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Is It Wise To Buy & Redirect Expired Domains?

Often people terminate or do not continue using purchased domains for multifarious reasons. People abandon domains because of the lack of funding or failure of a web project or a business. Expired domains are those previously owned spaces on the internet that can be bought and reused.

Once the previous owners of a domain wilfully terminate its use, they become readily available for a re-registration. There are vital benefits of using an already used or expired domain. However, you need to consider quite a few factors before you jump right in and get one for yourself.

Why should you consider purchasing an expired domain?

Domains may get expired because of many reasons. It is not necessary to have a failed business plan alone to have an expired domain. Maybe, the owner of the website forgot to have it renewed.

People buy used domains to gain the benefits of ranking capabilities and its SEO value. These purchases can be taken advantage of through various modalities. Websites which were working for several years and is expired now has a lot of backlinks. These backlinks contain a lot of power in them, which will help you raise your SEO game.

  1. Rank higher and quicker

If you get yourself a new domain and start now, it will take you some time to build its SEO authority. Whereas, if you buy an old or used domain, your content will start ranking faster and better. Building a website and sweeping web traffic takes time for a new website.

  1. Backlinks

Truth be told, you are buying the expired domain to use the backlinking juice it may still have in them. Moreover, these expired websites can be used for all your backlinking needs. The idea is simple but extremely effective.

Build a side website and keep it only to use its power to rank higher in the rankings. When people click on that website, they can be easily redirected to your website through backlinking.

However, do not make this strategy apparent by keeping the site blank. You need to remain credible in the eyes of your website traffic. Put up a few blogs and pictures and make it look like a natural site.

Domain diversity is the key to successful SEO backlinking. One of the premium SEO practices involves the PBN method or private blog networks. Under this method, you need to set up a few of these side-websites, with each of them linking back to the parent website. Creating this network of sites is called having a domain university.

Moreover, you can always use a 301 redirect to mobilize web traffic from these websites to yours directly.

  1. Domain Flipping

People earn their livelihoods by buying expired domains and selling them on the internet. You can purchase high-yielding expired domains and sell them for a profit margin. You can always increase its value by making it’s backlinking stronger. You can then sell for a much higher return.

Here are a few aspects to consider before you purchase expired domains:

  • Age of the domain – Older domains acquire backlinking prowess over time.
  • Quality of backlinks – You should check the quality of backlinking with a backlink checker.
  • Quality of the website – avoid domains that were used for spamming content. Run a fact check on how the site was.
  • Page and domain authority through Moz – Always check for a website’s PA and DA scores. Steer clear of the ones which are scoring low in these two counts.
  • Website traffic – Get yourself an expired domain that has a substantial footfall per month.
  • Check for Google bans – Make sure to avoid banned sites. Use Google ban checker for this purpose.

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