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Indian Premier League : Scores



  Hey, guys welcome to another blog category. This time it’s gonna be more interesting because we are going to explore the Indian premier league  Let’s go


Every year Indian premier league is from the month of April to May sometimes till June. But this time due to Covid 19 it’s not possible to conduct the Indian premier league this year. But Anyhow it has started this year in September.  The schedule is from September 19- November-10.


History of  IPL

Indian premier league: scores


The Indian premier league is an annual T20 cricket tournament in India, organized by the Ipl governing council under BCCI (Board of Cricket Council In India) It is the most-watched Twenty20 tournament and the second-best paying sporting league globally.


Country: India

 First edition: 2008

 Format: T20

 No of teams: 8

 Most successful: Mumbai Indians (4) titles

 Runs: Virat Kohli ( 5412)

  wickets: Lasith Malinga (170)

 Indian premier league was established in 2008 and currently comprises of 8 teams across 8 cities in India.

 The inaugural session was won by Rajasthan Royals.

 Winners of Ipl 2008-2019

 2008 – Rajasthan Royals

 2009- Deccan Chargers

 2010- Chennai Super kings

 2011- Chennai Super kings

 2012- Kolkata Knight Riders

 2013- Mumbai Indians

 2014- Kolkata Knight Riders

 2015- Mumbai Indians

 2016- Sunrisers Hyderabad

 2017- Mumbai Indians

 2018- Chennai Super kings

 2019- Mumbai Indians

 2020- present

 Top 10 best players in IPL ( best runs)

1 Virat Kohli ( 5430 runs)

Indian premier league : scores  

5 hundred

36 fifties

Highest 113 runs

2 Suresh Raina (5368 runs)


1 hundred

38 fifties

Highest 100 runs

 3 Rohit Sharma (4998 runs)

1 hundred

37 fifties

Highest 109 runs

 4 David warner (4793 runs)

4 hundred

44 fifties

Highest 126 runs

 5 Shikhar Dhawan (4648 runs)

No 100s

37 fifties

Highest 97

 6 AB de Villiers (4529 runs)

3 hundred

35 fifties

Highest 133 runs

 7 Chris Gayle ( 4484 runs)

Indian premier league: scores

6 hundred

28 fifties

Highest  175 runs

 8 Ms Dhoni (4476 runs)

Indian premier league : scores

0 hundred

23 fifties

Highest 84 runs

 9 Robin Uttapa (4427 runs)

Indian premier league : scores

0 hundred

24 fifties

Highest 87 runs

 10 Gautam Gambhir (4217 runs)

Indian premier league: scores

0 hundred

36 fifties

Highest 93


Hope you guys have enjoyed reading the blog about Ipl T20 by knowing about the best players till 2019 and many more things. Let’s wait for the present 2020 Indian premier league: scores  Hope you got the idea related to IPL

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