. When you direct your attention to each breath and each movement, you start deepening your concentration, enhancing coordination and capability to balance, reaction and memory. When you become more present, you start becoming more adaptable and less reactive. Living entirely in the present moment is highly empowering as well as liberating. It is highly recommended to unlock this powerful gift.


  • You become closer to your inner peace:

Yoga causes the union of your mind, spirit, and body. Yoga practices, especially the meditative aspects, helps in reaching a deeper, meaningful, and satisfying place in your life. Many people who start practicing for several other reasons reported being an important reason that yoga is an important part of their daily lives.


  • You will be a nice person:

Even if you do yoga only once in a few days and even though you find it very difficult to drop everything from your mind while practicing yoga, benefits will definitely come to you. Think of yourself as being less stressed, high flexible, mentally strong at optimum body weight with enhanced stamina and posture. You will be able to focus more and with a strong sense of clarity and inner calm.


  • Your sleep quality enhances:

Some of the researches have shown that yoga helps in improving your quality of sleep. Some of the special yoga breathing and sleep techniques are now being considered as ways for treating sleep disorders and some people with nightmares because of post-traumatic stress disorder. In general, yoga practices helps in calming your mind before you go to bed. It leads to a good night’s sleep that is required for good mental health as well as memory.


  • Helps in increasing your body immunity:

Yoga and meditation help in decreasing inflammation and give a boost to your body’s immunity against some of the diseases. It is because yoga benefits your body in producing some of the infection-fighting cells and decreases inflammation.

Yoga is not a cure for all diseases, nor should you think of it as a replacement for medical treatment. But by reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing sleep, yoga makes people happy as well as self-aware. It has also been found that people who have practiced yoga for many years are kind and compassionate. And have a happy and good lifestyle.

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