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Lean Six Sigma Certification & Six Sigma Black belt Certification, Which is more valuable?

Lean is all about eliminating/reducing waste in the process. It also include six sigma knowledge.

 Lean is all about eliminating/reducing waste in the process. It also include six sigma knowledge. 




Six Sigma Black Belt coupled with Lean knowledge would be a great addition add, as Lean concepts complement Six Sigma in many ways. Master in Lean would help you do some process-based analysis much faster and easier while driving complex Six Sigma projects. Lean would also help you find Solutions in Improve phase easily.

You can reduce the costs of production and improve customer satisfaction at the same time by only making good parts. Sounds simple, but it is a lot more difficult than it sounds. You must measure and control the right things to push the process to find out WHY things can go wrong and fix those issues before they make bad parts. The end result is less waste and a lot more profit.

Central to the goal of nurturing maximum efficiency and ensuring minimum waste within an organization or project is the application of Lean Six Sigma Black belt — or LSS. This system is a synthesis of Lean production methodology and the Six Sigma manufacturing management approach. Taken together, Lean Six Sigma is renowned for eliminating wasteful steps and methods while simultaneously improving processes and the outcomes of everything from manufactured products to professional services.

Since LSS offers businesses the opportunity to streamline operations and deliver better end value to their customers, there’s a great deal to learn about the program and the tools its practitioners use. For this reason, the certification of LSS skills is categorized according to colored belts — much like the levels achieved in mastering certain martial arts self-defense disciplines.

Value of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification 


lean six sigma black belt certified employee gains benefits for himself as well as proves to be beneficial to the company he’s working for. Let’s solve the main dilemma among candidates,


Before we proceed to answer the above question, let’s understand the value of lean six sigma black belt vs lean six sigma green belt certification.


  • A green belt aspires to become a leader and attain the leadership roles in an organization whereas a six sigma black belt certified employees is a leader, prepared to lead a team to success.


  • black belt six sigma can become a trainer for the subject lean six sigma whereas a green belt cannot.



  • The six sigma black belts lead the project teams in an organization and they have a say and can suggest ideas for the company’s future.



These are the major differences between a green belt and a 6 sigma black belt.



Top Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


The career and other benefits of LSSBB compared to other six sigma certifications are as follows:



  1. Superior knowledge:

While the lower levels of six sigma belts offer the knowledge about the basic conceptsthe lean six sigma black belts have a better understanding and in-depth knowledge about all the theories and concepts of lean six sigmaA black belt six sigma understands and applies DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), the main process of lean six sigma thoroughly and applies it in projects.

LeadershipA lean six sigma green belt is a team member and gets to participate in the projects of the company and put the knowledge of green belt but he cannot plan the projects. Whereas a six sigma black belt is the head of the project and plans and decides the layout and delegates work to the team members.

 Handling complex situationsCertain situations arise while execution of the project which cannot be resolved by green belt individuals and this requires an intervention by a lean six sigma black belt professional as he has immense knowledge related to the field.

As six sigma black belt experts are the ones planning the project, they can resolve any issues arising by applying their extensive knowledge and experience.

Higher packageThere are numerous, unfilled positions in the field of quality management and other areas. Lean six sigma black belt career is booming as these positions are highly paid.

There are candidates who start off with the first level of lean six sigma certification course, that is, white belt but do not continue by proceeding to the higher levels.

Lean six sigma black belt certification course is challenging and tougher in comparison to the previous courses. Hence there are numerous employers looking for lean six sigma black belts and the six sigma black belt salary is one of the highest in the world.

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