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Is Your Car Leaking Oil? Then Read This Crucial Information

If you’re an avid car owner, then you should know that your vehicle contains a myriad of gaskets and seals connected together – each of which is used to fill up space in-between one another. Most of these seals or gaskets are made of materials such as cork or rubber – which can quickly deteriorate over time. And when such an issue occurs, then it leads to an oil leak. 

It should be perceived that oil leaks can quickly tarnish your driveway, stain your engine and can inflict other types of damages – which is why you’ll need to sort such a problem as fast as you can. However, to do that, you should necessarily know the source of oil leak – for which we are going to share some much-needed information curated with the help of professional second hand car service providers in Wellington.

What Are Some Of The Common Sources Of Oil Leak?

You must know that engine oil leaks are not only messy but also dangerous for the health of your car. Leaks can lead to low fluid levels inside the vehicle, which can result in lower lubrication levels for all the crucial engine components. Ultimately, you may face a costly engine failure.

The following are some of the significant sources of oil leak inside a car:

  • Oil Pan Gasket

It should be realized that the oil pan gasket holds oil as an oil reserve. There’s also an oil pump that picks up the oil and distributes the oil throughout the entire engine. The gasket offers a seal between the engine block and the oil reserve. So, when the gasket fails, it can quickly lead to an oily mess at the bottom of the engine. Furthermore, sometimes oil leaks can also occur due to damage inflicted onto the oil reserve. 

  • Valve Cover Gasket

The valvetrain of your car contains all sorts of valves, onto which valve covers are provided to protect the valvetrain from keeping the contaminants out. It acts as a significant seal between the engine’s cylinder head and the valve cover. But, you must learn that such valve covers can wear out over time, leading to leakage. 

  • Crankshaft Seal

The crankshaft can be defined as a rotating assembly inside the engine, which converts linear motion into rotational force. The crankshaft seals ensure that the fluids inside the engine stay intact, so when they fail, it can create a messy leak. 

How To Deal With A Oil Leakage?

Dealing with an oil leak is easy when you’ve found out the leak source. The best option would be to replace that worn-out gasket or seal with a new one, and you’ll be good to go. 

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