Know When It Is The Best Time To Buy Outdoor Furniture in Sydney

Sydney is considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world. Even the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network classify it as an Alpha Global City. This means that it has a significant amount of influence in its region and the world.

So it would be no surprise that you would like to live in this beautiful city and having a beautiful house is sure to make the experience better. If you have an outdoor space in your house, putting some outdoor furniture will surely put more function to it. But when is the best time to buy outdoor furniture in Sydney?

The best time to buy outdoor furniture in Sydney

Most online articles will tell you that the best time for outdoor furniture is between late August and October. It may be accurate, but it is not the only time to buy outdoor furniture at a reasonable price. Below are the best times for you to buy outdoor furniture and why they are that.

Fall: Late August-October

As you may already know, late August to October is the best time to buy some outdoor furniture in the fall. But why is that? It is because outdoor furniture suppliers will begin to prepare for winter and create newer models. So what they do is they mark down some products to offload the current year’s inventory.

It even can drop to more than 70% of its original price when stores want outdoor furniture to occupy less space. The only problem is the longer you wait for the price to drop, the fewer choices you will have. So if you find a furniture set that fits your budget, buy it immediately rather than wait for the price to drop.

Winter: Mid-Winter

If you want to buy outdoor furniture during the winter, the best time would be mid-winter, January to February. But most furniture shops will not be focused on outdoor furniture anymore, so the best place to look for them is online. Since they will put new products in their warehouse for spring, they will lower the prices of their outdoor furniture to have more space for them.

Take advantage of this so you can get the best price. But before you buy, bear in mind where you are going to store them until spring.

Spring: Early Spring

If you, unfortunately, miss out on the sales during fall and winter, do not worry. You can still find a good deal during early spring. In addition, stores will most likely lower the price of their outdoor furniture during this time to generate much-needed traffic. So, although prices may not be as great as those in fall or winter, you can use this furniture right away instead of waiting for the off-season to end.

Just make sure that you are buying before May. Other buyers are also trying to beat the peak season so products can quickly go out of stock if you do not hurry.

Summer: Not the best time

It is the peak season for outdoor furniture, so you know prices will skyrocket and may not be well in your budget. But if you still want to buy outdoor furniture, then keep a lookout for deals.

Looking for the best prices for outdoor furniture in Sydney is easy as long as you know when to buy it in time. So use this guide so you can have the best deals when it comes to outdoor furniture.

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