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Health and Fitness

Important Facts About Muscle Recovery and Weight Lifting

No one gets success easily. Hard work is necessary, and there is no short cut to it. But sometimes, working too hard proves to be damaging to your health. And this is particular for bodybuilders and weightlifters. The main thing is to find balance. You need to plan and schedule how much you can work out during the week and how many rest days you need.

All of this depends on your diet, along with your experience level. Those who are more experienced and have been working out have more stamina. As a general rule, your muscles need about 24 hours of recovery time after you have worked out.

Now, let’s take a look at what happens with our body, particularly muscles:

Damage to Muscles

When you work out, the body tends to wear down. And the body has to repair and build itself after every session. It might come as a surprise to some, but workouts damage your body a bit too. When you lift weights, the muscles suffer due to small tears. And the body has to recover from these tears. But workouts make you stronger as well. And by the time you recover and have your next session, you come out a lot stronger.

Inflamed Muscles

More blood is required by the muscles for effective recovery. And this is how the body responds to the damaged tissues and sends nutrients to that area. This occurrence is called inflammation. Inflammation can be painful sometimes. But the body needs it to recover from the workout. The muscles tend to reach the highest of their inflammation levels, about 24 to 48 hours after a workout. And this tends to wear off, gradually.

This is why it is recommended never to focus on the same muscles within 24 hours of working on them. This way, they get the time they need to rebuild and recover.

Muscle Repair uses Protein

After working out, the body tends to go in a workout mode. The body starts to make protein from the amino acids present in the bloodstreams. The amino acids shape into new muscle tissue. The body utilizes them to replaces the older and damaged muscles. The regeneration process proceeds at a slow pace unless you attempt to speed it up with a workout.

Eccentric exercise could be damaging

There are two portions of weight-lifting. Eccentric and concentric. Your act of lifting weight is the concentric portion, and when you put it back, it is the eccentric portion. Both possess their beneficial characteristics for muscle growth, but the eccentric portion tends to be damaging to your muscles.

Here is what can be done:

Take Rest in Between


For adults, experts recommend lifting weights about 2-3 times per week. And that too, while doing full-body workouts. This way, you have 1-2 days in between for your muscles to recover. This perfectly aligns with the 24-hour rule. And as you begin to progress, it might not be enough. And to make your workout intense, you might need to add days. Also, to prevent being repetitive, you would have to split the body parts according to the exercise.

This is what you can do is that work on the upper body one day and assign the next day for the lower body. When you switch between the two, this will give 48 hours for each of the muscle groups. This way, you can easily focus your energy on a fewer number of body parts.

Screen your Workout Volume

The workout volume impacts your recovery time. All you have to do is use the weight you are working out with and multiply it by the number of reps and sets. The more you work out, the longer you need to recover. Gradually, as your body becomes accustomed to it, the recovery times reduce.

Nutrition Affects Muscle Recovery

Nutrition greatly impacts the amount of time you need for muscle recovery. And whatever you consume during and after the workout could affect the muscle recovery, increasing or decreasing it. Amino acids make up muscles, and your body acquires these from what you eat in your diet or via supplements.

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