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Know about the Causes of Hydroplaning and it Can Be Prevented

Causes of Hydroplaning & Prevented

Especially while driving on wet roads, it is observed by many riders that the vehicle starts to lose traction. This is not only a matter of traction but also the control of the driver. This condition is termed as hydroplaning or aquaplaning.

When water accumulates between the road and the tyre, a film of water is created. When this occurs, power control, braking, and steering are also impacted. Apart from these, a vehicle gets skidded, making it unsafe for both the passenger and driver to drive.

How Hydroplaning Occurs?

Contributing to aquaplaning, there are various factors listed below.

Pattern of Tread

Featuring grooves, some tyres have tread, which is absent in some. When compared to the grooved and ribbed patterns in 4×4 Tyres Birmingham, hydroplaning is more common in tyres with no grooves. In dispersing water effectively, these play a major role to maintain more traction. Hence, this condition is caused certainly by the lack of grooves.

Speed of the Vehicle

If you drive a car at a high speed, the tyres’ wet surface grip reduces when you drive a car at a higher speed. This is crucial to drive at a low speed and focus more on the surrounding traffic, as the control of the vehicle is affected by this condition.

Depth of Tyres’ Tread

Resistance to bear this situation is lost by the radials as a result of uneven wear and tear. The water is not expulged properly from the tread in the tyres resulting in hydroplaning.

Size of Tyre

The other various factors depicting the chances of hydroplaning are the size and shape of a radial. As compared to Tyres Birmingham having a small footprint, the radials having a wide patch contact are pruned to hydroplane.


Don’t  Brake Suddenly

You should not slam suddenly on your brakes on wet roads or else your vehicle may skid. Vehicles with no anti-lock braking system face such situations. Instead, you can drive at reduced speed for safety.

Minimising the Speed

This has been observed that this situation occurs when you drive the vehicle at a higher speed. Hence, during heavy rain or on roads filled with water, it is vital to drive slowly. The hydroplaning risk is enhanced by suddenly increasing the speed and moving at a higher speed.


To prevent hydroplaning, the best way is to keep tyres in proper condition. All the car owners must balance and rotate the tyres of the car regularly. Moreover, you must also ensure that the Summer Tyres Birmingham are adequately inflated according to the specification of the manufacturer.

You must also take care that the radials don’t get worn out as this will minimise the traction causing the driver to lose control.

Therefore, you must ensure that proper measures are taken and the radials are taken proper care to prevent hydroplaning.

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