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Leaking Pipes: Causes, Problems, and Solutions

Leaky pipes are the worst thing. Water seems to flood through the walls and foundation when you have a leaky pipe. The objective of leaky pipes is to degrade and loosen the water fixtures of your building’s structural integrity. 

Leaky pipes can result in several health issues because of the moldy and damp creation in the pipes. This article will discuss the causes, problems, and solutions to leaky pipes. 

You will find several companies out there that have specialized people in commercial and residential plumbing. Getting hold of plumbing companies is necessary in cases of leaky pipes. 

Causes of leaky pipes

Leaky pipes should be fixed quickly because them being a symptom of huge underlying issues like the following:

  1. Pipe corrosion: No matter when you install new pipes, they go through corrosion and deterioration. It undergoes through that specifically when created out of a particular material. 

If the pipe is made out of iron and copper, it will rust its reaction with water. In modern times, the pipes are made out of PVC, which is more likely to work with corrosion, and they are called corrosion-resistant.   

  1. Tree roots: Roots are the biggest hassle to your plumbing system when the pipes are meant to transfer waste material. You must check if your building has the clay sewer pipes installed; then, you have to worry about the root invasion in the pipes. Also, underground pipes will be invaded by roots. You can search for plumber Capalaba on the web to hire plumbers. 

Problems of leaky pipes

Leaky pipes need quick and prompt attention from plumbing companies. Leaky pipes also result in wasting tons of water and affect the health of the building’s occupants. It also leads to mold and water damage. 

It can trigger allergic reactions to people and respiratory disorders. As long as it needs to be addressed, water damage can be caused by small leaks. After the leak size, you have structural damage to worry about. Ceilings and tiles can be warped from absorbing the water leakage. The history of water damage is also considered to value your property. 

The solution to leaky pipes

Suppose you notice that the water faucets are producing discolored and stinky water, the disorder in water pressure, and stained walls; you may have a leaky pipe. The next thing you can do is contact Yates Plumbing & Gas to fix your leaky pipes. But there are more issues with a leaking pipe. To hire a plumber, click on plumber Capalaba. 


With that, we have concluded the article. We hope we can explain the causes and problems of the leaky pipes and their solutions. Well, it is proper to prevent plumbing nightmares. They might be a hassle, but it will be an expected and worthy expense. 

You must not avoid it and get the leaky pipes fixed as soon as possible. But before calling a plumber, you must educate yourself about the causes of leaky pipes. You can appoint a plumber who has experience in plumbing repairs from the reputable plumbing companies around you to fix your leaky pipes. 

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