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Ideas to wear sarees elegantly for plus size women


Sarees have been in our tradition for as long as we remember, the colors, prints, textures, and fabrics available make them more appealing than any other outfit. As it is said, a woman looks the most beautiful in a saree, and no one can deny this.

Sarees are the traditional outfit that keeps on adapting the modern fashion trends with time and has never disappointed anyone, be it from traditional kanjeevaram saree to modern ruffled they come in every variety and color for you to choose from.

You should choose a saree to match your complexion,  size, and the fabric which suits you well. Women with thinner and slimmer bodies look elegant and beautiful in sarees the most as sarees highlight all the right curves making them graceful but which makes the plus-size woman feel a little inferior.

But in this era where everyone can do whatever makes them feel comfortable and happy, plus-size women have got a chance to flaunt their grace too, with the right kind of saree and add-ons they can be the show-stealer too. 


Sarees are 5 to 9 years long unstitched fabric, which you’ll find in every other shop on Indian streets, and with vivid colors and a wide array of choices, you can find your ideal wear sooner than you plan on. 


Every woman wants to be called thin and in shape, it doesn’t matter if you are plus-size or not. You’ll find many who are not bothered by what people say about them, but you’ll find the majority who do feel inferior when people talk about them. wholesale sarees All they feel is to do something about it, but do they know how? No. 




Everyone is really beautiful in one way or another, and if you are not blessed with a thinner, slimmer, and beautiful body, you can choose clothes that will make you look a bit thinner and not bulky.

If they crack and wear the outfits in such a way they might be the center of attention in a mesmerizing way. Here are a few things which if you follow religiously and every day, they might become a part of your nature.


  • What you are avoiding can be avoided only if the saree you are draping is draped in a neat manner, untidy draped saree will make you bulkier. 
  • Avoid stiff materials as they will make you look fuller, try wearing fabrics that are comfortably draped. 
  • Prefer smaller prints rather than bigger ones.
  • Try experimenting with blouses as they will give you a different look every time you wear the same saree. 
  • Get your blouses to have boat necklines or sweetheart styles. They’ll suit you well, avoid collars.
  • Keep your blouses simple as embroidered or heavily embellished blouses will make you look broader.



Cape used to be in trend for a longer period and then vanished, but now they are back with more elegance. Cape is a traditional add-on with a modern touch that when worn can make you look graceful and beautiful.

A perfect way to wear a cape is to wear a solid color saree with a sleeveless blouse and add full sleeves embroidered or bright print capes over it.

The cape can be on the net too. daily wear sarees Capes help you hide your shoulder fat, if your cape and blouse both have short sleeves you can wear bangles to elevate your look.



Wearing a simple saree with a blouse having ruffles can make you the talk of the town and can help you make people realize ruffles were never, no for plus size. 



For the brides, a saree with golden embroidery in a decent way can be a perfect wedding attire, as Indian sarees have been an official wedding attire for years. Not the heavier fabric like silk but saree is lightweight like chiffons with thin borders, subtle makeup, and a hairdo can help you get your perfect bridal look. 



If you are wearing a saree that is making you look bulkier, instead of changing the whole attire add a belt. A thinner belt can make you look stylish and beautiful.



If you find nothing to wear, try wearing the basic traditional outfit, a bright-colored saree with a subtle color blouse, winged eyeliner, and a beautiful bun is all you’ll need for your festive look. 



If you have to attend any formal meeting or planning to wear a saree at your office, a simple geometric darker shade saree will work well, choosing a simple printed blouse with a dark-colored saree is everything you need. A basic liner and lipstick makeup will complete your look.

The most effective method to Wear A Saree For Plus Size-Women in the East are a flat out saree darling. This hung dress looks extremely exquisite and wonderful whenever conveyed and worn the correct way.

Notwithstanding, larger measured ladies feel that they some way or another can’t pull this look the correct way. All things considered, we can disprove them as they can look bewitching in a saree.

Continuously wrap the saree in a perfect and clean way, in light of the fact that a cumbersomely hung saree can make you look fat regardless

what texture is utilized. We additionally suggest that you look at these Most Elegant Saree Designs.
Ensure that the material of fabric you use is in every case right. A solid fabric will make you look overweight, hence it isn’t suggested.

Stay away from huge prints and consistently settle on more modest prints.
Attempt to go for dull varieties rather than light tones as they shape the body.

To Do Tricks

You can likewise mess with the kind of pullover. Various types of shirts can give you something else entirely even with a similar saree.

One extraordinary tip is to ease off of the boundary/pallu of your saree. Meager lines are great for breathtaking ladies as they just layout your outfit.

Try not to wear pullovers that have boycott collars and so forth. Go for a darling neck area or boat necks.

Try not to wear pullovers that are vigorously adorned as they will make you look more extensive.

Cape over a saree is something to current yet conventional. You can add a cape to your saree to give it an entirely different look.

You will clearly leave individuals in wonderment in such a styling. The principal method for hanging your saree with cape is to wear one strong hued saree like this water silk saree with brilliant boundaries.

Go for a skin-hued skin edited sleeveless pullover. Simply wear a wonderful brilliant net cape will full sleeves over it for last little detail. The best thing about the capes is that they conceal your shoulder fat. Besides, they are praiseworthy for ladies who need to evaluate something else rather than a dupatta.

One more astounding method for adding interest in your saree is to wear a strong green saree and wear a cape of a comparable shade over the shirt. You can add a few silver or brilliant linings to the cape to raise the look.

With your cape and pullover having short sleeves, you can undoubtedly embellish your look by wearing brilliant bangles. Add jhumkas in your ears and fix your hair. You are adequate to go to any occasion now.


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