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Know Before You Go: Top Wellness Tips for Travel to Key West

Even the most experienced traveler can sometimes make foolish mistakes because you’re not paying attention, so that’s why getting a refresher on travel safety is important. It’s also wise to strategize your plans before arriving in Key West to make the most of your limited time there. Rushing around offers lots of opportunities to overlook important details that can affect your travel. Before you pack your bags and head off for a tropical vacation getaway to Key West, check out these tips.

Realize That the Need for Safety Never Takes a Vacation

Any time you’re traveling, you want to keep a high level of situational awareness, even if you’re a Florida resident visiting Key West. It will, of course, feel familiar; yet Key West is part of the Florida Keys. But paying attention to your surroundings is just smart no matter where you are. When checking into your hotel, take a good look around. Identify stairwells and whether they’re enclosed. Spot the fire exits to give yourself a head start if the worst happens.

If you’re driving to Key West, make sure your car has a checkup from a mechanic to reduce your risk of breaking down. If you’re flying, keep valuables out of your checked luggage. Make use of the in-room safe inside your hotel room so that you don’t have to carry around your passport or other travel documents. Avoid sharing your vacation photos on social media until after you get home to minimize the risk of a break-in.

It’s always wonderful to meet like-minded travelers while away from home, but be cautious about sharing too much information about where you’re from and where you’re staying. If something doesn’t feel right, get help. This is especially true if you’re traveling alone; and, you should make sure someone at home has your complete itinerary, including where you’re staying.

Plan Ahead to Beat the Crowds

Some activities require extra advance planning. Even though Key West definitely has a relaxed atmosphere, excursions that require reservations can fill up quickly. One of the most well-known examples is Dry Tortugas National Park. There’s only the ferry for going back and forth from Key West to the park, and seating is limited, so tickets can sometimes be hard to come by. If you know you want to visit Dry Tortugas after making your hotel and travel plans, book those ferry tickets right away! The same goes for making dinner reservations and booking tours such as food tours, ghost tours, and pub crawls.

You’ll also want to book activities like charter fishing trips with All In Fishing Charters, so that way you can just show up and go, instead of spending precious vacation time making arrangements and reservations. Other things to book in advance, if possible, include bicycle rental at your hotel (a common amenity) and snorkeling tours.

That’s Not Boredom But Relaxation

A vacation isn’t just good for a little excitement and adventure, it’s also for taking care of your body and soul. Avoid overscheduling yourself and your traveling companions. It will help you keep a clear head and really unwind for better mental health.

It’s a challenge to resist the idea that you’re missing out on something if you’re napping on your buckwheat travel pillow, sunbathing or otherwise investing in self-care. One example is getting takeout lobster roll and fish tacos from the popular Eaton Street Seafood Market and Restaurant instead of eating at the restaurant after a long day at the beach. But taking the time to take it easy occasionally keeps you mentally sharp and physically well-rested. It may also reduce the chances that you come down with an illness while away from home.

Pack Simple First Aid

Of course, you’ll bring important medications that you need. But it’s also wise to pack over-the-counter needs like pain relievers such as Tylenol, and bandages for small cuts or scrapes. Bring your medical insurance cards and understand your benefits, especially if there’s a big difference for you financially between in-network and out-of-network providers. Accidents can happen anywhere. That’s no reason not to travel, but if you need to make a trip to urgent care for a sprained ankle, for example, it’s better to know what you’re entitled to in advance.

Keep It All in Perspective

It may seem like a bit of a buzzkill to think so much about ways to manage your itinerary and look out for your well-being while away from home. But a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring you actually have a great vacation. You’ll travel with greater peace of mind knowing you’re ready for anything. You can better relax and enjoy all the beautiful sights and engaging landmarks, museums, art galleries and scenit tours that Key West has to offer visitors.

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