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Learn tips and tricks on how to bet on NHL

Betting on the NHL can be a different animal altogether, even for the most seasoned gambler. Here you don’t have the luxury of betting point spreads to even odds like bettors used to do while betting on basketball and football. Here you are left with a money line only. You have a run line in baseball. Similar to this, there is hockey’s puck line. But at the same time, in many games in the NHL, betting with the favorite is risky. On the other hand, taking the underdog can be costly. For most of the time, puck line bets are decided at the last minute. This is done so because the losing team pulls back its goal for an extra attack. This, in turn, facilitates the bettor to score an accessible destination for the favorite. But this is only one thing about betting on the NHL. Here are some of the other tips and tricks to bet on the NHL and enjoy betting on NHL daily picks. 

NHL betting tips and tricks 

Live betting

Everything can change quickly once the puck drops. As soon as you notice that the team is not performing well in the game, that is the time where you can take advantage of live betting. Apart from this, if a goaltender is struggling or the team’s leading player gets injured, you can use live betting here to your advantage. 

There can be 14 games at once in the NHL. Due to this, oddsmakers find themselves in a difficult position to post odds on nearly every contest. The best thing to do here is to opt for the game and look at what’s happening around, especially at nhl daily picks and bet on it. 

Look at special teams

Bettors don’t realize, but special teams have become a considerable factor affecting the game’s outcome since, over the past 25 years, there has been a decrease in the NHL scoring. Besides this, a team can easily score 2 or 3 goals in a single game as good powerplay converts around 25% of opportunities. Along with looking for the teams with excellent powerplay, also look for the teams with solid penalty-killing units. Every bettor would like to back such teams where special teams are clicking. No one would want to bet on such a team struggling with the powerplay or penalty. Consequently, look for the special teams to secure more wins. 

Pay attention to records

Another tip while betting on the NHL is the home-field advantage. There are a variety of reasons for this. Imagine how much the players will be benefitted while playing in familiar surroundings. They will be having the support of the crowd, which matters the most while betting. But home-field advantages are not equal for everyone. Some teams try to please their fans too much and do more damage than good. At the same time, the other groups do not have the home-field advantage with them. 

Consequently, the best thing to do in this situation is to go through each team’s home and road records, as this will make you aware of their performances and NHL standings. 

Explore more markets

Betting markets are crucial for betting, and the same goes for NHL betting also. So one should explore alternate markets like period betting, team totals, and many more. The most likely markets in the NHL history are the money line, puck line, and over/under. Do not with this and go for other markets as well. There is a possibility that you might not find the sharp odds on such markets, but you can easily cash in. 

Limit parlays and favorites

In hockey, you will never find any sure things. There’s not much which can separate the best teams from the worst as many games are decided by one goal only. Sometimes all you need is a bad penalty or the big underdog to pull off the game. In NHL betting, betting parlays are considered poor. The same is the case with the favorites. Consequently, try not to make parlays and favorites your habit and go after other bets also.

Keep track of schedules

In a contact sport like hockey, focus, motivation, and intensity play a great role. But, there will be a situation when these will be low for certain teams and the other way around. Staying updated about the team’s schedules is imperative in betting. There will be such situations when the teams playing their final game will be eager to return to their home. Contrary to it, the teams going in the loss will think of backstepping from the next game. As a result, it is vital to opt for their schedules and go through nhl daily picks. 

Think about goalie matchups

The next important thing to consider while betting on the NHL is predicting the goalie matchups. This is so because most coaches do not like playing their regular goalie night after night. You can get better odds on your bet if you make your bet before the backup is officially announced. Along with this, make sure that you know the difference between a team’s starting and a backup goalie. Playing this way will surely get you the best value while betting on teams playing their backup goalie. 

Shopping lines

Bettors often underrated it, but it is essential to bet that you get the best possible odds. For this, you have to look for the sportsbooks that offer such great odds which will help you over your competitors while betting on the NHL. One thing that enables you to get the best odds is being a member of multiple sportsbooks. This can make a huge difference to your game. 

Ride the streak

Confidence is a big factor in hockey, like in other professional sports. Nothing fazes them when the team is on the winning streaks. Early in the game only, they go down a goal or two and never lose their morale and confidence. When the teams are losing in the game, it feels like nothing will ever go right. Players will try to bring back the teams on the right track, but unfortunately, it makes things worse only. Instead of trying to be a smart guy, it is much better to ride off the streaks. 

Accurate data

While looking at the stats, you have to make sure that they are right and accurate to the best of your ability. One way to learn that the data is valid is by checking its source. If it is from some reputed source, then you can trust the data, otherwise do not. There are great sites for you whom you can trust. You cannot blame the sportsbook for using the bad stats. Therefore it is better if you cross-check at the beginning only and make yourself toward winning the bet. 

Go after value

The basis of all sports betting is looking after value. As a bettor, you must identify those bets which have great value. This is the secret which no one will be telling you. For this, sometimes you will have to bet on such teams that you think will lose. Initially, you may think that the concept is difficult, but you will be on another level once you bring it into practice. As far as your win-loss record is concerned, NHL and sports betting have nothing to do with it. Even with a losing record, you can bring home lots of money. This is true on the other side. Make sure you understand this concept before you begin with your betting. 


While coming up with your strategy, make sure to include all the above-mentioned points in it. Also, pay attention to the Nhl daily picks. Also, keep this thing in mind that all these strategies revolve around your finding the value. 


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