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It Strategy for Large Corporations | Tech Fizzi

Combining Microsoft Business Tech Fizzi Solutions Great Plains ERP with non-Microsoft business or CRM systems: Lotus Notes Domino, Oracle, DB2.

There are multiple opinions on building your established IT system for large companies. Some companies prefer to be “Microsoft shop”, others prefer to stick to the Java world. In our opinion, large companies should try to balance their ERP in several layers: hardware, operating system, database platform, ERP / CRM software provider. Does history always show that betting on one thing statistically has a chance of failing, remember the Windows / Mac battle in the mid-1990s?

So Java resurrected the UNIX world in the late 20th century. All these facts simply tell us that any prediction of the future should not be accurate because the factors that we might consider in the prediction formula will be replaced by new conceptions.

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

A good example would be the cross-platform programming language C; However, now we are crazy about the thin client, so where is the longevity of C? So, in 2004 we merged several companies to serve large corporate businesses, positioning ourselves as multiplatform Tech Fizzi integrators and the company, visualizing the harmony between multiple platforms and computer concepts. Let us give you our bullets below:

o Advantages of Microsoft Business Solutions: the old conception that the operating system should be separate from the database platform and its accounting application do not work when we consider the modern Microsoft: it now offers all-in-one:

Microsoft Great Plains / Navision / Axapta / Solomon / Microsoft CRM / Small Business Financials ERP, based on the MS SQL Server DB platform and all this nice suite work under Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. It is very nice to have this and the price would be lower, however, it is in the commercial space and the conceptions of the Microsoft corporation, which really deserves that you consider the ERP or CRM solution to be reliable and managed by the guys at Microsoft.

Install Windows 10 on Your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

ERP / Accounting / MRP: we assume that the old days of expensive ERP applications are gone. Today we see the trend to use reasonably inexpensive and functionally sufficient applications, based on a decent SQL platform. So our suggestion is: don’t pay for a “high-end” ERP / accounting system and instead consider a reliable budget solution as a platform for lightweight customization.

o Business System / CRM – The CRM market should be considered mature in 2010 when pioneers like Siebel will cross 15 years of existence. Again, in our opinion, you would prefer to pay for small or moderate customization to the budget of the CRM solution to get the job done. Microsoft CRM or SalesLogix would do the job.

Mac vs PC – Difference and Comparison

Oracle Financials: we support companies that decided to opt for Oracle Financials or SAP and place their CRM / Business Management System on the Microsoft Windows platform. Microsoft CRM would be integrated with Oracle

Microsoft CRM: In our opinion large publicly traded companies should consider using Lotus Notes Domino for CRM and document workflow and when adopting MS CRM they should consider using Domino as email server principal; see our MS CRM: Lotus Notes Domino email connector description.

Fire up your game – Mac Vs PC

With the recent Super Bowl fresh on my mind, it’s time to delve into the Mac vs. PC debate. I recruited Team Mac and Team PC to address the pros and cons of each.

The first quarter started with a discussion about operating systems. Team Mac did not hesitate to start the debate by stating that Mac operating systems have “cooler names, which are easier to remember.” While no one can really play defense on that statement.

Team PC was able to quickly create a bug, claiming that Apple releases a new version of the operating system every 18 months, which can cause the average user to lose track of what it’s called. the latest version. . Okay, that’s fair. But what about the functions? Mac OS includes great applications such as Safari, Apple Mail, iCal, and Photo Booth. However, as Team PC pointed out, Windows offers those same features also available for free download.

What Happened When I Switched from Mac to Windows

On the loose ball, Team PC swooped in and pointed out a very clear difference between Mac and Windows operating system licenses. Microsoft allows its operating systems to be installed on any computer, which is a testament to the countless brands of computers and computer hardware available on the market.

Microsoft even allows Windows to be installed on a Mac! Apple, on the other hand, can only be installed on Apple computers, which means you have to buy a Mac computer to use the Mac operating system. The referee called it touchdown by Team PC!

As the clock ticked into the first quarter, it was still too early in the debate to determine who would be the winner. But it is clear that neither team would be left without a fight.

Run Windows on Mac Parallels Desktop 16 Virtual Machine

Our teams wasted no time starting the second quarter of our discussion! It was clear that the Mac team wanted to taste victory! Team Mac was quick to point out that Apple’s strict licensing restrictions come with some cool perks. and Apple computers maintain a stronger resale value than any Windows machine. Touchdown for Team Mac!

But what about viruses and other infections? Although it has long been said that Macs have fewer viruses, that statement is only partially true. Team PC was quick to point out that Macs are only targeted less because they take up proportionally less of the market. What would have been a safe touchdown by Team Mac suddenly turned into a blitz by Team PC!

When the first half of the debate came to a close, the scoreboard was too close to declare a winner, but I knew both teams still had momentum left to move towards victory!

How to Run Windows on a Mac

When the third quarter started, I had to ask the teams about the differences between MS Office on Mac and Windows. Team PC was quick to point out that Office was available for Windows years before Microsoft released a Mac version. Very true, but since Office is available for both platforms today, are there any key differences? Both platforms offer a home and business version with Word.

Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. And while the look of each is slightly different, features and usage are comparable, both teams agreed. But what about Access and Publisher? Team Mac was quick to point out that although Publisher and Access weren’t available.

How to get Windows 10 on your Mac

Apple offers other great comparable programs at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft’s. iWork offers Pages, a combination of what would be Word and Publisher integrated into a single program. File Maker is also often a great Access alternative. And when all else fails, you can virtually install Windows inside a Mac and run Access. Touch√© Team Mac! Complete interception! The third quarter has come to an end with no changes to the scoreboard … who will win this epic debate?

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the tension mounted. The Mac team and the PC team were determined to win this battle! Only a final debate could declare a winner: mobile devices! The Windows 8 operating system was designed to work universally on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Team PC hoped to approach the quarter by reminding us that several companies produce intel tablets and phones.

Remove Spyware From Your Computer: Observations For Mac Users

Mac operating system updates typically meet most of your anti-spyware needs. You still need to learn how to remove spyware from your computer using manual methods. You will develop a better appreciation for computer security issues, as well as the operating system that protects your privacy.

Some things to know about operating system settings

Unlike Windows, Mac operating system settings tend to make your computer as secure as possible. That said, you can decide to change these settings to run certain programs. Spyware authors can also trick you into downloading their programs, as well as altering certain system settings. Unfortunately, once your computer is infected, it may take a bit of effort to get rid of it.

Precautions to take before removing spyware

Many Windows users may tell you that removing spyware can lead to a system crash. If you have valuable information on your hard drive, it will be to your advantage to make a backup. If it causes a computer crash, you can reinstall your files. As you might expect, you may need additional help from a technician to perform this restoration.

If you are going to learn how to remove spyware from your computer, it is very important that you take enough time to learn how to do it safely. While Mac users have always enjoyed a secure computing environment, it is important to realize that spyware threats continue to grow. So even if you have full confidence in your computer manufacturer, it’s best to do what you can to learn how to manage security risks on your own.

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