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Impact of COVID-19 on Gaming Industry

Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, through which the cancelation of sports leagues and gaming events has been getting much of the attention. Sports betting was always known for engaging a large number of audiences but the scenario of the gaming industry has changed as sports businesses are witnessing a major downfall.

Effect of COVID-19 on Gaming Events

COVID-19 pandemic has affected life around the globe, and that covers a wide area of the gaming industry as well. The year 2020 was filled with the expectation of many more states to legalize sports betting. But silencing of major sports events has made gaming owners think of some other uncertain plans. Here is a  list of all current gaming events canceled, postponed, or otherwise affected because of the coronavirus:

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  • NBA and NHL seasons got canceled.
  • Legends Championship Series (LCS) and League of Legends European Championship (LEC) have announced they will continue with no spectators.
  • The Call of Duty League has been canceled
  • NCAA women’s and men’s basketball tournaments got suspended

Along with the US, multiple sports events have been canceled or postponed, due to COVID-19. In recent weeks all major sporting events have been canceled that leave the online sports bettors with some minimal options to bet on. Here are the major sports events that have been canceled are as follows:

  • German Open got suspended
  • Swiss Open About to have Happened in Basel Cancelled
  • Game developers conference postponed
  • League of Legends Champions Korea, along with PUBG, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and tournaments have either been postponed or canceled.
  • EuroLeague canceled
  • Moscow’s European Championship Cancelled
  • April’s Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 9 World Championship has been canceled
  • UAE Tour got canceled
  • World Cup Finals to be held in Las Vegas suspended
  • Above mentioned are just some but there is a long list of gaming events that have been either canceled or postponed with a motive to stay safe from COVID-19.

Recently Global Esports Market Report doesn’t include any impact that the outbreak has had on the ESPORTS. In the excessive downfall of the iGaming industry, businesses need to find a better alternative to keep their audience engaged. As per the new situation with a lack of real sporting events, it drove more players to esports. One of the greatest benefits of esports is that it can be played without the physical co-location of participants. Naturally, with the quarantine leading more people to spend time at home, esports businesses can take advantage of it.

Esports can be the best alternative during COVID19 Pandemic

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  • As global sports events have been frozen for the upcoming few weeks, there are no chances of MLB, NBA or any other national leagues going to be held. But despite the coronavirus ESPORTS still getting stronger.
  • Esports is a compelling alternative in the era of social distancing for professional athletes.
  • As sports television networks lose money from advertisers, an alluring business opportunity is ahead for the esports to engage new audiences.
  • Unlike sports like Hockey and Basketball, the esports industry encourages social distancing.
  • As per the current scenario the iGaming industry turning its wheel from hybrid online to all online stream events that can be a chance for esports owners to enhance their revenue.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) is encouraging people to stay at home and play online games and that can be a better opportunity for esports entrepreneurs to enhance their revenue.
Here are some benefits that can be availed by esports businesses
  • As per an industry expert, in the current scenario, there will be around 55,000 professional esports competition expected that creates better opportunities for esports entrepreneurs.
  • With a reduction in both merchandise and ticketing revenue streams, esports can be the best alternative for the entrepreneurs.
  • Due to the cancelation of global sports events, you may lose your gaming industry customers but for retaining your existing customers you can opt for exciting options of eSports and engage your customers.
  • Esports is a combination of competition, social distancing, and action that can increase the number of new customers and it also gives opportunities to business entrepreneurs.
  • Esports can allow offering entertainment, competitiveness, and adventure to customers and punters may also get the opportunity to stay engaged.

What options can you use in esports?

    • Esports Tournament Website:

You can develop an esports tournament website where players can find various esports tournament formats and can organize their tournament too. You can opt for a feature-rich esports platform that covers all major esports leagues coverage, streaming software integration, tournament chats, multiple bet types, unlimited betting markets and much more.

    • Esports Tournament Management Platform:

Esports tournament management platform allows you to manage gameplay of different players for a single platform.

    • Fantasy Esports Software:

Fantasy esports software is a combination of fantasy sports and esports.  Fantasy esports software is developed by covering all the features that offer the exact feel of playing in the real gaming experience to your players.

    • White Label Esports Betting Platform:

Our white label esports tournament software plays major eSports games and leagues that give choices to your customers to choose leagues as per their choice.

Esports as a Rescue

Several esports leagues that have enhanced their visibility over the last decades are continuing through making a return to online roots. Due to COVID-19, the game industry is affected. But the influencers and competitions are returning to the roots of the industry and streaming, allowing fans stuck at home easy access to a constant flow of entertainment. Esports gives a chance of broadening their audience and engaging the crowd that was previously preferring to watch NCAA basketball tournaments, NBA and many more.

With the cancellation of live events, it has impacted some aspects of the fan experiences and traditional sports get affected but esports do not much affect. The broadcast of esports majorly focuses on online audiences. As per certain industry researches, online audiences are growing rapidly as much of the people are home locked due to coronavirus.

Esports is an online world of Entertainment

The economy driven by the COVID-19 outbreak not only promoted online shopping but also boosted esports and live webcasts. Thus, there is a better opportunity for esports businesses to expand or launch their esports business and expand their customers. As the number of sports events got canceled, it gives opportunities to the audience to check out the esports games and platforms.  Esports businesses also get the opportunity to expand their revenue share in the market.

 You can get started your esports business through an ultra-modern esports software development provider with all appropriate features and games for your audience.  For such advanced esports software, you can rely on GammaStack, as one of the most leading and trusted names in the esports software industry.

GammaStack offers esports platform indispensable features for engaging users on your platform. GammaStack is a perfect helping hand in bringing your esports experience into reality. Our team of experts delivers the best solution that can enhance your revenue generation. To keep your business unaffected from COVID-19, you can try our esports offering along with online casinos, sports betting, fantasy esports, etc. that will surely contribute to your business and also enhance the retention rate of your existing clients.

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