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We had heard double opinions about Vietnam. Some, after a trip to this once war-torn country, praised Hanoi, which never sleeps, drowned in eternal fog and confusion, and which boasts Halong Bay, which boasts hundreds of limestone islands. Others painted the painting of Vietnam in much gloomier colors. When we send parcel to Italy, to our family from Vietnam it is always a pleasant experience.

The most memorable is the story of one well-known traveler in the international travel community, nicknamed Indie Traveler. Indie Traveler’s real name is Marek. Since 2012, Marek has visited more than 50 states on five continents. Vietnam left him bitter memories. “It shouldn’t stop you from traveling there, but it’s worth knowing what to expect,” he advises.

“During the month in Vietnam, I was deceived by people who introduced themselves as members of the Red Cross, got into a conflict with a Taxi driver who demanded an $ 80 equivalent of Vietnamese dong for a 5-minute trip and misunderstood prices in restaurants.

Also, once a monkey stole my beer can, though I don’t blame Vietnam for it. It could have happened in other countries as well. ”On the Internet, we found that only 5 percent of those who visited Vietnam returned there for the second time. According to the same sources, as many as 50 percent of tourists in Thailand were tempted to visit for the second time. Huge differences. I don’t know how much truth there is, but the numbers only fueled curiosity.

The first adventure in Vietnam

We crossed the Vietnam – Laos border without much trouble. The procedure was simpler for the Laotians, and we had to wait until the officials checked the documents. We waited with a couple of Frenchmen. 

While we sat far away, it was easy to see how interested the officers were in the Iranian visas affixed to our passports. Flashing his fingers and tilting his head, he finally handed over the documents. Of course, he asked a couple of questions beforehand. For the girls, the questions got simpler.

I had to tell you more: what is my name, where am I from and how long am I going to be in Vietnam. The documents were then checked again on the way to the bus. One of the soldiers who checked them asked me something in Vietnamese, but the other immediately waved his hand and drank “May Go.”

As soon as the Lao-Vietnam border was crossed, the landscape changed in an instant. If we had jumped through the boring hills of Laos before, we were greeted by powerful mountains in Vietnam. 

It is the mountains and jungles that reminded us of all the films we have seen before about the Vietnam War, which is called the “American War” in Vietnam. It was easy to imagine American helicopters flying over the jungle, the spiky bamboo hats of Vietnamese soldiers glistening in the jungle, the fierce battles in the thicket of climbing and trees that no one ever wins. Everyone in such massacres just loses.

Huge is the last capital of  Feodal Vietnam

In the period between 1802 and 1945. Hui was the capital of Vietnam and the residence of the royal family. It was here that one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War took place, involving American, North Vietnamese, and South Vietnamese armies. By the way, Americans like to call that episode of history not the Vietnam War, but the Vietnam Conflict, because the war was never declared so by the United States Congress.

Drug dealers and dinner for € 1

Hue was the first Vietnamese city we visited. We wandered for a couple of hours until we found the hotel. Fortunately, the ATM was found faster. Send parcel to Italy from Vietnam. It turns out that before I used the ATM, Kamile managed to meet a local “businessman”. 

The man who approached the motorcycle initially asked if he could help her. When she refused, she whispered to see if Kamile would like to “relax and take the smoke.” “I have good grass, very high quality!” He claimed. Having missed such an episode this time, I participated in identical situations at least seven times in the next few days. We did not encounter drug traffickers in other cities.

After a long day, the stomach sang loudly as the performer Mined in his song “Let everything burn.” Although we still had three travel gas cylinders, it turned out to be cheaper to eat in the canteen than to make our own. The range of Vietnamese dishes is wide. It is difficult but possible to escape from rice, as anywhere in Asia. In Vietnam: do not like rice – eat caterpillars. A kilogram of the latter in Hue supermarket costs about 3.2 euros.

Friendship or two girls

Wandering the cross streets, we found this girl. I found myself in a difficult situation. When the time came to say goodbye, the eyes of both honorable men began to “sweat”. Send parcel to Italy from Vietnam. The girl wanted to keep the teddy bear, and Camilla ę Urged the girl to suddenly become the enemy of both when hurrying the farewell ceremony. You live a man and still don’t learn – you didn’t fight with a woman, and even more with two.

Don’t forget to take the essentials to your trip before going somewhere.


Running from bulls


Nowadays, Pamplona is best known for its annual Bull Run festival. Some say it is the most dangerous adventure you can experience in Spain. Nevertheless, hundreds of people do it every year. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Pamplona during the festival. The tradition was born a few hundred years ago when farmers had to find a way to lure furious bulls from barns into a ring of corridors. 


Furthermore, The youngsters wore a red scarf and performed the function of bait. Every adult and person in good physical condition can take part in the bull run. The first signal announces the start for the runners and the second the start of the bulls. The goal is to run in front of the bulls for as long as possible and stay alive. The entire route is usually only 826 meters long. Send parcel to Italy from Vietnam. The bulls run lightning-fast, so it only takes about 15 seconds. Every year, about 300 people are injured during the festival. According to official data, since 1910. suffered bull rage, killing 15 people. Kraupoka!


What to do in it?



You will not be able to visit the beautiful places around Vang Vieng on foot. Waterfalls, lagoons and giant caves are located within a radius of 15 kilometers. 


Some hire a private broom, others rent scooters or light motorcycles. We were going to rent a motorcycle in the future, visiting instead of the so-called “4 thousand islands”, so this time we chose a more economical option – bicycles.

Is it worth it to see the huge city??


The most sought-after places are the localities of Hue Imperial Palace, Heavenly Virgin Pagoda, Hue Imperial City (Old Town), Royal Museum of Antiquities, and Minh Mang Imperial Tomb. You can see these places in the movie “Hue City tour, Vietnam”.


In conclusion


In this article, we’ve covered Vietnam’s specific places and how to visit them. If you would like to send anything from Vietnam or somewhere else from it, feel free to check out

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