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Investing in a Preschool Franchise in India: A Brief Guide

Over the years, Indian parents have trusted reputed playschools across various cities. It is here, that their children get the first exposure to academics. Even beyond studies, preschools have a significant role in nurturing their latent capabilities and character development. Well, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you might be wondering how to start a preschool franchise in India. Given that parents are increasingly seeking trustable platforms for their kids, you might consider venturing into the academic sector.

Investing in a preschool franchise would be a lucrative move from the entrepreneurial perspective. In the digitized world, parents often remain busy in their workplace. If you have the potential to leverage the academic sector, channelizing your efforts, it would be intelligent to acquire a Montessori Preschool Franchise in India.

Some statistics for you

  • Presently in India, the preschool business is experiencing around 23% growth. Even in the coming years, this trend is likely to dominate the academic sector. In the organized sector, currently, around 50,000 preschools are already operational. Besides, their branches are gradually penetrating the unorganized sector.
  • In case you are an entrepreneur, you should know that only 15% of kids aged between 2 to 4 experience the preschool ambiance. This explains the potential that you have, once you acquire a franchise.
  • For small and mid-scale investors, the preschool business would be highly lucrative. On an average, you can acquire a preschool franchise between INR 10 lakhs to INR 1 crore. Investing in this segment would be gratifying indeed, as you would devote your energy to develop citizens of the nation.

In case you are thinking How to start a preschool franchise you simply need to explore the best opportunities for you.

How to approach the business?

Some of the reputed educational institutes in India offer franchise programs to entrepreneurs. You can get started with your business in the educational sector, when you apply for one of these programs. Many established institutions, with more than 25 years of excellence have been expanding in the country. You can collaborate with them and grow your business. Besides, the leading institutions provide multiple programs for kids aged between two to five.

However, to qualify for the franchise, you would require a space of around 500 Sq. Mts. An investment of INR 1 crore would be sufficient to acquire the franchise of one of the leading Indian institutions. On an average, these agreements are valid for around 10 years.

One of the benefits you would enjoy while investing in the franchise is that, you would receive the necessary support from the authorities. This would assist you in running the preschool. Particularly, entrepreneurs require support with the curriculum. In reputed institutions, the faculty focuses on knowledge acquisition by interacting with the environment. Besides, you would get the reputation and goodwill of the institution as a bonus. It would be wise to collaborate with an established institution in India and acquire their franchise. It is, therefore, relatively easy to acquire a Montessori preschool franchise in one of the metropolitan in India.

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