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Jewelry Buying Guide: Something Blue for Your Wedding

The idea of an ideal wedding ceremony has vastly evolved and changed with time. It used to be a simple ceremony to commemorate vows and declare one’s love and commitment to another. But now, it has elevated to something more lavish, elegant, and ostentatious. From wearing unique jewelry to flying everyone for a destination wedding to having a themed one, it has become a swanky, loud affair. For which we can partly blame capitalism and people’s need to one-up another.

With so many aspects of weddings getting changed, many brides have also chosen to ditch various old ways and rules. Instead, they embrace their own individuality and make up their own customs for their special day. However, no matter how much our society evolves, some traditions remain unchanged. They even become part of the modern rituals. And one of these traditions is, a wedding demands something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

For both traditional and modern brides, this particular custom has mostly remained constant throughout time. Even now, most brides make sure to incorporate these four elements in their wedding. Obviously, we can not help you with the old and borrowed bit. That, you will have to figure out on your own. But in this article, we will give you ideas about the “something blue” bit with an assortment of jewelry items. Oh! And you can also tick the box of “something new” because you will have to buy one of these items that we are about to list.

Before we start telling you the different types of blue jewelry you can buy for your wedding, let us enlighten you a bit about the history and meaning behind this age-old tradition that has remained relevant still now.

History of Something Blue

This custom originated in Lancashire, England. The entire rhyme goes as, “Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a sixpence in your shoe.” The main reason for this whole thing is to add a bit of luck to the lives of the newly minted couples. Each of the items provokes a different kind of good fortune for the bride. The “something old” part supposedly protects you from the Evil Eye. While your “something new” brings you hope for the future. Then, your “something borrowed” (usually borrowed from an already married couple) allegedly assists in rubbing off someone else’s prosperity on you. Finally, your “something blue,” wards off evil spirits while also promoting love, trust, and fidelity.

gold and turquoise bracelet

Why Choose Jewelry for the “Something Blue” Part

I know, some of you must be thinking, isn’t the “something blue” part typically indicating a hidden garter belt? Well! Yes, you are technically right. That is what people used to wear for the blue bit in the past. But unlike the entire custom, that particular bit of garter belt has lost its popularity. Now, brides choose to add a touch of blue through different things. That may include a ribbon, a blue bouquet, etc. Or it can also be a piece of blue jewelry like a pair of stellar blue sapphire earrings.

Many people enjoy blue jewelry, and we prefer it as well because it adds an exceptional touch to the wedding ensemble. They help in breaking the monotony by making a statement. Unlike a bouquet or a ribbon, jewelry will be able to withstand many years. You will be able to love and cherish the beautiful, lush piece of jewelry for your entire life. Then will be able to pass it on to your future kids for something “borrowed and blue” bit for their wedding. On top of all these, let’s not forget the monetary aspect of it. The sparking piece you choose today for your wedding will retain all its worth and might even increase in value in the near future. 

Different Options Available for Blue Jewelry

Blue is a popular choice for gemstones. Its calming, serene color symbolizes health and stability, so it’s a perfect option for your wedding day. There are plenty of blue-hued jewels for any bride to choose from.

So, let’s see those options that will help you in buying your “something blue.”


Like many other stones, they also come in a variety of colors. Although, blue is the most well-known and popular of them all. It is one of the most durable natural gemstones, equal to diamonds in terms of resistance to chipping and breakage. You can choose blue sapphire earrings. They will look exquisite on your wedding day.


This serene gem is perfect for any beach or oceanic-themed wedding. Aquamarine jewelry is the ideal choice to complement a marine fervency. This stone’s sea-blue color is bright and reflective, and the gem is quite durable.

Blue Opal

Also known as Peruvian opal, they are unique and iridescent. This stone will not only supply the “something blue” bit but also bring in the otherworldly zeal. A blue opal necklace will end up enchanting your entire look.


Turquoise is a popular and inexpensive jewelry choice. Because it is easily breakable, always handle it with care to maintain its opaque color and design. Turquoise, while less expensive than other stones, can nevertheless add a splash of color to your bridal ensemble. The addition of delicate gold and turquoise bracelets is perfect to complement the white dress.


Because topaz is colorless in nature, it can be colored with brilliant blue hues. This gemstone is less expensive than other gemstones, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget. Blue topaz is also available in a variety of colors, allowing it to be easily customized to the exact shade of blue you like.


This gorgeous blue-purple stone is more unusual than other gems. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something different for your wedding day. It is more expensive than other stones due to its lack of popularity, and it can range from a strong, vivid blue to a lighter blue tint.

With so many options of gems and jewels available in the market, let’s finally figure out the perfect jewelry item or items that fall within your price bracket and go with your flawless bridal style.

1. Acquire Ultimate Sophistication With a Combination of Diamond and Sapphire

Since sapphires are as sturdy as diamonds, they are a perfect match for a piece of jewelry. Furthermore, the cool tones of sapphires brilliantly complement the dazzle of diamonds. Some might even say they are a match made in heaven. Their durability and affordability make them quite unique yet intriguing additions to your special outfit. You can choose to wear a pair of blue sapphire earrings surrounded by halo diamonds to enhance your already glowing face.

blue opal necklace

2. Make a Subtle Statement With a Blue Opal Necklace

You can be a queen of subtlety by bringing a drop of gleaming blue color to your décolletage amongst a pall of whiteness. A blue opal necklace is the perfect subtle piece to bring in a bit of sparkle and wonder to your style, specially if the stone is surrounded by scintillating diamonds. The necklace will draw everyone’s eye towards you and make you feel extra special on your already special day.

3. Go for Gold and Turquoise To Get a Classic Bridal Look

Turquoise is rather cheap compared to gold, so a jewelry item with a combination of them both not only makes it a budget-friendly piece but also adds a touch of old-school fashion to your wedding attire. Opt for a gold and turquoise bracelet. It will look glorious while you clutch your wedding flower bouquet and flaunt your unique taste. A gold and turquoise bracelet will also draw attention towards you, just like a blue opal necklace. Maybe you should throw caution to the wind and get both the items. A combination of a gold and turquoise bracelet with a blue opal necklace is bound to make your wedding ensemble extra special with a hint of glamorous originality.


The blue jewelry item you choose for your big day will stay with you forever. It will be a remembrance of love and affection on top of providing you with good fortune. So do a lot of thinking before you settle on the item of your choice. Make sure your accessories stand out and add multiple pieces if you want to go for a dramatic effect. Finally, if you think that adding a piece of blue jewelry will create a clashing effect, we can always choose subtly by going for a blue opal necklace, which usually has a more muted blue tint than say a sapphire necklace.


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