Know the Types of Men’s Emerald Cufflinks

Without any doubt, cufflinks rock. The cufflinks as a piece of jewelry are both functional and ornamental. If you have never tried out this, then you have missed the amazing thing. You’ll get compliments from people who will notice the cufflinks and other details.

But before wearing the men’s emerald cufflinks, you have to know how to wear them and understand the different types of materials and styles used in them. Usually, the Mens Emerald cufflinks are traditionally associated with men’s semi-formal wear, and there is a surprising range of wardrobe roles.

You can work emerald cufflinks into about any outfit as long as you have got a long-sleeved shirt with the holes in the cuff. Here’s the ultimate guide to mens emerald cufflinks.


Cufflinks are the type of tools for fastening shirt cuffs closed. They are used in place of buttons which are commonly sewn into shirt cuffs. Usually, it is a type of separate object and is sewed into the shirt. But one main benefit of this is that it is fully removable.

Like buttons, cufflinks also come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and sizes. As far as variety is concerned, there is more variety in the cufflinks as these are considered an ornamental option. There is nothing formal in this.

Types of cufflinks 

There is a huge variety in the cufflinks, and apart from this, there are other alternatives. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the common types of cufflinks.

Whaleback cufflinks 

Whaleback cufflinks have a flat head and a straight post. These cufflinks also have a whale tail that flips completely against the post. In terms of look, they are simple. Not only this, but it is easy to use them due to the large post and closing mechanism. Without any doubt, it is the most famous type of cufflink in the market.

Bullet back cufflinks 

These are much the same as whale tail cufflinks. But the post is a hollow frame. Moreover, the narrow metal cylinder nests inside the frame. The cylinder is flipped outward to lock the links in place and leave the frame in place as the post.

Stud or button style cufflinks 

With a large head, straight post, and a smaller interior backing, button-style cufflinks have no hinge mechanism. Working through the bottom hole, the smaller head is tilted and then straightened out in place. As such, they are pretty secure and durable owing to the lack of moving parts.

Chain link cufflinks 

These have two identical heads connected by a fine chain. Then other styles it has slightly loose fastening with visible decoration on both the sides of cufflinks.

Ball return cufflinks 

Ball return cufflinks have a curved post with a small and heavy ball opposite to it. As compared to the hinged cufflinks, they have a slightly loose fastening but tighter than a chain. When made in precious metals, these can be expensive as the size and weight of the ball add up to its cost.

Dual-action cufflinks 

Similar to the metal watch band, the dual-action cufflinks use a hinge mechanism. The smaller end is flipped through the opening, leaving the cufflinks swings open. One of the most secure styles available is a short learning curve, and it is easy to use also. One should not delay in grabbing a pair of quality locking cufflinks.

Knot cufflinks 

There are two heads connected to the same length chain but are made of soft cord and not metal. It is suitable for a more casual style, especially when multiple colors are involved in this.

Fabric cufflinks 

Fabric cufflinks can be of any fastener style but have a fabric button on the top. Preferably, these cufflinks go for a casual style.

Personalized cufflinks 

If you are looking for something to gift your partner, then there cannot be any other option than a cufflink as it makes the best gift item. Using personal items like photos and other types of things, any jeweler can monogram metal cufflinks, and many cufflink artisans can pair with them. This is the way to go if you are looking for cufflinks with personal meaning.

Materials used in the cufflinks 

Usually, they can be made of almost any material. You can use precious stones to novelty junk in this. Some of the favorites of people include gold, silver, and platinum. These metals work best for the cufflinks. Other popular materials for cufflinks include:

Carbon fiber 

With a sleek, silvery surface, carbon fiber is a strong and contemporary material. You can also color these during the manufacturing process. Out of all metals, this is the most popular one, especially in modern designs.


This is the excellent one for the sparkling cufflinks, and these are available in nearly all shapes, sizes, and colors.


There cannot be any better material for cufflinks than enamel. It is used to add colored or black gloss at the top of the metal surface. It is durable and has a smooth and shiny surface but can chip if struck against a hard surface.

Rose gold 

It is a combination of gold and copper, producing a reddish tinted metal. Rose gold also makes a perfect cufflink.


Without any doubt, silk is the most common option for cord and cufflinks. It is less formal than metal and stone.

Things to hold in mind while choosing the cufflinks 


Several factors on which the type of cufflink depends, mainly the attire you wear, occasion, and season. Have a look at all the factors influencing the selection of cufflinks.

With suit 

Cufflinks are a great option to add to your personality if you are in a suit. Your cufflinks constitute much when you are out on dinner dates, evening social events, and other such outings. The cufflinks will be bright hues, novelty designs, customized designs, or anything else you prefer.

To workplace 

For all those men whose offices adhere to business professional dress codes, cufflinks are great. Wear the cufflinks to all those occasions where you want to project the image of success. Opt for the simple and subtle designs in classic metals for office wear.

With Jeans 

Be smart enough to wear cufflinks with jeans. Some people think that cufflinks cannot be worn with jeans, but it is not so. Here are some of the elements to take care of while wearing cufflinks with jeans.

Make sure your denim must be dark or slim-fitting. Also, color variation should be minimal.

Your shirt should not be overdressed. While choosing the shirt, avoid plain white or light blue as these come in formals. Instead of this, go for casual colors and patterns like checks and plaids in greens, pink, lavender, and other colors.

To wedding 

There cannot be any better opportunity to wear cufflinks than at the wedding, irrespective of whether you are a groom or not. Go ahead and wear them if you have some personalized novelty cufflinks.

Color matching and other tips 

Cufflinks also bring about a certain flair to the wearer. If your links are made of metal, it is best to ensure that it matches with the other metals in the cufflinks. It is rather a strong guideline and not some hard and fast rule.

Contrary to it, if your link is a combination of colors, then you should pick another item in your outfit to coordinate them. You can coordinate the cufflink color with your shirt, tie, pocket square, and even your socks.

When to buy the best cufflinks? 

There are numerous cufflinks available in the market, and it is nearly impossible to mention all of them. The cufflinks can be cheap and expensive simultaneously, as the cost of the cufflink depends on the brand and the materials used to make them. Make sure to buy the cufflink from the best brand to ensure it is of superior quality.

How to wear cufflinks? 

Compared to other things you wear, cufflinks are tiny ones. As a result, you must choose cufflinks in the right scenarios to select the best ones. Wear the cufflinks that show a bit of your personality on more casual occasions like dinner dates or parties. One thing that will help you decide here is knowing the difference and understanding your audience. You can wear the mens emerald cufflinks on any occasion.


These were some of the best mens emerald cufflinks. Wearing cufflinks is for sure going to enhance your personality and change your outlook.


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