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Is the Cadet Programme and the Integrated Programme Same

A cadet program is performed by following the structure as an integrated program or an MPL program. However, it is not necessary that an integrated program and a cadet program are the same. The word “cadet” simply means graduates from that program are devoted to a specific employer from the start of their training. Thus, all of their training is conducted with that specific employer which is kept in mind. 

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Program

Integrated ATPL program is for students with a bit or no flying experience. It trains them for a standard career in the field of airline right after graduation. This programme is very useful for building basic fundamental skills in an airline background. This ATPL course helps to fulfil our dreams to become a pilot. In not more than two years of skilful training, you can be able to apply for the position of First Officer at an airline of your choice and explore everything you want to.

Integrated ATPL Program

Do You Know the Eligibility Requirements for ATPL?

  1. Must be fulfilling 18 years of age for training
  2. Must have qualified secondary education and completed it
  3. English is a compulsory language
  4. Must be medically fit and qualify the medical without any kind of restrictions

What is the Assessment Required?

  1. Online Application
  2. ADAPT Test
  3. Personal interview

What are the Course Details?

  1. Theoretical Training
  2. NTS Training
  3. Flight Training
  4. MCC Training
  5. CAA Examination
  6. Funding

You will be provided with all the material needed for your training at ATPL. Tailor-made uniforms are given and a polo shirt is for the flight use.

Outline of the Courses:-

  1. The training will be computer-based
  2. 14 subjects will be there related to the pilot theory subject
  3. More than 700 hours will be needed
  4. A pilot license will be given henceforth
  5. Will teach you how to fly as a member of a professional airline cockpit crew

DGCA CPL ground Classes

Some people think away from studying it because it is said to be a costly education, but do you know how much it costs to become a pilot?

Do you know the cost of becoming a CPL certified pilot?  It starts at $70,000 in the USA. Thus this is an interesting course with a wide variety of career options.

Cadet Pilot Programme

A cadet pilot programme is a tie-up between an airline company and a flight school. The cadet pilot programme aims to look after the supply of good excellent qualified pilots for the airline company.

Many people find the term ‘Cadet pilot programme’ in their web searching history but most of them do not know what is this? 

This is mainly for pilot training and career opportunities for good pilots. The pilots are in many variations and they are offered by a multitude of airline companies in tie-up with different flight schools. We want to answer a few questions to help you understand what they are and why they exist. 

Does a person need to be a pilot to join a cadet programme? 

No experience in flying or pilot is needed to join a cadet programme. However, there are many selection procedures before joining this programme.

A cadet programme is not the only process to select a pilot. The airline company also requires a graduate from other paths and a multi-pilot licence programme. Thus the basic fees for pilot training in India is approximately 40 lakhs. This price may vary concerning places and institutes. Thus to conclude this pilot cadet programme is to supply pilots to a huge nation like India.

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