It’s Not a Style Statement it’s a Declaration – The McLaren 650s

I do not know about my readers, but I myself have never been a car enthusiast. For me, cars have always been a means to get from one point to the other. All my friends use to talk and fantasize about supercars. Their eyes lit up every single time, whether it was debating about their favorite cars or unveiling of the next big supercar. I used to pretend to care and at times felt odd about not loving a car as much as my social circle did.

But then it happened, in the year 2014, the Brits came out with something that made someone like me fall in love at first sight. This big unveiling was, the McLaren 650s. With its dihedral or butterfly doors, smooth curvature and eccentric colors, this car set the standard for the entire supercar market.

The Experience

In 2017, I was visiting a friend in Dubai and as we explored this amazing city, that’s when it happened, this was the very first time I saw the speed king live. I just stood there, like a child standing across his idol. The finesse with which this car was built not only froze me in time, but all the bystanders stopped and just stared at this beauty.

My friend recommended that we could go lease a McLaren 650s and without a second thought, I agreed. The very next morning, we were at a car rental to rent a McLaren 650s and after the paperwork went through and they brought the car to us, it felt as if time had slowed down.

Now being so close to driving this car, the excitement took over me and my body began to tremble and my friend had to snap me out of it so that we could actually ride it. I hopped onto the drivers’ seat, put on the seat belt and turned on the engine. The sound it makes is that off a lion laying claim to its territory! The speed and precision it drove with made it feel as if we were gliding on the road, not driving on it.

This epitome of automobile engineering truly made me feel like the king of the road, it made me feel like the entire world stood still as I moved on. Those of you who are like me and can’t really afford to buy or maintain it should rent a McLaren 650s because you won’t know its worth or what you’ve missed out on unless you experience it firsthand.

The Technical Specifications

  • This majestic beauty features a twin-turbocharged four-liter V8 engine.
  • Now I wasn’t brave enough to reach its maximum speed which is a resounding 330km/h.
  • The torque it musters goes all the way up to 678 Nm.
  • It produces an outstanding power of 650 PS.
  • This super car goes from 0-100 in just three seconds.

But don’t just take my word for it, I want you guys to feel the adrenaline coarse through your veins, I want you guys to feel free and alive! So, either buy or rent a McLaren 650s and experience life as you’ve never experienced it before.


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