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List of Flowers to Make your Garden More Attractive

Some flowers catch the vision like no other. The virtue of these bulbs makes them iconic. When we see them, we are carried to a garden wedding, tropic goal, or deep forest. Yet, most summer flowers can grow in the usual suburban scene as a solid perennial or patio example, and some are even simple to grow from seed. At cosmea, you will get these plants easily and flower delivery in Cyprus on the same day.

Here are some gorgeous flowers to breed in your garden, from exotic imports to native wildflowers.

Zygopetalum Orchid

Zygopetalum Orchid-Summer Flowers

Take the natural elegance of the orchid, and add incredible speckling and unusual form. You will know one of the dozen or so sorts of the Zygopetalum genus of orchids. Unlike several orchids, the zygopetalum is also very aromatic. Grow in the influenced color in humid states, and defend from hot summer temperatures and cooling temperatures. A dangling basket under the dappled shade of a tree gives the best lighting states for the zygopetalum orchid.

English Rose

English Roses-Summer Flowers

English roses similar to the Abraham Darby type displayed here are admired for their large flowers arranged with leaves and old globe scents. Many of the most popular English roses (Rosa) arise from the David Austin breeding plans, where roses feel an eight-year trial program to recognize the most prominent garden types. Grow these region 5-9 plants in the full sun in rich loam, and feed once in spring and one in summer.

Dinner Plate Dahlia

Dinner Plate Dahlia-Summer Flowers

Some people automatically think of large dinner plate flowers at the sign of dahlias, but the Dahlia family holds small poms and single daisy-like summer flowers. Becoming a dinner plate dahlia is both art and science. Pick a kind that has the potential to create mammoth flowers, like the Kevin Floodlight pictured here. Plant in these annuals in full sun, give lots of compost and water, and reduce all buds but direct plant power to the large blossom. Dinner plate dahlias require a long time to ripen and may need a head start inside the north of planting zone 5.

Turk’s Cap Lily

Turk's Cap Lily-Summer Flowers

So many traits of the Turkscap lily (Lilium martagon) make it special:

  • The effective four-foot stalks.
  • The plenty of flowers on each branch. The pendant is like the shape of each bloom.

Much less common in the trade than Oriental or Asiatic lilies, martagon lilies like their feet in the shadow and their flowers in the sun in zones 3-8. They require a guarded spot where they would not be reduced to wind, needing great drainage. The type R.O. Backhouse gives pink buds that open to gold buds sprinkled with purple freckles.


Chrysanthemums-Summer Flowers

Mums come in a ton of various kinds and shades, varying from hot pink to pumpkin orange. Plant these perennials in the spring so their roots can get organized and survive winter. If you wait to come to plant, they will give a good show but likely would not turn next year because they are placing their strength into flowering, not putting down roots.

Dead Nettle

Dead Nettle-Summer Flowers

We promise the plant is way better than its exotic name! Also known as Lamium, this plant has pretty leaves and pink or purple summer flowers. It makes an exceptionally low-maintenance permanent groundcover because it is drought-tolerant and does not care about soil kinds.


Peony-Summer Flowers

These eye-catching perennials are the queens of the garden with great style and smell. They are extremely long-lived plants, lasting for decades. Do not worry about any visiting ants that are not damaging the plant but only taste the nectar.


Petunia-Summer Flowers

Petunias are intricate little flowers. They look best cascading from planters and window cases, but they are also pretty as groundcovers. Older species must be deadheaded have spent blooms removed after they decrease to keep blowing. New styles do not need fussing.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy-Summer Flowers

Shasta daisy flowers bloom from late spring to autumn, similar to traditional daisies, but provide lush evergreen leaves that are two to three feet tall and last throughout the year. Shasta daisies have completely white petals around the yellow center and thrive in full sunlight (zone 58). Since Shasta daisies grow fast, you can cut them out and put them in a vase to enjoy at home!


Lupines-Summer Flowers

Like the Texas cornflower, lupine is a wild plant with yellow, pink, white, red, or purple flowers that look like pea flowers. After blooming in spring or summer, these bright colors attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Or partial sunlight (Zone 47), and the stems can grow up to 5 feet tall. Lupin is an excellent natural garden fence due to its tall and strong character.

Toad Lily

Toad Lilly-Summer Flowers

Although the value and style of the strange appearing toad lily Tryicyrtis hirta read like a warm tropical plant, this shade relishing flower is surprisingly tough. The fall bloomers are tough to zone 4 and will increase gradually in wet soils.


Foxglove-Summer Flowers

Are foxgloves the gorgeous summer flowers in the landscape? Bumblebees appear to think so and admire them so greatly they sometimes use the night in the tubular blooms so they can get a primary source when the sun begins. Plants are biennial in zones 4-8, implying they provide leaves one season and bloom the next. However, when self-seeding occurs in partial color and wet soil, you may always have one period of plants ready to grow while the next makes itself. Try Mountains Mixed, which has upright standing flowers.

Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty

Peony 'Bowl of Beauty-Summer Flowers

The name states it all. While there are no unattractive peonies (Paeonia), Bowl of Beauty is the ideal marriage of value and style. The large margin of fuchsia guard petals encloses a frilly lemon center of petaloid, forming the bowl. Peonies do not ask for much in their decades of life: full sun and suitable trash are sufficient to give flowers in the soil of average productivity. Peonies are especially strong, to zone 3 or 2, providing northern gardeners something to see forward to after a brutal winter.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise-Summer Flowers

Go ahead, anthropomorphize this bulb. You would not be the first one to indulge and pamper your Strelitzia reginae flowers as if they were lovers. Despite their exotic look, the South African locals are not particular plants and will grow in many conditions as long as you defend them from cold. Plant them in full or partial sun in standard potting soil and water when the soil covering is dry. Plants must overwinter inside the north of the zone.


Cockscomb-Summer Flowers

Whether you hold Celosia argentea var. cristata is ornate or beautiful, no one can doubt that the crested flowers are attractive. Cockscomb flowers are annuals that originate from seeds, and plants might even self-sow. In addition to red, these sun-lovers appear in orange, pink, yellow, and purple colors. For big, flashy plants, see those in the Chief series, which might grow three feet tall and have flowers some inches over.


Summer Flowers make any scene more appealing. But, there are some things to recognize about creating a flowerbed for the most significant impact. There are wide varieties of plants and flowers at cosmea gardens that will make your garden look more appealing and attractive. By keeping these ideas in mind, even newcomers can make a flower chosen yard that will seem pro-level. Moreover, we are happy to make same-day flower delivery Cyprus to your doorsteps and making you happy clients.

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