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Is it worth doing Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

“What difference will a course in digital marketing make for me? Will I get the worth of the money I pay for a course? Can I achieve the same growth in my career without investing in a course?”

Are you stuck between whether to invest in a digital marketing course in Jaipur or just rely on free learning material? It’s okay to have your inhibitions, but let us tell you one true fact about the digital marketing field. It looks easy, like a walk in the park, while in reality, it’s anything but that.

Investing in a good course like that of Quibus Trainings will help you learn the skills and climb up on the success ladder. If you haven’t heard about them, let us tell you Quibus Trainings provides an amazing 4-months integrated course in digital marketing. Their advanced level course is best for all students, freshers, working professionals, and even business owners or entrepreneurs.

An Interview Of Risha

Entering and sustaining in the digital marketing field is not a child’s play. That’s what even Risha says. Risha is a graduate in BBA and new in the digital marketing world. She tells us how she finally got a digital marketing course in Jaipur. She says, “I read through guide blogs, ebooks, video tutorials, and even signed up for email newsletters to learn digital marketing. I have learned and practiced some strategies as well.

I thought what I knew was enough to land me an executive-level job. Went to an interview thinking I will get a decent salary package. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The interview was an eye-opener. Although, it didn’t go bad like you are thinking. After the second practical question that came my way, I knew I had zero experience. The interviewer realized that too, and she shifted to more theoretical or opinion-based questions.

In the end, she told me exactly what I needed to hear. She said a good practical skill-oriented digital marketing course would help me a lot. She also told me to come back again for an interview after doing a course because I had the zeal to learn and perform. Even after not getting a job, I was happy. I knew what I had to do—enroll myself in a good and paid digital marketing course in Jaipur. Even if it cost 20-50k, it would be worth it for my career.”

So how would you know if a course will teach you all these practical skills? That depends on the teacher or the coach of the program. If an experienced teacher teaches the program, you can trust that it is legitimate and promising. It is worth what you are paying.

Cost of Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur and how much are these worth it?

Professional Digital Marketing Courses, on average, cost around 30k. But most people have inhibitions about joining a course in digital marketing; after all, spending 30k at once is no joke. You could go on a mini-vacation or do a lot of parties with that amount, right? Then why spending such a big amount is worth it for you? What will be the ROI of such courses or simply saying what you will gain after completing a Digital Marketing Course? Well, it’s an amazing one-time investment for your career.

A 30k course in digital marketing that prepares you for so many different roles is so worth it. Digital marketing will open the doors to these in-demand job roles for you:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Copywriting, Content Writing, and Marketing
  • SEO Expert
  • PPC/SEM Expert
  • SMO Expert
  • Web Developer and Designer
  • Web Analyst/Data Analyst

Cost of Digital Marketing Courses and how much are these worth it?

During the course, you will learn skills for all these and many other job roles, but you can choose which skill-sets you want to develop and pursue as a career.

To become competent in all these different job roles of the digital marketing industry, you need to get hands-on experience on different tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Analytics, GoogleSearchConsole, Youtube Analytics, Youtube Advertising, Mailchimp, Creator Studio, etc.

Some digital marketing courses also prepare you to get certifications from industry-leading platforms like Google, Facebook, HubSpot Academy.

Why are Digital Marketing Courses worth it for freshers and working professionals?

Compared to graduation or post-graduation courses, a digital marketing course is far better for your career growth. A course in digital marketing will help you learn different lucrative career-oriented skills, while a degree course prepares you for only one or a few career-oriented skills. Isn’t a 3-4 months digital marketing course whether online or offline that costs you around 30k more worth than a 2-3 year degree course, which costs 1 lakh+ fee? You decide.

Even if you have already completed your graduation or post-graduation, a digital marketing certification course will only add value to your resume and skill-set.

The requirement for digital marketers in the industry is so high, yet the supply of digital marketing talent is only 19%. That’s why hiring managers are ready to pay high salaries for professional digital marketing skills. In 2019, 58% of the companies (that participated in a survey) confirmed that they had increased their budgets for hiring permanent and contract hires.

But to join the league of those professional and highly-paid digital marketers, you need valuable skill-sets backed by certifications from leading institutes or programs.

Whether you are fresher or already working in the industry, a Digital Marketing Course will help you a lot for your career growth. You don’t have to start with a low-paying salary as a fresher or wait years for a promotion or salary hike in your job.

Generally, a 10-20% hike is given when you get a hike during a job change or promotion. But if you have done courses and achieved Digital Marketing certifications, you can get at least a hike of 40%.

Some reports show that working professionals got a hike of 42% on average after completing a digital marketing course. And the top 20% of the course performers got a hike of around 177% in their salary.

Experience Salary Hiked Salary after Certifications
Fresher (0-1 years) 10-15k p.m. 18-25k p.a.
Manager (2-4 years) 30-40k p.m. 6-8 lakh p.a.
Expert (5+ years ) 80-90k p.m. 25-30 lakhs p.a.

The educational edge that you get with a certification course that doesn’t cost you more than 50k will give you more ROI in your career. With this small investment, you can enjoy the lifelong benefits of the increased worth of your skills.

Even if you are a freelancer in the digital marketing field, you can demand higher pay for your skills and work after doing a course. Since you don’t have a company name to back you up as a digital marketing freelancer, a certification course will do the job.

Why are Digital Marketing Courses worth it for business owners and entrepreneurs?

The world is moving towards digital platforms rapidly. This has presented such an amazing opportunity to business owners and entrepreneurs to expand their target audience.

If you haven’t integrated digital platforms into your business/startup’s marketing plan, you are missing out on a great opportunity. 54% of the consumers check social media for making a purchase. When your consumer base is on digital platforms, why aren’t you there?

Why are Digital Marketing Courses worth it for business owners and entrepreneurs?

As business owners and entrepreneurs in different industries, you might not know much about making digital marketing work for your business. Joining digital marketing courses online or offline will help you learn the skills to take your business into the digital space effectively.

A digital marketing course will also help you understand your customer persona better and drive more customer engagement, more conversions. Over 80% of the Instagram accounts follow a business, and 71% of consumers are likely to tell about a brand to others if they have a good social media service experience.

Digital marketing has a huge customer base ready for businesses and startups. You only need to master the skills and take your business online. And what’s a better way to learn it than doing digital marketing courses!

Digital Marketing Courses-Your Gateway to a Successful Future

To get in the digital marketing industry and keep growing, you need practical skills and demonstrated work to hold your back. You can either do it through years of self-learning or join a good practical, work-oriented course. Guidance from a good and experienced teacher will also give you a chance to add years of worth knowledge.

Though digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, and you have to keep up with the new trends every day. A digital marketing course can make you capable of that, and maybe you can find your place in the top players’ category of the digital marketing industry.

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