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Travel and Leisure

Kasol : Love adventure and the beauty of nature

We had 4 months of complete holidays but we couldn’t leave our houses.The people who live in the cities are now technically not only bored with their daily busy schedule s but also with their hectic online work. So now it is time to visit somewhere new and close to nature, Kasol.

Kasol is a place which you can visit with friends or family or even alone. As it doesn’t only allow you to be close to nature but also gives you the thrilling experience of trekking.



Some technical info 

Kasol is the hamlet in the district Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the Parvati valley it allows travelers to trek on high mountains and enjoy the roaring river.

It has humid subtropical weather and is often called miniature Israel. Many Israeli tourists visit Kasol every year.

It is on the way between Bhuntar and Manikaran. Closer to manikaran travelers can visit the gurudwara easily. It has many great points to visit like tosh, Kheerganaga, Malana, etc.


Want to visit in Kasol? 


There are a lot of places near and in Kasol which you can visit. The food here has the touch of Indian and Israel spices. Which tastes good and I suggest you taste it for sure.

Here is a list in short of places to visit in Kasol:


Have you ever heard of medical hot springs? Which cures your allergies and acts as a herbal bath for everyone. Well, the hot spring lies here at Kheerganga near Kasol.


It is a traditional village where you can experience the great hills and can go on the trek. Tosh is at the height of 2400 meters, whose beauty is added more by different cannabis. It embellishes the Himalayan vegetation. Here the cafes serve a diverse range of Israeli foods.


Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is a very blissful place to visit. You can come here and seek blessings. Plus it is standing on the banks of the Beas River which adds more to its beauty.

Here is one more hot spring where you can take bath and then can enjoy the tasty Langer served here.


Malana is approximately 20 km away from Kasol and is an ancient village. Reaching the place is itself a challenge as there are no roads and you have to trek your way there.

The villagers are mostly the descendants of Alexander the great and speak Kanashi. They are endorsed in themselves and don’t like travelers.

Experience the local culture and be a part of their festivals. Malana Fulgi in February and Malana Shaun on August 15th.

Pin Parvati Pass

Experience action and thrill at the same time as the mountains are the trickiest ones and pretty ones. The trekking here goes to another level and while trekking you can see the variation in the vegetation and can experience the subtle changes in nature.


57 km away from Kasol is the best if you want to spend some quality time with an outdoor activity. Here you can go fishing and can get lucky with loads of fishes. Also, don’t forget to visit Naggar castle here as it is the beauty not to be missed.

There are many things you can do in Kasol and near it. You can easily come here in a week’s plan and it will be short for you. Kasol is one of the best places for people who seek adventure, thrill, and action plus peace.

Have food, trek, shopping, peace, nature, beauty, camping, rice beer, hot Maggie, etc. in one place in Kasol. And Yes, don’t forget the music festival every year on new year’s eve that has DJs from all over India and which will let you take your party craziness to another level.

Kasol : Love adventure and the beauty of nature

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