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Land of Holy shrines famous temples in Rajasthan

Can you guess where you can get mouth-watering food with folk music, most royal and exceptional forts & Havelis, and myriad tales of chivalry all together at one place?

I think you are getting it right. This place is in India and is known as the Land of Maharajas. Yes, Rajasthan, a place of magnificent temples and impressive architecture rich in Indian history, culture, and artistic excellence of skilled sculptors centuries ago and in ancient times.

If you plan a trip to Rajasthan, you must look forward here to some of the most famous temples in Rajasthan

Tourism in Rajasthan is renowned for its glorious and imposing architecture. It is an unparalleled tourist destination if you want to spend your vacation with India’s culture and heritage.

In Rajasthan, you will get to see too many temples now and then. But out of all few that you should visit on your trip are given here. Take a look below for some of the famous temples in Rajasthan.

Ambika Mata Temple in Jagat

The temple is a little shrine built in a rock void. Because the temple is located in Jagat’s village, it is in the town named Jagat, 50 km from the City of Udaipur in Rajasthan. The temple was built in 961 and is also known as Jagat temple. These famous temples in Rajasthan are devoted to Ambika Mata, the goddess Durga’s version. The temple boasts its magnificent and excellent architecture, which can be seen elsewhere only seldom. 

Karni Mata Mandir in Deshnoke

A very famous temple in Rajasthan is located in Deshnoke, about 30 km from Bikaner in Rajasthan, India, Karni Mata Temple or the Temple of the Rats. In the early 20th century, the foundation of the temple was finished. The temple is well known for its legendary folklore tales. The temple is often considered to be a high-believing spot where people come to request the goddess. It is often assumed that if anyone kills a rat, then a silver rat can replace it.

Brahma temple in Pushkar

Pushkar Temple is a rare holy site devoted to Lord Brahma, the Lord of the Universe. This Hindu temple is known as the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir. Its address dates back to the 14th century and is situated in Pushkar city in Rajasthan. This tourism in Rajasthan is situated near Pushkar Lake, a host of tourists, and is especially well known at the Kartik Poornima site. Large numbers of tourists visit it.

Eklingji temple in Udaipur

Ek stands for one while ling means the phallic symbol of Lord Shiva’ or life-giving. Eklingji Temple is situated within 22 kilometers from Udaipur, one of the famous pilgrimages of Rajasthan. The famous temples in Rajasthan were built in A.D. 734, By Bappa Rawal. 

Salasar Balaji Temple in Salasar

In Salasar, Lord Hanuman is dedicated to these famous temples in Rajasthan and is known as Balaji. Behind the Salasar Balaji shrine, there is an intriguing story. It is said that he discovered the idol for Lord Hanuman when a farmer plowed his lands. His wife cleaned the idol and adored Balaji as Lord Hanuman. There was a village in Aosta where Balaji came in the village’s Thakur dreams to give Hanuman’s to Salasar. It is assumed that Lord Balaji had already shown the same thing in the visions of a devotee. Balaji’s portrait was taken to Salasar after this event and gave rise to the temple we see today.

Each temple has its distinctive style and architecture that set it apart from other temples established here. So, plan a trip to Rajasthan soon and don’t forget to visit this tourism in Rajasthan.

Source- https://sites.google.com/view/famous-temple-in-rajasthan/


Ma Kaila Devi is revered as an incarnation of the primordial energy, Mahayogini Maya who took birth as the child of Nanda-Yashoda. Famous temple in Rajasthan also includes Kaila Devi temples in Rajasthan, Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. Visit the temple at any time to enjoy the richness of each detail.

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