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India microbrewery Experience

In a nascent Indian craft beer space, there’s a lot brewing within. Though craft beer accounts for just 2 to 3% of the $7 billion Indian beer market, sales are growing at 20% yearly nonetheless. Comparatively, the sales growth in the US, the hotbed of the craft beer boom, is 5 to 7%. 

Millennials primarily power the growth in India with more evolved palates. They are ditching Kingfisher, Carlsberg and other mass brewed options in favour of the more authentic and premium experience associated with craft beer. Also, there’s a set of millennials who are stuck with conventional serves for taste or emotional reasons but try out craft brews as well. Craft beer geeks are concentrated in urban India only, but their population is increasing.  

With the industry gearing up to tap the newfound market, we see craft breweries mushrooming across all urban centres. Think international brands, and local small, mini and microbreweries, India fosters them all, spoiling local beer aficionados for choice in craft beer styles and flavours. Bangalore with over 50 brewpubs has strongly emerged in the Indian craft beer space, while other cosmopolitans, including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Chennai are catching up fast.  

Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) Bangalore is credited with pioneering the craft beer revolution in India. The Indian craft beer brewery is a franchisee brewpub of an eponymous brewery based in Michigan that has helped shape the craft beer boom in the US since 1995. ABC has a passion for experimentation and quality focus – the two prime requisites of a craft beer. The legacy has rubbed on to the ABC India, evident in the delectable brews on offer here. 

Established in 2012, ABC India has had organic growth, driven by passion. As the leading brewpub and eatery in Bangalore, ABC India caters to both, beer aficionados and foodies with cutting edge handcrafted beer and gourmet food. Blending into the scene, the Indian element is profound across serves. The western-style service and hospitality is another aspect that keeps clients coming back for more, day after day, week after week, and year after year.

ABC Bangalore represents the best in craft brewing, merging quality ingredients, innovative techniques and attention to detail to craft brews that delight taste buds. Classic style as well as innovative ones that push the envelope, the microbrewery in Bangalore offers it all, catering to all tastes. Every brew reflects ABC’s commitment to quality and craft. That’s a reason why ABC India strikes a chord with millennials keen on a gastronomical experience like none other. 

Arbor Brewing Company is a vision of Matt and Rene, an Ann Arbor-based couple sharing a passion for home brewing. Their entrepreneurial spark found a definition in 1995 when they decided to take their love to the next level with a brewpub, which was the first in Ann Arbor and 7th in the state of Michigan. In 2012, ABC ventured into India in collaboration with Michigan alum Gaurav Sikka. Thus, ABC India was incepted as the first American-style brewpub and microbrewery in Bangalore, India, and is all set to achieve cult status.

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