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Leadership hacks that can help your startup business to grow

Leadership hacks for startup business growth

Great leadership is the most important prerequisite that every startup business needs to reach to the heights. An outstanding business idea can only prove out to be successful if it has a leader with a great vision and a hardworking team to put those thoughts into action.

Every startup owner aims to grow quickly, but this growth only becomes possible with a leader who is not just in charge of the people working with him but is also responsible for their individual growth of his team members that leads to the overall development of the company.

For all the CEO or the newbie owners who are aiming to become an entrepreneur, here are some questions for you to ask yourself that can make you learn about some small leadership hacks that make difference in your entrepreneurship journey and also helps you become a better leader for your organization to grow in the right direction.

So, have an in-depth insight into the below Q/A’s as by the end of the article you will be aware of some leadership hacks that can help your startup elevate its business growth.

  • Is there any quality you have that inspires your employees to work better?

The success of a startup business majorly depends on some rare characteristics that the business owner shows while nurturing its startup growth process. The way he communicates or conveys his messages to his team, or his ability to give equal importance to the person playing the smallest role for the company makes a huge difference on the people working with him.

Some leaders are great at listening to his team, while some have the skill to be empathetic with his team members, while some know how to make the laziest person in the room to work productively.  

Well, now it’s up to you to figure out what you are holding as its an indeed true that the qualities that the leader has, have a great impact on the functioning of the team, so find what’s that you have to impress your team as a leader. 

  • Do you regularly update your team with the company goals?goals-update

A company can only achieve the heights that they desire if its team is clear about the expectations that they are bound to achieve. Taking updates from your team about the work and guiding them to move in the direction that can take them towards company goals is what a leader has to do to make everyone walk on the same road to success.

Revising your company goals to your team members will help them remain focused on what they are expected to achieve and also give them clarity that will define their purpose of working. This sense of clarity will help them suggest some innovative ways to implement different policies and collectively achieve some huge results.

  • Do you back your startup business decisions with a mentor?

The most important skill to have as a leader is a decision making skill. An indecisive leader doesn’t have control over his mind to figure out what is right or wrong for his business. These people tend to take wrong steps that often have a bad impact on the people working with him and also on the business graphs and deals that the person is making.

Make sure you are not one of those leaders, check on your decision-making ability. If you feel you are less experienced in the field you are running the business in, ensure yourself to always take expert advice from a startup business consultant to validate your action plan.

An experienced person can help you make better plans and also guide you to take the right actions based on the good and bad occurrences of his business life.

  • How often do you have one-one meets with them?


One-on-one meetings with the employees are the easiest way to deal with the team, there are many things that you are supposed to tell each team member as feedback for their work or to know what’s actually going on in their heads, these things don’t suit to be told aloud or discussed in public.

You as a sensible leader must know what exactly you can talk to your employees and where you can do it. The idea of having such one-one meets is it helps you track their progress to suggest to them the areas they can improve and some ways to make that improvement. 

It also helps the leader to keep a check on the state of mind with which their employees are working and whether they are not feeling burned out with their work monotonous schedules. 

  • Are you helping your team grow individually?

In- order to make a stronger team, a leader needs to have ideas to make every member working together as a team to improve themselves. Everyone has their own set of attributes that can be positive as well as negative for the team.

Being a leader you should be well aware of the qualities that your teammates have and how you as a leader can utilize those qualities for your companies good. But when it comes to the overall development of the company, it’s important that the uniqueness of the people working for you and their qualities are well polished as that is what would combinedly help to make a better team to get successful outputs.

Take the responsibility of the growth of each one, organize some events that can be generalized to match the interest of your team, help them learn some new skills and polish the existing ones, as the importance of individual growth of an employee is what would result in a stronger team for the organization growth. 


James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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