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Is Platinum as Bright as White Gold?

It’s time to choose a metal for your engagement ring or wedding band, but you don’t understand what sets Platinum apart from white gold. When using your naked eye, they seem the same to you. However, you’ve heard that Platinum is a better choice, yet looking at the price tag, you realize that it’s too expensive even though both metals appear to be similar. You’ve already settled for a white metal, but it’s challenging work choosing between white gold and Platinum. And so, the White gold vs platinum debate goes on. Luckily for you, we’ve put this guide together to walk you through why Platinum seems brighter than white gold. Besides, you’ll get to learn both precious metals’ advantages and disadvantages.



Although both precious metals appear similar in color, there’s a big difference between the two metals in properties and the materials used. Most people don’t know that white gold does not come as white gold. The natural color for pure gold is yellow and achieves the white hue, and it’s mixed up with other white alloys such as nickel, palladium, or rhodium. White gold gets coated using rhodium to achieve a whiter color. It’s important to understand that the rhodium coat will fade out over time, hence the need to re-plate your white gold fine jewelry.


In contrast, Platinum’s natural color is white, so no need to enhance its brightness. When it comes to the color white gold vs Platinum this metal will not tarnish. While white gold is 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, Platinum, on the other hand, is 95% pure and 5% ruthenium (still from platinum metal). Jewelry made from platinum metal is whiter and brighter than those made from white gold, as they appear slightly greyish.



Platinum will carry the day in the white gold vs platinum discussion when it comes to these two precious metals’ strength and durability. Even though they’re both strong metals, Platinum is much durable and stronger than gold because gold is brittle and softer; it can bend easily. Most gold jewelry has platinum prongs, as they tend to hold the diamond more securely, as it’s able to resist wear and tear. They’re strong enough to control the stone setting firmly without depreciating with time or wearing thin.



Another consideration to think about is how both metals compare to scratch-resistant. When white gold gets scratched, the little pieces grazed are lost, while that platinum metal displaces within the metal. Your platinum jewelry will retain its metal, while the white gold wears thin. Platinum scratches develop to a matte texture called patina, which most people like. The few who don’t like it have it repolished to mint condition. Platinum precious metal makes excellent heirloom jewelry, as it’ll weigh the same many years to come.



Platinum is known to be a denser metal, making it heavier compared to gold. For instance, a platinum ring that’s the same size with an 18k white gold will be one and half times heavier. So, since the jewelers charge per gram or ounce, you’ll pay more for the heavier metal. You’ll also need to consider white gold vs platinum density if you’d prefer the heavier jewelry to the lighter one. Here individual preference depends on the wearer of the ring.


Hypoallergenic Properties

Since Platinum is considered the purest precious metal, it is the best option for skin sensitivity. Even though pure gold, also regarded as hypoallergenic metal, the alloys in white gold, especially nickel, react to those with metal allergies. However, some alloys such as silver and copper don’t cause any skin reaction; if you have sensitive skin, be sure to find out about the alloy combination before buying your jewelry.



Again, comparing white gold vs Platinum price, Platinum happens to be pricier. And although there’s not much difference in the market price for these two precious metals, once created to jewelry, Platinum becomes more expensive. Because as earlier mentioned, Platinum is denser, and more Platinum is required to make the same size of a gold ring. Remember, you pay for the amount of pure Platinum in your jewelry.


Another factor determining the cost is a rarity; Platinum is mined in few locations worldwide, making it rarer than gold. Compared to gold, to create platinum jewelry needs both outstanding skill and specific tools are required, adding to the cost.


Upkeep and Maintenance

Jewelry made from either metal requires a professional annual inspection. By so doing, you’re able to note any potential problems, such as loose stone or wear and tear. By and large, choose white gold if on a budget as it’s more affordable. And if given proper care, white gold can last longer like Platinum. It’s also simpler to repair or resize, whereas platinum jewelry requires specialized tools and expertise. For this reason, you end up paying more for Platinum.


In Conclusion, consider Platinum for everyday jewelry wear and active lifestyle, as Platinum can resist rough wear and hard knocks better than gold. However, in terms of brilliance, White gold vs Platinum gold retains its dazzle much longer than Platinum. It also enhances diamond sparkle, making an excellent combination. As for Platinum, it dulls fast, giving a patina appearance that some people love.

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