Innovative Logo design trends for 2022

One of our most favorite things about the close of the calendar year is contemplating what’s coming in the coming months. One of our prefer ways to do this is to look at the trends in logo design which are growing in popularity and are poise to rule the landscape in the coming year.

We ask our community of designers from all over the globe about what trends in logo design they believe will be the most popular in 2022. This year, we saw many logos that incorporate concepts of innovation in the face of limitations. By 2022 we’re expect to see more bold and less constrain logos – ones that were design for a world that has adapt to the demands of an epidemic that is spreading across the globe. As we get further into the next century, these logos that are defining and define the aesthetic of the 2020s.

1. Retro rubber hose logo

You’ve seen rubber hose images. If you’ve been a player of Cuphead or Bendy or been a viewer of a show create in the 1920s and the 1930s, you’ve seen rubber animations with hoses. In 2022, you’ll be seeing it greater… as logos!

It could be that we’re witnessing a revival from the rubber-hose style tech since it’s only century old. Perhaps because this design draws in characters. And as brands strive to make themselves more authentic and more personal characters are a method to achieve this. Whatever the reason 2022’s rubber hose logos are bright and vibrant, making an interesting contrast to the cartoons in black and white of the past.

In using color to depict these characters designers can integrate the colors of their brands and create a style that feels modern and contemporary. They’re also mostly non-human , making them appear whimsical and fun.

2. Logos with a blurred appearance

You’re suppose to read the text of a logo you know?

In 2022, it’s likely to become a lesser importance as designers explore blur effects to emphasise the fluidity and motion, instead of focusing on accessibility.

It is possible to blur only areas around the letter making sure that the core of the word can be seen. In other cases, you can include the blur logo along with an easily print version of your brand’s name, to give the viewer more of a sense of the brand’s identity.

The blur effect you can create for your logo is enthralling and memorable. It also is a great way to add animation.

3. Continuous lettering and stretchy letters

Blur logos aren’t just the one type of distortion we’re likely to see a amount more of in 2022’s logo designs. Designers are playing with continuous and stretch lettering to create a limitless, endless style and feel.

As you can see, these logos are adorn with curvatures. Some feel like spaghetti strings waiting to be toss across your spoon. In other cases, some letters stretch out, while others are regular-size which draws the attention of the reader towards the letters stretch to draw attention.

If a logo focuses on one letter by stretching or bending it, you’ll notice how the sound of name of the logo puts emphasis on the vocalization of the same word or. Alternately, you can modify the letters in logos to represent the primary item or product.

4. McBling

nostalgic 2000s has been a topic we’ve discuss on this blog before. We’ve previously consider whether it was too early to begin incorporating nostalgia from the aughts in the design. The answer is unambiguous: no! Check out the look that call “McBling” by Evan Collins in 2006:

What exactly is McBling? It’s an aesthetic that reflects and magnifies the stylistic characteristics of the 2000s. Particularly, around 2003-2008. It’s a mix of contrasts to summarize the extremes and lows that occur during this period: the fervent celebrity worship and the emergence of Twitter and the craze for Pink, diamonds and Gothic fonts.

As we enter our third decade in the 21st century creatives and designers from all walks are reminiscing about the 2000s. If we’re not watching documentaries on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, we’re binging movies that are nostalgic and series reboots.

Design is innovating and following the maximalist aesthetics of the past and paying tribute to its emo culture extravagant display of wealth, and obviously, bling.

5. Sketches and scribbles

Although some logo designers may be basing their designs upon simpler days in logos including aesthetics of the past Others are taking an entirely different direction with their nostalgia. They are using shaky scrawl-like, childlike art:

In 2022, you can expect to see more sketches. Expect to be seeing more logos with the rough, unfinish appearance in contrast to the more polish better “produce” logos you’ve seen over the last few years. The style is simple yet elegant and minimalist. For a society that’s looking to streamline and remove all burdens of the past while looking towards a brighter and more hopeful tomorrow, simplicity may be what you need.

6. Experimenting using line thickness

The logos of these companies are a part of their brand names through thick and the thin… practically! In 2022, expect be seeing a variety of logos with varying line thicknesses. This is because designers play with balance to provide their logos with more dimension and depth. Look at these examples:

The logos are dynamic and have a look that is in line with our forward-thinking, dynamic outlook for 2020 and beyond.

When it comes to fonts, at a minimum generally, the letters are either thin or thick. In the instances where they’re not and their weight isn’t the same in the logical locations. However, as designers push the boundaries and keep innovating with their concepts, they’re throwing the old rules to the wind and playing with shapes, strokes and lines that don’t feel confine.

Maybe this is in response to the feeling of being confine that a lot of us have felt in the last two years or so. Or it could be because the logo trends of 2022 have a lot of fonts it’s normal to designers to seek out ways to experiment with text.


7. White space reveals the images

The white space within the logo’s design, which is also refer to as negative space can be simply blank. This blank space can be use to accomplish many things, including creating an “setting” for your logo’s main focus and balance the composition of your logo to prevent it from appearing unclutter. In other situations, empty space can convey a brand’s quality such as transparency or clarity. In 2022, you’ll witness more logo designers using empty space in a way you’ve not ever seen before. They will treat this as a blank canvas that they can fill in in various ways according to the context and where the logo is utilize.

This type of logo is extremely versatile and that’s what makes it so attractive to many companies. If you want to alter the appearance of your logo from web to print or even from summer to winter, as well as from an edition or edition, a logo that is customize-able with white space can easily be adapt to the changing demands without actually changing the design.

8. A groovy revival

A common theme that is seen in logo design trends each year, is the search for visual references to the hip and groovy era of the 1970s.

This style is vintage but modern, sleek and kitsch. The bright, bold colors are juxtapose with simple designs, and fonts are melt into curvy letter shapes or swell into soft styles.

When people recall the 1970s, whether they experience them or not, they imagine optimistic attitudes and a sense of belonging to the future of peace. With everything going on around the globe right now it’s a bit normal to look towards this decade to find some peaceful retro relief.

9. Layered elements

Another of the major logo design trends that will increase in popularity by 2022 will be logos that incorporate layers of elements. Designers are taking on geometric shapes along with fonts and color blends to create classic logos, but with an extra twist.

As we saw with blur logos legibility is now taking the backseat to aesthetics in the logos of 2022 as well as with the multi-layer logos, we’re witnessing rapid color and pattern shifts that “interrupt” text and visually create distinct elements in the design.

These logos you’ll also find elements of some of the other upcoming logo design trends such as the varying thickness of lines and bold colors.For more checkout their colourist Logo and the write for us UI/UX  design page  

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