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Is playschool as important as Primary school?

Every parent wants the best schooling for their child. Schooling plays an essential part on their upbringing that molds them for the future. Thus choosing the right school is extremely essential. But with the increasing fees structure many parents choose to pin for a school wherein they can save a buck without compromising on the quality of education. On the other hand there are parents looking to save their budget by skipping play school. Parents choose to make them study at home as it is easy and within their capacity to teach the basis. The question arises is it viable to skip playschool? How essential is for their molding? Let’s look at why parents should choose not to skip a Playgroup.

In earlier days, the right age to start schooling was 3 years. Parents used to make the kids sit at home and enjoy their toddler days. This was because the parents always thought what could possibly a baby learn when he/she has barely started walking and talking. But with change in time and generation, parents have started putting their kids in play school. This usually entertains kids of 12-14 months of age. Some parents feel that it is just for fun and puts more pressure on child to do well, whereas some disagree and say that it helps the kids to explore more and has nothing to do with studies.

Before debating and coming to a conclusion let’s understand the meaning and the dynamics of Play school.

Concept of Play School

Play school is generally a school that has around 10-15 kids in a single batch. These kids spend around 1-2 hours of their day in this school under the supervision of a teacher. This allows the kids to explore, meet other kids and enjoy with children of their own or similar age. Play schools generally have too much to offer. These aren’t aimed to build academic skills, or achieve any goal. This purely helps in the development of the child. This helps them to finds things on their own and grow them mentally.

Let’s look at the benefits of play school

  1. Prepares children for primary school

The first and foremost importance of play school is that, it helps children to get prepared for kindergarten. In play school the kids are away from their parents for 1-2 hours whereas kindergarten keeps them in school for 4-5 hours. Also, by admitting your child in the best play school in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, children get involved with one another and the same is a great help in kindergarten.

  1. Growth opportunity

Play school clearly gives the children a growth opportunity. With giving them potty training, eating training, helps them to recognize their belongings, this in turn gives them the opportunity to grow mentally. It makes them more aware of themselves. Therefore play school has a very important role in developing growth.

  1. Develops motor skills

The best play school with good faculty provides an opportunity for children to run, jump, climb and do activities. These activities help the children to develop motor skills. There are other many activities done at high quality play schools which clearly helps your child to develop their skills and increase their hand to eye coordination. Additionally, it also allows the child to explore and challenge themselves for the better.

  1. Structured environment in pre-school

Many people feel that pre-schools aren’t structured enough. But, pre-schools do have a pattern. They have a set timetable as to what to teach children of a particular age group. With difference in ages the school has different ways for the kids to adapt to different skills. They have their steps to start with the kids, gradually they help the children to grow and find things of their interests and help themselves.

  1. Nurture child’s curiosity

Children are very curious about things. They want to know everything then and there. They have server all questions in their mind which they’re waiting to ask. Pre-school helps these kids. It helps them to understand how things work and answers their questions. Being curious and getting answers to their questions motivates them and indirectly helps them to learn more and be more informative in their zone of interest.

Therefore, above were the benefits of putting your child in pre-school, but along with that it’s highly important to not just put your child in any play-school. The parents need to be cautious and need to check that the person running the pre-school are trained and qualified enough in their field. Registering your child in any pre-school will not develop the above skills. The people running the school need to be qualified and trained for doing that, and that in turn will help your child grow and develop various skills.

Ganesh Reddy Aleti

I'm a Digital marketing expert & freelancer in Hyderabad, India. Worked for reputed digital marketing agencies in India. I have 5 years of experience in digital marketing and i like to share my thoughts about digital marketing strategies.

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